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September 3, 2014

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Crossroads of Destiny

The Docks - Caldera Harbour 01:35

Inspector Fang could not help but appreciate the view before him, the clear surface reflects perfectly the night sky;A tumultuous storm of space, such is the wondrous chasm. That every star, every twinkle and fade speaks to him, shows him the opening and closing of doors, glistening, hopeful promises of the new opportunities.

"Whooooooooooo!" He yells as loud and as far as his voice could carry across the stagnant waters, the sudden disruption causing ripples on the reflections, as if the stars could feel his happiness so that they were frenzied with excitement. He can feel the universe on his side, urging him on! And it says that it is as messy as life, that he should submerge himself in the muck, in the rotten underbelly of a nation so that some fortunate soul could see the star light in the never ending darkness. He turns to the sound of steps to stare into the eyes of Officer Keto. Keto's nose is broken, dry blood splattered his face where wet globes had been. But his eyes are shiny with admiration and respect.

"We did did it...have you told her yet?"

"No" He replies.

"This is the biggest break in a long running case, she has been waiting for this a long time."


"Sir!" He quickly became formal, all emotional attachments relinquished. "All who were present at the Pentagon have been taken in to custody. We have captured 14 members of La Croix and even nobles. "

"Any casualties?"

"Two dead, deaths as yet undetermined. Any further instructions Sir?"

Yes...go home and rest, we have earned it."

The common Cafe 01:35

The Common Cafe used to be exactly what the name implied. It was simple and bland, furnished with a few cheap tables with weak creaky chairs. The walls were grey and stained and the only staff were owner and chef Jonjo and an unattractive waitress. In fact, it was down to Jonjo's culinary skill alone that he managed to sustain the little capital that kept him going. However the new decade ushered in a new era, and along with the new era came cheap liquor and jazz, a whole new experience produced by fresh meat. It was Shinzo who bought it, renovated and furnished it so that it became the popular recluse it is today. Jonjo remained as the chef, but Shinzo offered a whole plethora of new drinks, always the performer being of one of the few water benders in the city. So impressive with his tricks with liquids, bottles poured themselves into wine glasses, tonics mixed without the assistance of man and their spoons. He made it something respectable, he created a diner with separate booths made of red leather, the singular stools along the marble L of a counter.

He bought a radio, always tuned into the jazz network, always playing such relaxing, sensual music to help mull over the day.

He swiftly cleaned one of the champagne glasses, paying attention to nothing in particular, soon to be lost in that personal space between an intimate daydream and the agonising reality of day-to-day life. He isn't completely gone, things in the background are always audible, always reminding him of his location. The clink clink clinking of cutlery on plates, the sip sip sipping of liquid from icy glass pressed against human lips. A slurp and then a cuss, someone had sipped for too long on a coffee too hot to handle, now tending to a burnt tongue and frazzled nerves. The soft, sweet humming from a far away barmaid, somewhere closer to him another waitress conversed gleefully with some happy couple, and then all the way on the other side of them, closest to Shinzo sat a man alone, brooding in silence, dressed in brooding colours. A half smoked cigarette left to decay in a powdered ash tray sizzled and let out small curvy puffs of sweet smelling smoke. It added to the darkening atmosphere, not an evil darkness, this is light and intimate. The only light was provided was by the building, outside absolute night was omnipresent and it seems to be invading through the windows.

Suddenly, his favourite song came on the radio. It began with the mesmerising unison of angelic voices, women a cappella: sweet words are quickly followed by a crescendo, cue the strings of guitar and finally lose yourself to the husky genius that is Jimmy Breedlove.

My guardian Angel, Your surely watching me...

He refocuses to pay homage to such music, delving into such pleasantries was his favourite thing to do.

This wonderful light...

Now things were clearer he observes his surroundings, for the first time he notices her, then quickly pretending that he had not seen. Her, the oblivious women outside who is scrutinising her reflection. The young homeless boy who had stopped dead in his tracks was noticed as well, watching her hiking up her skirt and unbutton her shirt to show that much more cleavage.

My hands hold you tightly..

Instead of looking he turns to the brooding man, "would you like another drink?"

He doesn't reply, but he pushes his glass a few centimetres forward, reaching into his pocket to find his wallet. But with a shake Shinzo tells the man "This one's on me...You look like you could use one."

I hear sweet music, La La Laala, from up above...

The man winces and clasps his face with a hand as sudden tears are shed. Shinzo turns away from the man and takes a seat.

Heaven sent you to me..

The chiming of a phone, the slow shuffling of his body, then the giant ornate handle against his face.

"Yes?" "....RAID"

"What! When?"

