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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Da Fu
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Book 2: Water Chapter 5: The Golden Claw

Da Fu is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. First Mate Da Fu, is the second leader of Captain Sao Feng's ship.


Not much is known of Da Fu, though he was known to be the first mate of Captain Sao Feng. Da Fu was also the cartographer for Sao Feng, he often drew most of the maps that the captain uses when they're out on a mission of piracy.

Da Fu, also gives out orders to the men, and steers the ship if the captain does not wish to do so. Before Da Fu, had befallen to the life of piracy, he was once an explorer.

He was interested in legends and myths that were written by other explorers and/or sailors from several years before he was born. He would map out his findings and later come back with the correct equipment to bring back what he found.

Da Fu, was threatened by pirates to give up a valuable he once earned. Da Fu lived alone, he had no family. He went to the location of the men who had stole the artifact he found. And for vengeance of thievery of the artifact he had taken the life of the two men.

He knew from then he could return to his old life, he had murdered to men. He went to the docks of Han Tui there he met a man who was pirate in search of crew. They became friends, and Sao Feng trusted Da Fu. From then on he was later promoted to First Mate.


Like your stereotypical pirate, Da Fu was skilled at thievery and swordsfighting. He often used a cutlass, since it was his main weapon.

Before he became a pirate he was an explorer and cartographer. Da Fu is experienced in drawing out maps professionally.



  • Da Fu in Chinese is "first mate".

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