By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe, Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Jump City



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Blasters, lasers


Team Avatar, Teen Titans

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Teen Titans

First appearance
  • First - The Water Children PT2

Cyborg is a very tall, strongly built teenager whom, due to a deadly accident during his childhood, had nearly his entire body replaced with advanced blue technology. His colored metallic appearance gave him an odd nickname as "the blue metal man", at least that's what Tank said that's what he was basically. He is able to shoot out lasers and Blasters from his arms, but only uses them when he has too.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

He first appears with his close friend Aquos, a waterbender from his universe, when they both were in a nearby town. Cyborg challenged a large muscular man to an arm wrestling contest and started after Katara and Sokka arrived in. The match started off with Bo movement but Cyborg easily toppled the table under them both, sealing his victory. It wasn't until after this that he meets Katara and Sokka. They both were impressed with his "armor" and he tells them both that he's not wearing armor, that truly it's his real body, saying it's a long story as to how he got his body like that. He continues on the conversation later on after that, getting more acquainted with the two Water Tribe kids.

As they were, he was kidnapped by Krokhotep as the trophies for the Starlight fighting Championship. He was sent off with the others to the palace where they'll get ready for the preparations.

S.F.C Arc

After being freed, he, Zuko and Magmus were shooting at Raviente to bide them time so they all can get out.

Colossi Arc

After been given directions by Xerneas, he goes out and finds the colossi Basaran, his main target. In the fight he becomes paralyzed by Basarans electric projectile. but however, another fighter came in and gotten the chakra orb for him. Its not aware if he knew about his other fight or not but ether way, in the end he too had gotten his ultimate form thanks to Marage

Avatar: New Universe II

Cyborg appears with his team after getting a call to a robbery by the HIVE. When slenderman showed up though, he tries blasting him to bits, but all his shots just go through him.


In comparison to Team Avatar and Teen Titans. Cyborg is the largest member out of them both.

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