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The Two Worlds DB's story

A Search

"That's just impossible!" He said as he looked around.

"The Fire Nation!? This has to be some kind of joke."

"Damn! They did a pretty good job though," he said. "Okay guys! Come on out! Chris? Paul? Whoever set this up, just come out!" He yelled out. A few people turn to look at him but continue on to whatever they were doing before. Sweat ran down his face. "Well..." he said to himself.

"Why don't I just start walking to see how far this little set up lasts."

He walked down streets and allies, but couldn't find one piece of cardboard that was painted to look like a background. Everything was real.

"How is this possible?" He asked himself. He became worried, and scared. He started to breathe heavily. He felt a burning sensation on his palms. He looked down to see them burning red.

"Damn! What's going on!"

He quickly found a big jar of water to stick his hands in.

He made a sigh of relief.

"Okay. This is getting odd."

He walked around some more until he got to the main city.

"Holy Crap! That's huge!" He said to himself as he looked at the city.

As he walked around, he started to feel his arms shake. He felt sweat run down his face, and the heat in his hands again. His palms became a bright red.

"Not again!" He yelled out has began to run in search of water.

It felt as if a stream of energy was flowing down his arms and needed to find a way out.

He quickly ran and past by a few guards. As he tried to push one out of the way, he felt all the energy in his arms expel through his hands and he saw the guard fly backwards to the ground. He looked at him to see that his face was burned.

He ran away from the scene as other guards chased after him.

Another person in the background was watching him closely without surprise of the happenings. The stranger quickly got up and followed.

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