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The Runaway





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January 6rd, 2011

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Crash Course Of Gliding is the third chapter of the Fanon The Runaway


After making their way out of the flaming cave, the two rogues attempt to cross the mountain regions of the desert to reach sanctuary in a nearby city. Their attempts are however foiled by a Fire Nation colonel


The two men got up some time after lying motionless on the ground and catching their breath, watching as the massive black cloud of smoke flew over them and into the sky. They got up at the same and proceeded to walk through the rocks and headed towards the mountain. Taizo finally spoke "Looks like the flameys killed off an entire colony of sandbenders, good riddance I say!" He stopped to look back into the cloud of black smoke "Too bad there are many other colonies, they're like cockroaches, take one out and a hundred more appear" Myaku kept walking without turning to face his companion and when Taizo noticed this, he was quick to mock "Oh I forgot, Monk's don't like killing, or don't they kill? Whichever, you didn't really seem to have a problem fighting soldiers, why did you hesitate?" he asked in a rather curious tone. Myaku turned his head to face his newly found companion.

"I was surprised..." he came to a stop, a heavy expression of sadness on his face

"I... I never thought the Fire Nation would be able to get this deep into the Earth Kingdom..." he continued walked and Taizo followed with a laidback expression. As the two reached a large rock, Taizo questioned their location, to which Myaku replied "Leave it to me" after those words, he jumped off the cliff and flicked his metal staff in mid air.

His black glider wings opened and he swooped, flying head first into the sky. As he got incredibly high, Taizo could no longer see him due to the sun. He partially covered, searching for the monk. Myaku landed on a peak of a mountain looking forward. On one side, there was a mountain, with caves and roads and on the other, a long yellow deserted stretched beyond the horizon. After a quick glance in each direction, he flew back to Taizo and explained their situation to him.

"Looks like we're just outside the western side of the desert" Myaku suggested, knowing that mountains were only common in that area.

"Flamey's this deep in Earth Kingdom territories? That's a first" Taizo smirked, as if this amused him heavily

"If we're outside the western side of the desert, that means we're not far from the trade roads, if we can hitch a ride in a caravan there, it will take us to Omashu" Taizo seemed deep in thought as he considered this plan. And Myaku only nodded.

"Let's go," said the rogue once again, waving his arm for the monk to follow.

Colonel Lang

Not even fifty meters after walking, they walked out to an open area, overlooking the cave they just exited, with the cloud of black smoke still coming out of their exit. And just then when Taizo was about to say something, an arrow landed near his feet. Taizo drew his jian and Myaku took a battle stance, pointing his staff in that direction of the arrow. Suddenly, five figures appeared. Four of them were normal Fire Nation soldiers, wearing the usual red armor and equipped with weapons. But, the fifth was very odd. He gave off a vive of intimidation and horror. As if he was dead and yet he seemed perfectly fine. He wore black armor with a black helmet and a red mask, with several slits. His face was hidden completely, but if you came close to the slits, you could probably catch a small glimpse of it.

Colonel Lang

"Colonel Lang, the one on the left, it's the Avatar!" said one of the soldiers to the man in black armor and a mask. Lang chuckled as all of them came closer, standing about fifty feet away from Taizo and Myaku. The soldiers readied their bows and the dark figure spoke "Hold your fire, if possible, we capture the Avatar alive." His voice was deep, hoarse and sounded very calm, though it cracked at certain syllables as if he were in pain.

"I'm not the Avatar!!!" announced Myaku in an annoyed tone and Taizo only shook his head, implying that Myaku was lying. "Stop that!" Myaku ordered to his rogue companion though the colonel didn't seem to care.

"Regardless, you are an airbender, an enemy of the Fire Nation and by decree of Fire Lord Sozin, you are a wanted criminal" he explained, crossing his hands behind his back. "You also keep strange company, monk." His head turned slightly to the right and Myaku understood he was talking about Taizo.

"Why did you kill the sandbenders?!" Myaku demanded in an angry tone, taking a brave step forward as the soldiers pointed their bows at him.

"Would you have liked us to let the ones who captured you and wanted to sell you, live, by any chance? This must be the dumb teachings of the monks talking" Lang commented "They offered to sell you to us, however their price was slightly too high and I decided that killing them and taking you would be the easiest option, Avatar or monk, it doesn't matter. The price on your head is very high and the fame gained from killing one of you, will surely help me go through the ranks" his voice remained calm as ever. "Your monks are all but dead, airbender, a single monk, cannot stop what is to come, no matter Avatar or not" He then took a step backwards and lifted his hand and his men prepared their bows to fire.

