Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Cuān The Waterbender in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Cuān The Waterbender

Northern Water Tribe warriors

Cuan during the Siege of the North





Long ago the four nations lived in harmony.

Then, all of that changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could defeat them, but when the world needed him most,

he vanished.

100 years past and the Fire Nation has launched a war on the world.

Sozin's comet is coming soon,

and it will imbue the Fire Nation with the power to conquer the world.

A few individuals' destinies have been intertwined in an attempt to stop the Fire Nation.

One of their stories has never been told,

until now.


Cuān was a waterbender living in the Northern Water Tribe. After wisdom from the Moon and Ocean spirits, he was banished from the city. Having his life suddenly thrown into turmoil. He knows only one thing for sure: in order to restore his honor, he must kill the banished Prince Zuko. With help from his uncle, he sets out on a quest that will take him to all four corners of the globe. He will meet new and exciting people, while honing his bending abilities. Along the way he will discover secrets about himself and his ancestors, as well as become the great and powerful warrior history recognizes him as.



Cuān is the main protagonist of the series. He is a sixteen year old male warrior. Born in the Northerrn Water Tribe, he is a direct descendant of Avatar Kuruk. Cuān is a waterbender and far surpasses his expectations. Many people consider his strength to border on unnatural, but untrained and unsharpened, his abilities are not extraordinary. On his journey, he faces much sorrow and many hardships, but an inner determination helps him to pull through.

Shō Kin

Shō Kin is Cuān's master and a powerful waterbender. He is the second in command of his tribe's navy and he played a large role in the defence during the Siege of the North. Highly respected and looked up to, he trains many of the tribe's fledgling waterbenders. He is first met during Chapter One of Book One: Exile.


Cuān's uncle is a very wise aging man. He was also primarily featured during the Siege of the North, seen knocking firebenders back with large displays of waterbending. After Cuān's banishment from the tribe, he accompanies him for the first leg of his journey, offering advice and help. Cuān treats him very warmly, showing a close bond between the two. He is first met at the closing of Chapter One of Book One: Exile.

Prince Zuko

Prince Zuko is a sixteen year old banished prince. Son of Fire Lord Ozai, he was banished from the Fire Nation after acting disrepectfully towards his father. For the first portion of the story, he pusues the Avatar in order to restore his honor and return to his place as the Crown Prince. For a major part of the story, he is the main antagonist. His story often coincides with that of Cuān. Zuko is characterized by a scar stretching across his left eye, which he received during agni kai with his father Ozai.

Princess Azula

Princess Azula is Prince Zuko's sister and the daughter of Fire Lord Ozai. She grew up known as a firebending prodigy, gaining Ozai's favor. After the banishment of her brother, she became entitled to the throne, causing a bitter rivalry between the two siblings. Her goal became to hunt and capture the Avatar for her father, and, after he betrayed the Fire Nation, her brother as well. She is a ruthless and cunning tactition, as seen when she brought about the fall of Ba Sing Se while posing as a Kyoshi Warrior. Azula is obsessed with power, as seen by her blue flames and powerful displays of lightning. Harboring deep mental instabilities, she began to lose her sanity progressively after her betrayal from her friends Ty Lee and Mai at the Boiling Rock. She becomes obsessed with killing Zuko, stopping at nothing to accomplish this. She is first met during the final chapter of Book One: Exile, and is a major protagonist of Book Three: Fire.

Admiral Zhao

Admiral Zhao was an originally a Captain, then Commander, and then an Admiral in the Fire Nation Navy. Zhoa was a proud man and dreaded losing. For a time he hunted Avatar Aang, and was a bitter rival of Prince Zuko. Most notably, he is known for leading the Siege of the North and for killing the Moon Spirit, Tui. He supposedly died by being drowned by the enraged Ocean Spirit, La, although a body was never recovered. He is seen in the prelude to Chapter One of Book One: Exile.

The Kyoshi Warriors

The Kyoshi Warriors are an all-female group of warriors residing on Kyoshi Island. They are lead by who Suki, who traveled with Team Avatar for a large period of time. The Kyoshi Warriors base their fighting techniques and outfits off of their namesake, Avatar Kyoshi. Their weapon of choice is a metal fan. During the war, the Kyoshi Warriors were defeated and captured by Princess Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. Suki was sent to the Boiling Rock Prison, where she escaped with the help of Team Avatar. The other warriors were sent to the Capital City Prison and escaped shortly after. They play a large role in Book Two: Prison and Book Three: Fire. Following events on Kyoshi Island, they were re-captured and imprisoned in the Boiling Rock. There they met and befriended Ty Lee, who later became a member of the warriors.

Team Avatar

Team Avatar is the title of the group accompanying Avatar Aang at any given time. Originally, this included Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa, and Momo. Toph, Zuko, and Suki later became prominent members. Team Avatar is first encountered in Book One: Exile. They are seen consistently through the series, and play a major role.


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