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Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe (formerly)
Western Air Temple
Haiqo (formerly)
Air Republic

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)


Love interest(s)

Xuhon (husband)


Order of the White Lotus (formerly), Xuhon, Linjon, Duin

Chronological and political information

Order of the White Lotus member
Waterbending instructor


Waterbending master
Leader of the Order of Wan


Order of the White Lotus (formerly)
Order of Wan

Cuaiua is a waterbending master and teacher, and a former member of the Order of the White Lotus. She would later become a founding member of the Order of Wan alongside Linjon.


Cuaiua was born in the Northern Water Tribe. The chief's of the Northern Tribe, Desna and Eska, were very fond of her father Ossaq, even helping recruit her and her sister into the Order of the White Lotus. Cuaiua was a White Lotus sentry in charge of looking over the airbenders living in the Western Air Temple. Cuaiua was devastated when she learned that her father's ship had been destroyed, and he had either been captured or killed by the Bouchang Pirates, deciding to take leave and travel to the Southern Water Tribe. It wasn't long before she heard about the pirates' attack on the town of Haiqo, and subsequently the actions against them caused by an airbender and leader of the town named Tirriu.

Cuaiua was still living in Haiqo when Master Lyo, along with his wife and son Linjon returned to the Southern Air Temple. While living on the island, she began a relationship with an airbender named Xuhon. She would later separate herself more and more from her White Lotus duties and open a waterbending school in Haiqo.

Cuaiua however would leave her waterbending teaching to her friend Innika when Linjon returned to Haiqo, planning to train his own group of waterbenders and found a new Air Nomad society somewhere in the Earth Kingdom. These new Air Nomads proved themselves very different from other Air Nomads, using a strong offence against raids on their village instead of a more peaceful approach. Eventually, a number of airbending and waterbending masters made their way to her village, demanding their village be given back to the Earth Kingdom and for Linjon and his students to return to their homes. Linjon and Cuaiua refused, even criticizing the airbenders for their weakness against their enemies.

Eventually Linjon and Cuaiua founded the Order of Wan, and over time, Linjon recruited even more airbenders to his cause, eventually founding the Air Republic. As the Earth Kingdom had lost a number of territories following Prince Wu's abolishing of the Earth Kingdom monarchy in 174 AG, Linjon had been able to build a city almost the size of Republic City. It wasn't until the death of Avatar Korra that the Order of Wan branched out, eventually sending groups to each nation.

Cuaiua would marry Xuhon soon after, and together they had a son named Duin, who would become an airbender.



By the time she was a member of the White Lotus, Cuaiua had mastered waterbending. Training in the art for years, she was powerful enough to generate a stream of war straight from thin air.


Cuaiua's specialty was bending the water inside plants. She trained while she and Linjon were training their recruits for the Order of Wan. She helped Linjon fight back raiders trying to steal their supplies, bending the water in several trees and using them as an offensive and defensive weapon.


Cuaiua was an experienced healer, and put her healing abilities to good use while defending her new home against bandits.

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