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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang.

Chapter Forty-Seven: Creation

It's remarkably complicated.

Well, first, he had to convince Hakoda, and that wasn't exactly simple. The Chief of the Southern Water Tribe seemed surprised at his request, but he pressed, and he was urgent, and finally Hakoda gave in—albeit with a promise.


Now it's on to the actual creation.

He lounges on the rock, Firebending into his hands in an attempt to keep himself warm; below, the buffalo yak congregate, each one covered in a great coat of beautiful fur. Technically, according to tradition, regular fur can be harvested and then dyed black, but he will have none of it. Instead, he searches for the one he spotted earlier, a young buck with a pair of curved horns much longer than most of the others'. A male in his prime. A dangerous foe.

He grins, tossing his glider into the air and catching it. Rising on the eddies of wind, he drops onto the midnight black buffalo yak, his hands clutching the animal's horns. The yak bucks, attempting to throw him off, but it is a simple measure to slice off a good length of fur with the extremely ceremonial knife, and then he allows himself to be chucked into the snow, where he examines his find.

"Perfect," he whispers, and his words freeze in the chill.




Finished with his work at the North Pole, he journeys to the South Pole, not in a matter of weeks but in a matter of days—hours, even, using his own Airbending to speed his bison. Far from being exhausted, however, he is energized.

He knows what he is doing.

And, in fact, as he scopes the shoreline for an elephant walrus, he knows that what he is doing is probably stupid and dangerous.

But that's what makes it fun.

He spots the walrus, its magnificent, iridescent tusks jutting proudly into the air, each one a curious bluish color.

"There we go."

He launches himself from his hiding place, and, again using the ceremonial dagger, latches on to one of the tusks. The elephant walrus bellows in protest, and he calls, "Sorry, friend. I need this more than you know. It'll grow back, I promise!"

Once again, in the technicalities, the elephant walrus should be killed, as a long-range strike bears much less chance to die than wrestling one, but then again, since when has he ever been one for technicalities? Cutting through the tusk, he blows a powerful gust of wind behind him, launching himself away from the angered walrus.


He whittles at the tusk, turning it into a thin circle, and he weaves the fur into a loop; upon the pendant itself, he carves an image of a bird and a fish, arranged in a heart; on the loop, too, he intertwines tiny moons, tiny gusts of wind, the symbols of their respectful people, and he marvels at the beauty of what he has wrought.

Of what he has created.

For her.


Spirits help me . . . I'm terrified of uploading an image. Maybe I should just link it - not hotlink it - but just link it here?


So, why 321? It happens after the series, so it felt like the best place to put it.

Now, the question is . . . what was Aang making?

"Well, first, he had to convince Hakoda, and that wasn't exactly simple. The Chief of the Southern Water Tribe seemed surprised at his request, but he pressed, and he was urgent, and finally Hakoda gave in—albeit with a promise." -> What's the promise? Well, Aang wants to marry Katara at sixteen - literally, the very second he can - since he wasn't want her to be snapped up by another other male - not that she would be. However, Aang has to stay engaged to her for at least two more years. That's the promise. Katara: "Yes, I'll marry you!" Two years later: Aang: "Okay, now we can marry."

Yes, that's the Water Tribe ritual. Part of the whatever-he-was-making is in the North Pole, part in the South. That way, you have to go to both ends of the world.

Aang refuses to kill anything. Wow. Congratulations.

I warned PSU about this. This is my version of Aang and the betrothal necklace. You will see my version of the proposal scene later . . .

The design took me forever to figure out. I actually made a version of that.

And speed-Airbending is henceforth known as Hyperbending.

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