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Under the Darkness

Caught:Part 2

Rokai turns around to see a short old man looking up at him. Rokai lets out a sigh of relief.

"Excuse me?" Rokai asks.

"You are not going anywhere until you pay for those crunchy candy wrapped beetlehoppers," he explains.

Rokai looks down at the plate on the table.

"So that is what those were. They were pretty good," he chuckles. "Here is the money."

Rokai gives the old man the money, then the old man goes behind the counter and puts the coins in the money holder.

"Thank you," the old man says.

Rokai smiles and turns to walk out. As Rokai steps out on to the busy road, a young boy running around bumps into him.

"I'm sorry sir," the young boy says to Rokai.

Rokai smiles at the boy and chuckles.

"It's okay. Now go on back to your mother," he says.

"Okay," the boy says as he smiles back and walks away.

On the other side of the busy road, two guards stand there talking. One of the guards pauses.

"Did you hear that?" The one guard says.

"Did I hear what?" The other says.

"That laughter. Did you hear it?" He replies.

"Laughter? There is a lot of laughter around us," the other guard says.

"Don't you remember? Before we were attacked by the thief, he had laughed at what I said. I heard that laughter again," he replies.

Both guards look at each other with wide eyes.

"Does that mean that he is here?" The other guard asks.

"Maybe. We need to search through the crowd to see if we can find a boy that matches the description," he says.

The two guards start looking through the group of people. They keep searching until one of the guards grabs somebody's arm.

"I got him!" The one guard exclaims to the other.

They both turn to look at the "thief", but end up looking at a young, scared, six year old boy.

The other guard yells at the guard.

"What is wrong with you?! Can't you see that this is a little kid?" He exclaims.

"I'm sorry. He matched the description," the guard explains.

"Yeah! Except for the age part!" He says.

The guard looks around, but can't see someone that matches the description anywhere.

"He is gone," he says. "We were so close."

The Spirit

Princess Azula is speaking to the two guards.

"It seems as though my guards continue to fail me. Maybe I should give you a time limit to find this thief," Azula says to the guards.

"A time limit? What would happen if we didn't find the thief within the time limit?"

Azula stares right into the guards eyes.

"You will have the same fate as him," she says.

At the Guo house, Rokai sits on a step outside his home, enjoying the peace of the night. His father comes out to see him.

"How are things going son?" He asks.

"Going fine dad," he says. He pauses for a second and looks up at the night sky.

"Don't you ever wonder what stars actually are?" He asks.

"Not really son," he replies.

"Mom used to tell me that the stars were a glimpse for us of the Spirit World. She said all of the stars are actually all of the good spirits watching over us." He says.

His father smiles.

"Your mother had quite the imagination," he says.

"I would love to go to the Spirit World to see what it's like," Rokai says.

"I can imagine that it would be a very interesting experience," his father says.

"Do you think it is possible for spirits to come into the real world?" He asks.

"I never thought about it son. From what I heard, I don't think it is possible. Why do you ask?" He says.

"No reason. I'm going to go to bed. Good night dad," he says as he goes back in the house.

"Good night son," his father replies. "I wonder what that was all about," he says to himself.

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