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Cren is a soldier in the Earth Kingdom Army. He was frequently in conflict with Shenji's friend, Kuro.


Cren was born as the youngest son of a family of five. Growing up with several brothers who constantly mocked and degraded him, Cren quickly toughened up. He initially despised his brothers, having been tormented for years. When he was twelve, however, the Fire Nation came to his town.

His brothers fiercely defended him, with one being mortally wounded by the soldiers. Cren began training and eventually joined the army, requesting front line duty. He was placed under the command of a popular Captain and began using his skill. He eventually began a feud with Kuro.

New Mission

After an argument with Kuro, Cren was scheduled for guard duty. He was guarding a map along with Luo when Shenji and Kuro appeared. Cren suspected foul motives and attacked the two friends. Both he and Luo were eventually defeated by Kuro and Shenji and were left on the ground unconscious until the next morning. The two guards then were interrogated about their experience the previous night. After several officers asked them questions, their Captain arrived to give them a mission. He challenged Cren, who he knew would hastily accept.

Cren and Luo left the camp to find Shenji and Kuro. Along the way, he got into an argument with Luo, challenging him to find the pair on his own. Cren found a place to camp and stayed there until Luo returned empty handed and proceeded to mock Luo about his failure.


Earth fissure

Cren's Earthbending attack.

Cren is a powerful Earthbender, having trained from youth to honor the memory of his brother. He is able to defeat multiple opponents at one time, yet is shown to be weaker at night, requiring sleep to be effective in combat. He is powerful enough to move large stones and react quickly in battle. His abilities have been honed so that he is one of the most able combatants in his unit, but his brutality leads to him being left out of certain missions.


Cren had a brutal reputation among his fellow soldiers. He was known for taunting his opponents while attacking and resorting to desperate and dishonorable techniques when in a tough situation. He also had a certain disobedience streak, killing soldiers on missions intended to capture as many prisoners as possible. His brutality carried on to his fellow soldiers, making others stay away from him. He also has a one-track mind, frequently ignoring major details and leave out relevant information from his memories.

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