By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Limber Farm




Leader of Limber Farm (Chapter Three - Chapter Four)




Spike (forced)

Physical description


Personal information

Mel, Tyler, Red, Horn, Henry, etc.


Mr. Limber, Spike

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Fauna Ch.1

Last appearance

Fauna Ch.4

Crow is considered the leader of the hybrid pigs of Limber Farm. He, among the hybrid pigs, is the rooster pig. He is lead of the pigs because he works closest with mel before his death.

Fauna Involvement

Crow only made a brief appearance in the first chapter, described among the hybrid pigs as he lead them by the other animals over to the barnhouse for the meeting.

He stays in the barn along with the other animals where Mel used to be. He goes onto saying that they have to make their lives better for Mel, to make his dream a reality. When Mr. Limber did leave for his drinking without feeding them, Crow instructed Henry to bash down the door to the food shed. He himself waited until everyone got their share before he too went in to eat. When the battle started though, he himself ran after Mr. Limber. This resulted in disabling his leg temporarily, as he got whipped. He made sure to chase out the humans the farthest to make sure they stay out before he hobbled back to the farm.

After the humans left, and his leg working again, he got a hold of white paint and wrote out the new commandments on the side of the barn house for the animals to follow. He explained on them being Mel's thoughts, and must be fallowed in order to remain rich and free. He made a few rules clear to the animals as Horn was reading them out.

As for the weeks that followed, Crow had been working on how to improve the farm for the animals needs. During this time, he made the decision to have Horn be his successor, in case something happens to him. The plan he was making was for a mill so the farm can harness electricity, to provide easier lives for the animals. He called upon a meeting in the barnhouse to explain his idea to the others until Spike protests. He keeps offering more promising deals upon building the mill, but was banished from animal farm by Spike, whom called his Pumas to attack him and chase him off. He ran away from Limber Farm, and was never seen since. The exact fate of Crow was never clear.

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