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Cupun, Chief of the Northern Water Tribe
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Northern Water Tribe



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Bone club, bone sword

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Weapon Expert


Northern Water Tribe, Prince Tulok, Southern Water Tribe, Prince Unaraq, Tanaraq, Chief Unirak, Rong Yan, Aloi, Amak, General Issumatar, Admiral Oomailiq, Ambassador Naartok


General Senlin, Admiral Palartok, Earth King Qiang Zhen

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Chief of the Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe

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Book 2: Water Chapter 17: The Northern Water Tribe

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Book 3: Earth Chapter ??: ???

Chief Cupun is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and is the chief of the Northern Water Tribe and the father of Tulok, Prince of the Northern Water Tribe.


Cupun, was born to an unnamed chieftess in the year 705 BG, his father was killed in battle during the tensions of war between the Earth Kingdom and the Northern Water Tribe & the Southern Water Tribe. His mother died of old age while still ruling from the throne in the year 685 BG. 685 BG, Cupun, rose to power two years later, meeting the mother of his son Tulok.

In 680 BG, his wife dies at child birth leaving Cupun with his son he named Tulok. The Northern Water Tribe had a crown prince that day. Currently, Chief Cupun, is still in power after the war has ended it left his tribe scarred but still victorious in war. Recovering and rebuilding his nation, his son Tulok was raised in an era of peace.

Meeting the Avatar

The Avatar had finally arrived to his nation, welcoming the Avatar with open arms he had gathered the group for a meeting within his palace. The chief needed to be informed with everything that the young Avatar and his friends had been through.

Declaration of War

He had received grave news that his nephew Amak, was killed on Northern Tribe soil by an Earth Kingdom soldier. The chief had gone insane after the news had reached him, he was also worried about his son who had not returned. A few minutes he was relieved when he had seen his son with the princess of the Southern Tribe, the chief was pale, his son was concerned and wondered why everyone was in the throne room.

He then broke the news to his son that his cousin was assassinated, that's when all of a sudden a courier had arrived to give a scroll to the adviser, upon reading the scroll the adviser was shocked and believed it to be a coincidence. He still gave it to the chief with caution, the chief read the scroll and went even more insane he ordered his adviser to find General Issumatar and his twin brother Admiral Oomailiq.

During the meeting within the war room, they were discussing plans for war, the ambassador had arrived to the meeting, and the chief had ordered him to travel to Ba Sing Se and have a peace meet with the Earth King. At the end of the meeting Oomailiq with the approval of the chief had deployed naval forces around North Pole waters and the bordering waters of the eastern Earth Kingdom and Northern Water Tribe.


Chief Cupun, was born a non-bender in the Northern Water Tribe. Trained by his father and eventually mother in the arts of the warrior, he was often taken into the cold wilds of the North Pole to be trained in survival.

Chief Cupun, has skill in diplomacy and skills in directing wars having being raised during a war, his father and mother had taught him this.


  • [[Prince Tulok, of the Northern Water Tribe (Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan)|Prince Tulok}} (Son)
  • [[Tanaraq (Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan)|Princess Tanaraq}} (Daughter-in-Law)
  • [[Unaraq (Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan)|Prince Unaraq}} (Son-in-Law)
  • [[Amak (Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan)|Amak}} (Nephew; Deceased)
  • Unnamed Chieftess (Mother; Deceased)
  • Unnamed Father (Father; Deceased)
  • Unnamed Younger Brother (Brother)
  • Unnamed Sister-in-Law (Sister-in-Law)


Book 2: Water

Book 3: Earth

Preceded by
Unnamed Mother Chieftess
Chief of the Northern Water Tribe
685 BG - 629 BG (56 Years)
Succeeded by
Prince Tulok


  • Cupun means coal in Inuit.

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