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The Katara River separated the Earth Empire from the United Republic of Nations. Several bridges spanned the river.


After the First Battle of Zaofu, the United Republic of Nations officially declared war on the Earth Empire. Desiring a quick victory, the Earth Empire decided to launch a surprise attack over the river and a concurrent attack on Yu Dao. The plan was to go over the river, pass through Beifong Pass and capture Republic City before any affective resistance could be mounted.

The Earth Empire's plans were hastened when United Forces troops began forming defensive positions.


United Forces troops had a small presence on every bridge. They fortified their positions with barbed wire and sandbags. The Earth Empire foot soldiers attacked first, suffering great casualties as they were unable to take the bridges. When artillery destroyed the EMP towers, a mecha suit attack forced the defenders off the bridge, thus establishing a bridge hold.

As the UF retreated, they were pursued by the high-speed mecha suits and were unable to offer much resistance. The Hellenes charged the invaders, crashing into their formation. The formations scattered and engaged in one-to-one fighting. The Hellenes tried in vain to destroy the bridge and were unable to gain the upper hand. Being outnumbered, and facing new mecha suits, they were forced into a general retreat.

Along with the UF, the Hellenes retreated to Beifong Pass to mount another defensive.


This defeat, coupled with the loss of Yu Dao, prompted Philip Hellene to invest money into Varrick and Future Industries for the development of a new air force, EMP grenades and new weapons for non-benders.

The defeat was disastrous, with the Earth Empire gaining more than 50 km of land in that one battle. It gave the Earth Empire a direct path to Republic City, with only meagre forces positioned at Beifong Pass.

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