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Chapter Six: Daddy's Girl

Chapter Six: Daddy's Girl- Part 1

- 3 weeks later - Aang covered his mouth, his mouth extending to its maximum, and let out a silent yawn. He turned his head to the left and flexed his sore muscles. He was careful not to be too obvious. Everyone else in the council room was paying their utmost attention to General Gun, all apart from Aang. The meeting had already lasted for 3 hours, and Aang was already dying to leave that horrible, pillow – seat of his, and he had already named all of the countries on the table map, there was nothing else to do.

It wasn't surprising that Aang's attention span was so short, his mind was already far far away, back at Ba Sing Se, where he wondered what his girlfriend would be doing. Would she be at the market? Or would she be at Toph's metalbending academy?

He could almost picture her, her new hair loopies now tied securely, attached to the top knot on her head. Her wavy curls would be flying freely, and she would be wearing her new Water Tribe costume, and her new shoes she bought just a few days ago.

She adored them, swooning over every bead that was sewn on. It was a brilliant blue, complementing her costume just right. She had been eyeing on those shoes for a while, but Aang couldn't get it for her, because an ancient Fire Nation tradition was not to give shoes, because that symbolized going their separate ways, although Aang wasn't superstitious, he didn't want to take the chance.

"That are deeply in love." Those five words caught Aang's ears, and his attention was diverted towards the speaker, Zuko. "Friends, from all around the world, with the separation of the four nations, what would it mean for them? So, Avatar Aang and I will be proposing an idea, which I hope everyone can agree to. The world doesn't have to be divided anymore. We can build a new nation; a place where no matter kingdom, bender, or non-bender, can live and thrive in a society, where Avatar Aang and I can build it together, with the assistance of everyone here. And that, would be the real answer, to harmony."

Aang and Zuko did have a discussion prior to that meeting, during the Harmony Restoration Movement, the point Yori mentioned about making Yu Dao a unique world, neither Fire Nation nor Earth Kingdom. Thus they had an idea of forming a unique world of their own, which is neither the four kingdoms, yet citizens of the world could live together in this nation.

Aang recalled his moment of folly, being so obstinate, thinking that the separation of the world is compulsory, something that is inevitable, because everyone belonged to a kingdom of their own. But there was Katara, who changed his views completely, looking from the perspective of the citizens of Yu Dao, where families there could consist of both Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation, and that the separation of the world, meant the separation of their families.

It had never came across Aang's mind that if the world had to stay divided, Katara and he had to be apart too. Katara always considered the views of others, and that was what Aang loved about her, she would never be selfish and biased to others if forced to make a decision, and Aang felt sometimes Katara could be a greater Avatar than himself.

And he was ever so grateful to have Katara by his side, always supporting his decision, like during the times of war, even when she hated Zuko to the core, and she herself witnessing the betrayal and his failure to do the right thing, she still obliged and urged Aang to follow his heart, and not to be affected by her.

The meeting dragged on and on.

"Thank you everyone for being here today." General Gun announced. The members of the council streamed out of the door, while Aang stood up, leisurely, and stretched his legs by kicking them several times, and reached out his hands and bent over. He stepped out of the curtains and saw his furry friend. That lengthy meeting had apparently made the restless and childish side of him surface ever since his train of thought was sidetracked to Ba Sing Se.

"Good to see you buddy!" Aang leaped onto Appa's forehead like he did four years ago when he first emerged from that iceberg, earning the smiles and chuckles of the elderly Generals. "Let's go home." Aang hoisted himself onto Appa's head, pulling at the reins. Appa bellowed.

"Yip yip." Aang flicked the reins, and Appa took off, soaring into the sky. Aang lay on Appa's soft fur, and thought about... "The proposal! I completely forgot about it! Monkey feathers!" He clutched his head in disbelief. "How could I forget about it?"

I should get home and take the necklace, and take off tonight.

Appa even before Appa landed, Aang hopped off the bison's head, and ran towards his house at full speed. When he opened the door, he saw the person he least expected, Katara. She was holding a broom, I the midst of cleaning, when she saw Aang, she wore a big wide grin on her face. Aang double face palmed mentally, though he just wore an uneasy smile.

"Hey Katara."

