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Sandbending Tribes



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Eye color

Mud Brown

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Weapon of choice

Sandbending, Bow

Fighting style(s)

Archery, Sandbending, Martial Arts


Rika, Shoryu, Kai, Yun, Raj, Cassin, Shandra, Lily


Tai Ji, Saki

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Warrior Elder of Sand Sharks


Sand Sharks, Anti-Tai Ji forces

First appearance

A Single Spark

Crawler of Sand Shark is a sandbending master in the fanfiction work, Avatar: Rise of the Tai Ji. Crawler left the deserts of the Si Wong Desert to hunt and kill Saki, the Avatar, believing it would stop the Tai Ji's influence, and save his village. He fights using a strange combination of sandbending techniques which, more often than not, mirror any element except earth.

Crawler has little respect for life, stemming from his life in the Si Wong Desert. The Sandbenders have a day to day existence where starvation, predation, and skin disease are the prevailing causes of death. This constant fighting for death has left Crawler over willing to kill, a trait disliked by his allies, who have never had to struggle for dinner, or not to be dinner.



Crawler is the fourth and youngest child of his family. His mother is a Sand Shark, while his father was simply a traveling merchant. He has a brother, Cassin, and two unmentioned sisters. All of his siblings can bend, however, only Cassin and Crawler remain in the village. The middle sister stayed with the Sharks for most of her life, but eventually, her, their mother, and their father decided to join a merchant caravan and begin travelling the world as traders. The eldest sister died in early age, eaten by a reaver.

Crawler gets his name from a strange little story from around the time he was two. He had disappeared four several days. The village looked for him, gutted all their grubs, and searched the sands, but no one could find him. His parents were frantic: Months before they had lost their oldest daughter, and they feared Si Wong had claimed another of their children.

On the fifth day, their baby simply came crawling back into the village as if nothing was wrong. He was named Crawler, a reminder of how he survived being alone for five days in the desert. It was from this day on that Crawler's hair grew in blonde, instead of the darker color of every other member of the village.

As it was for all members of the Sandbender tribe, Crawler's life was lived in fast forward. By fifteen, he had already married his wife, Shandra. By seventeen, the typical midpoint for a Sand Shark's life, Crawler was named the Warrior Elder of his tribe, marking him as the overall most skilled hunter of his village.


Work in Progress.


Crawler is a sandbender. Work in Progress.


Crawler is a very skilled archer. The most noticeable part of his archery skill is the ability to make arrows out of sand. These arrows are almost perfect copies of each other each time they are made. This gives Crawler a nearly infinite supply of arrows that disappear once the bending ceases to affect them.


  • Crawler is neither the best bender, nor the best weapons user of the Sand Sharks. He is, however, the most powerful fighter when blending both together.
  • His brother, Cassin, is the best weapons user.
  • His wife, Shandra, is the best bender.
  • Crawler, like most Sand Sharks, cannot bend solid earth very well. This is because of the Sand Shark way of life: Sand Sharks have very powerful natural skill due to their tenacity and survival instincts, spending their entire lives fighting a losing battle against death in the Si Wong Desert. However, unlike a true earthbender, Sand Sharks do not have the luxury of getting to challenge their opponents head on. Reavers, the main predators of the Si Wong Desert, are tricky, cunning, and quick, and so Sand Sharks must match this. This makes their actual fighting style similar to airbending: Avoid, dodge, and evade until an opening appears.
  • Crawler's bow disappears and reappears seemingly without reason, even with all his weapons removed. He uses his bow string as a belt, and creates the bow and arrows from sand.
  • Most of Crawler's techniques are stolen from other benders. He simply uses sand instead of air, water, or fire.
  • Crawler cannot swim.
  • Crawler can read, but is not good enough with a pen to write.


Work in Progress.

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