Zuko and Iroh at the Western Air Temple
Crossroads of Destiny
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Crossroads of Destiny is a oneshot poem, written by Suzon99.

Crossroads of DestinyEdit

You, full of angst, not yet at the crossroads

left without honor, bound to this ship

Your heart was crying, filled with sorrow

again, obsessed with cynical honor, relentless

Then, we turned 'round from the Fire Nation

We sailed from shore, unsure were we

To search for the Avatar, our condemnation

Scarred, yet never will admit defeat

You, the Crown Prince, son of Ozai

left cursed and bitter, oh so hollow

do not regret speaking your mind

do not forget when at the crossroads

do not forget, he gave you me

do not forget, he took your mother

do not be blinded, see through me

do not betray the monster's brother

question whether what is conceived is honor

young prince, I beg you, do it for me

let her heal us, I cannot remain much longer

do not betray the trust of she

problems face you, but do the right thing

you must do the right thing for we

I know your heart is set like lightning

young prince, you are at the crossroads of your destiny

Author's noteEdit

So, this is a little dabble in poetry. The story is told from the prophetic point-of-view of Zuko's scar, and summarizes the choices he should have made throughout his long journey. The thing is, the crossroads of destiny was not solely in the catacombs, it lasted throughout Book Three unto the eclipse, and Zuko did make the right choice. Zuko has always been my favorite character, and I figured this would be perfect for some poetry. --Suzon99 (talkcontribs) 00:13, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

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