"Hey sweetie, how's your day?"

"6 hours of a single meeting? Not very pleasant though."

"Well I'm very sure you are more than glad to be home, I thought I'd drop by and clean up for a while."

"Thanks-" Aang did a double take, "Wait what?" Aang gulped, the necklace.... Could she have seen it?

But the usual beam on her face didn't demonstrate any sign of seeing anything special, or she was just doing really well at concealing it.

I've got to go to see Hakoda... Wait a minute...

"Katara, how would you like to go back home?"

"Home? You mean at my apartment or home home, at the South Pole?"

"Home home." Aang grinned, more naturally now.

"Really? That'll be great! I hadn't seen dad for a year!"

"I'm glad you're looking forward to it. We can ask Sokka too!" Aang remarked, a plan forming in mind.

"I'm sure he'll love to see him too."

"I'll just ask him and we'll set off tonight!"

"Tonight? Are you in a rush or something?"

Aang stopped short in his tracks, "Nothing... No rush, no rush... But I know," Aang chuckled nervously, "that you guys, would want to see for father earlier, even for just another night uh?" Aang put his arm around Katara's shoulder, making her shift uncomfortably.

"Well that is true," Katara remarked, removing Aang's arm from her shoulder. "But sweetie, if you need anything, or anyone to talk to, please tell me, or if it's somehow awkward to talk to your girlfriend, you can approach my brother. You are acting really really weird lately." Katara raised an eyebrow.

"I assure you, it's nothing at all." Aang faked grinned.

Chapter Six: Daddy's Girl - Part 2

"We're here!" Katara announced, notably happier.

"GREAT!" Aang rejoiced, never happier to see the white, snowy land.

"I think I'm feeling sick..." Sokka moaned from the back of the saddle.

Appa groaned, remarkably exhausted from all the flying, evident from the way he landed on the snowy white snow with a thud.

Sokka and Katara darted towards the Chief's hut, their happy voices clear, "Dad!" Aang trudged in the snow, smiling to himself. "Aang's here too!"

The trio was seen walking out of the hut, Hakoda beamed from ear to ear upon seeing his children, after being separated for so long. Sokka and Katara had wide grins on their faces too, obviously over the moon.

"Greetings, Chief Hakoda." Aang bowed, but Hakoda grabbed him and embraced him a manly hug, leaving Aang slightly taken aback. He pat him twice on the back then released his firm grip on him. "Good to see you son."

Aang winked at Sokka, and Sokka returned him a thumbs-up.

"Well Katara, let's go see how the South Pole has changed shall we? We can build our watchtower again!" Sokka slung a hand around her shoulder.

"But Aang..."

"He's fine." Sokka assured her, "I'm sure we have nothing to worry about."

Aang watched as the siblings left, then turning to Chief Hakoda.

"Erm... Chief Hakoda, I have something I want to talk to you about."

"Then come inside, its cold out here."

Once they entered the hut, all Aang heard was the cold wind slapping against the flaps of the hut, and there was no one else inside. "Take a seat Aang."

Aang sat down on one of the seats on the floor, a cauldron of stewed sea prunes suspending from the ceiling with a rope.

"Would you like some?"

Aang belched. "I think not... Thank you."

"So what is it you want to talk to me about?"

"Chief Hakoda," Aang gulped. "If I may prove worthy of your daughter, may I ask you for your blessings for my upcoming proposal?"

Hakoda was extremely stunned, but managed to calm down, "Well Aang, Katara was always been a Daddy's girl, and I know she has always loved you very much, all I want is her to be happy, and now, I prove you worthy of my daughter, and I am more than willing to accept you as my son-in-law. "

Aang's eyes shone in delight and a single tear of joy rolled down his face.

"Well, I am going to propose to Katara with this necklace, do you think she'll like it?" Aang probed, taking the box out beneath his robes.

"It's beautiful, better than any necklace I could have done, I can see that you put plenty of hard work into this, and I trust that you would work hard for your relationship too."

"I will not disappoint you, Chief Hakoda."

"I know you will do your best, thank you Aang, for making my daughter happier than she ever was.. I wish you all the best." Hakoda hugged Aang tightly.

"I'll make her happier, Dad. I promise."

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