Battle in the Crystal Catacombs
Crystal Night
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The peacefulness of the night was shattered as the recruitment officers reentered the Sanctuary and attacked without warning. They stealthily stalked through the town, trying to take as many energybenders as quietly they could without raising attention. The houses on the outside of town were easily infiltrated. Quin decided that taking all the energybenders like this would take too long, so he charged a fireball and threw it at the nearest home. The house erupted in a blaze, incinerating the residents instantly. The explosion was loud enough that it roused the entire town. As the energybenders stormed out of their homes. The recruitment officers cut loose and attacked any person they saw, whether they were man, woman or child.

The energybenders used their greater knowledge of the caverns to ambush the recruitment officers, and give them a slight advantage. But the combat prowess of the battle hardened recruitment officers allowed them to adapt and easily defeat the energybenders. While the energybenders used the natural crystal formations as cover, many firebenders simply blasted through them, while the earthbenders actually used them to either trap or impale their targets. Within the matter of hours the recruitment officers had killed most of the energybenders, despite their standing orders to take as many as they could alive. Among the dead were Genesis' Mother and Father.

Choy moved swiftly with the group as they moved through the cave. Once they reached the energybender's "Sanctuary" he broke off with a smaller group and breached into one of the homes on the outskirts of the town. Quiet as a rat he crept through the house only to find it empty.

"Must the house of one those guys sent out with us," one of the other soldiers said. Without another word the group returned to the main force empty handed.

"Where are your energybenders?" Quin asked.

"The house was empty." Choy reported. He noticed Quin swear under his breath, before he charged a fireball and tossed it at a home. Choy listened as he heard screams coming from the house, acting on instinct he rushed for the house to get the people out. Before he could reach the burning building however, Quin grabbed his arm and held him back.

Fire shield

Choy attacking Genesis

"This is what our orders specified." Quin said turning Choy to face him. "If they resisted, we were to put them down. Now do as you're ordered." Quin left and charged into a small group of energybenders coming to investigate, leaving Choy to stand alone. He stood there for only a moment before joining the fray. As Choy moved throughout the town he kept alert for any ambushes. When a group of energybenders were rounding a crystal formation he increased his speed and slammed a flaming open palm against one's chest, followed by a burning kick to anothers face and finally a series of fiery punches all over the last ones body.  As the last one fell Choy heard a sound above him. As he turned he fired a massive fire blast at an energybender hideing behind a crystal formation above him. The force of the fire blast destroyed the crystal formation, sending shards of it flying through the air and launching the energybender against the wall. The energybender, a young man about two years younger than Choy, stood up and fired a large white energy beam back at Choy. Choy rolled out of the beams path and prepared another blast, but the energybender was gone. Choy looked around before spotting a group of recruitment officers destroying the crystal formations so the energybenders had nowhere to hide. The shards filled the air as the recruitment officers slaughtered the energybenders. Were it not for the travesty being committed Choy would've found the sight beautiful.

Choy was about to try to calm them down when Cal, the energybender who'd stopped them when they first arrived, appeared.

"I gave you people one chance to leave peacefully." Cal said charging a green ball of energy. "Now you forced my hand."

Choy said nothing as he dodged the energy blast sent at him. Cal was perplexed by his speed, he moved as quickly and agilely as an airbender would. Choy moved closer to Cal with blinding speed until he was face to face with Cal. Choy punched Cal in his stomach, causing the breath to be knocked out of him and making him double over. While Cal tried to get the air back into his lungs, Quin approached and praised Choy while taking one of his katanas from its sheath. Without any remorse he slew Cal and handed the bloddy sword back to Choy, who stood confused.

"Why did you do that? He was defeated." Choy asked while following Quin still holding the blood drenched blade in his hand.

"He paid me great insult and had to be punished." Quin answered. "I've already killed his wife."

Choy said no more as he looked at the destruction he helped cause. This was a necessary sacrifice. he thought, Unfortunate but necessary.

As soon as Genesis got to his feet he jumped from the roof of his home and sprinted towards the rising smoke. As he turned a corner he saw three firebenders heading his way. Each of them launched a fire blast at the single energybender, who had fired three balls of energy in response. The balls tore through the fires and each collided into a firebender. As the firebenders flew back Genesis ran past their bodies and went into one of the many caves. He left the cave and found himself on a higher level of the main chamber. He hid behind a crystal formation and wathced as a warrior in yellow single handedly took down three of his friends in a matter of moments. Genesis shuffled a bit, causing a small rock to fall to the ground. The man in yellow turned and fired a massive fire blast at Genesis. Before he could react the blast destroyed the crystals infront of him, sending tiny pieces into his body as he hit the wall behind him. Without even registering the pain shooting through his body Genesis stood and fired a large energybeam at his enemy. He didn't wait to see if his attack hit, and he headed back into the cave.

While in the cave, Genesis heard the cries of terror and pain of the others. Genesis rushed to another exit and saw the conflict unfolding, the shattered crystals flying through the air, the fire and energy blasts sent back and forth, and the complete slaughter of everyone he knew. Genesis moved to help out his friends, but stopped once he caught a view of the yellow clad firebender holding a bloody katana, walking away from his father's corpse. Genesis started towards him but something else made him  run. He wasn't sure what it was, he didn't know if it was fear, an overpowering desire to escape, or fate simply took control at that point. Either way Genesis ran, he ran straight out of the caverns, far from the Sanctuary. When he finally stopped he was overwhelmed by two feelings, crippeling remorse and seering hatered. Only now did Genesis notice the blood seeping from his side, after lifting his shirt he saw little bits of crystals sticking out of his side.

Genesis tried to pick as many as he could out but couldn't get a lot of them.

"Hope there's a town nearby." Genesis muttered, "Cause once I'm better I'm going to kill those guys."


  • The title of this chapter was inspired by the event during WWII, Kristallnacht (Otherwise known as "Crystal Night, or the Night of Broken Glass).
  • This event also served as the overall theme of the chapter.
  • Originally this chapter was going to be purely descriptive, but the author (me) couldn't make that portion long enough, so I did my usual thing.

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