"It was tonight--no he---I don't know."

I hear sweet music, La La Laala, from up above.

The music was no longer so pretty as it began engulfing his brain along with the man on the phone.

Heaven sent "La Croix is in" -- you "No I" -- to me

Sudden rage and a splitting headache shoot through his head, he slams the telephone down and begins to furiously turn the numbers again and again and again.

So give me Love.

Capital Police, HQ 8:00 AM

Han Piandao is ashamed, deeply ashamed with his hand plastered to his forehead as he took all the verbal abuse Suyan Zhang could muster. His ego and pride burned with every word, every frantic step and swish of hair. Una of the Water Tribe remained silent, as did Hime's father, his beefy arms folded over his large stomach, deep in though.

"We invite you into our home with good intentions, offer you our food and service, even our daughter through marriage, and This is how you repay us!!"

Han remains in a state of silent rage, what could he say? Maybe he could pretend that his son was not at fault, impossible, it was clear who was at blame. But if Ling Piandao was to blame, than by extension, so was the Piandao family.

"Maybe this is a mistake, the entire marriage is a-"

"Suyan!" May cuts in. Silence. "Why don't you stay quiet until the officer arrive?". May had spoken, and they all welcomed the silence. But then that nervous itch grew in their bellies, bad butterflies and a mutual fear of what could be.

And then, finally he arrived.

"Piandao? Zhang? If you would please follow."

They all rush to follow him through the many twists, turns and corners that made the building. They all follow in silence until the reached a large room, outside of which Hime herself was talking to tall official looking man. The man was broad with long black hair pulled into a hair peace, a wide chest, small moon shaped eyes with thick bushy eyebrows.

The question room was large, the wall see through, a nervous Ling stared out of them, drenched in sweat, shaking slightly.

"Hime!" Cries her mother who grabbed the girl and began shaking her violently, then fired numerous questions in quick succession.

Han stepped up to the Inspector, "I expect you to give a detailed explanation of the event that lead to this!"

The Inspector, offended by Han's superior atmosphere, blatantly disregards him and approaches the apparent ringleader of his illustrious company.

"Inspector Jian Fang, at your service."

"May Zhang, please, what is going on?"

"Last night, I led my team on a raid on an illegal combat Ring. These two happened to be present as spectators of the barbaric sport, a crime which is punishable by 3 months imprisonment. "

"They will not fin them selves in one of your cells for the decrepit and the common, I'll see to-"

"I am aware of the futility of charging anyone from the Plaza, but I assure you, such scandals can be horrible, annoying plight for ones such as your selves if this reaches the tabloids."

Absolute silence.

"Why is he in there while she is out here?"

"We have already confirmed she had no prior knowledge of her destination, thus she did not commit the crime, your son however did. However he as already agreed to cooperate. "

"But you must have captured others?" Una interrupted. "Why don't you question them?"

"That is information I can not provide, I have informe-

The Inspector went quiet at the sight of the Chief with his spectacles and tremendous mustache.


The chief casually ignores the other's presence.

"I heard you pulled quite the raid...come I want a full report in my office immediately. " He commands as he steers Fang away from the group. The lower officer quickly apologises and tells them that Hime and they are allowed to leave, but Ling would stay for more questioning. Between that and Ling insisting that he should wait in the room, they reluctantly head out, while asking Hime for details.

Capital city 00:10 AM "Ling where are you taking me? I am not particularly fond of surprises. "

"Now Hime, I assure you that it will be fine!" He says with a wink and a smile.

"Look at you, dragging me off to some strange place, how common of you! I insist you let go now." She struggle sand then shrugs him off.

"Huh....I'm taking you to an arena."

"Please I have had enough of pro bending-"

"It is not pro bending I assure you, I implore you to take a chance and trust me. "

She plants her foot the way her mother does, stares him down, bores into his grey eyes with her gold. His as are wide open, embracing, "come along Hime."

Hime wanted to say no, but he looked and sounded so hopeful, so exited, his words were flying out 100mph and he was adorable when he was persistent.


He pulls her now, easier with out the dragging of her feet.

Capital Police HQ 9:00 AM

Inspector Fang sat opposite the Chief. The chief pulled open a drawer, and then provided both a bottle of Dragon gin and a second bottle of Dragon Tonic.

"Should we be drinking on the job? "

The chief proceeds to fill two glasses, even providing ice cubes and some sugar. He handed Fang a glass and says "tell me how the raid went down."

Fang is apprehensive at first, but watching the Chief take a few sips put him at ease. He too sipped from his glass, and embraced the relief you found in alcohol.

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