"Run!" Myaku shouted to Taizo as the archers released their arrows. They soared through the air with incredible speed and Myaku managed to make a swipe of air which deflected them. The swipe forced a lot of dust and dirt into the air, covering the soldiers. The two men jumped down from their rock onto an edge below and started sprinting, Taizo was leading and Myaku followed, however the soldiers quickly caught up their plan. Standing above them three of the five soldiers fired arrows upon the men, which were deflected by Taizo's jian, or at times Myaku's staff. The two other men, Lang and some other soldier, sent fire blasts over them. They either missed or the two men managed to somehow dodge them on the small edge that they were running on. When they finally reached the end of their run, it was a dead end, leading to a massive drop. Taizo skidded, barely stopping in time to not follow over into the darkness.

Fire projectiles
"FIRE!" Lang shouted and all of the five men fired at them, three with arrows and two with fire. As Myaku saw this, he kicked Taizo in the back, making him fall down the massive drop and he jumped after, dodging the blast of flames and arrows just in time. As they were falling, Myaku opened his glider and flew under Taizo, who fell on top of the glider, grasping its wings with full force. "NO, NO, NO, NO!!!" Taizo screamed as he was trying to hold onto Myaku's glider as they fired upward into the sky. "STEER LEFT, LEFT!!!" Taizo shouted from behind as Myaku soon saw why. The five men opened fire again when the two came out of the massive gap. Myaku instantly turned left, barely dodging in time, Taizo's shoulder pad hit by an arrow. Taizo kept screaming out of fear as the two soared through the air. Arrows and fire chased them through the sky and even through Taizo's screams he could hear Lang giving orders to his men from below. "AAAAAAAAAAAH" Taizo screamed again as Myaku circled a massive boulder, to protect them from the wave of arrows and fire. The five soldiers began running over the road which led to the upper part of the mountain, where Myaku was.

"STEER CLOSER TO THE ROCKS!" Taizo ordered, finally snapping out of his spree of shouts and screams, which reminded him of the little kids that would play around the temple and scream whenever something was wrong.

"Stop rocking my glider!" Myaku shouted, barely managing to steer which Taizo tumbling everywhere. Myaku pulled in towards the rocks, scrapping his arm against one when he came too close. Taizo slowly stood up, like he was standing on a surfboard and drew his jian and stuck into the mountain side, slicing through it was they flew besides it. After they passed the mountain, Myaku and Taizo both looked back, the slice he just made on the mountain began to crumble, making a massive avalanche fall towards the five men. They didn't see what happened next due to the massive cloud of smoke from the fire and dust from the avalanche, but as they entered the two smoke clouds, a blast of flame, no doubt Lang's, pierced the smoke and nearly hit them.

"Woohoo!" exclaimed Taizo, still standing on top of Myaku. "C'mon, baldy, let your body waddle!" he began steering the glider with his feet, as if Myaku really was a surfboard. Annoyed at this, Myaku rolled over, making Taizo plunge down towards the massive fall. After a short chuckle, Myaku followed with his glider and flew under him, managing to catch him in time before Taizo splattered against the rocks.

"Oops. My bad." Myaku stated with a grin as Taizo grasped the glider so hard it seemed he nearly peed himself from the fall. The shook on the glider from fear and less than a minute later the two landed near a road, just on the other side of the mountain. "You alright?" Myaku mused, pressing his lips together to hide his smirk.

"NEVER. AGAIN." Taizo stated, glaring at Myaku as he stood from the ground, still shaking from the experience.

Myaku turned around and began walking away commenting "Well, you seemed pretty confident while you were standing on top."

"I hate monks, I really, really hate monks" Taizo stated once again, following Myaku in his shaky state.

The Caravan

The two got to a road, not far from where they were and just in their luck, a passing cabbage caravan noticed them. The caravan master whipped his ostrich horse to go faster as he saw them, probably mistaking them from bandits, but Myaku jumped on the round and begged. "Sir, please help us" Taizo seemed less than inclined to beg, he merely walked closer when the caravan stopped. The caravan master was a hunched over old man, dressed in green Earth Kingdom clothing. The old man examined them both "by the spirits... you're a monk!" he shouted, jumping from his seat on the caravan. He came closer to Myaku, circling and examining him, with a rather surprised expression oh face. "I though you guys were dead! I knew this one monk, he was great at making pies and h-" Myaku cut him off, before he fully digressed from the topic at hand.

"I'm a monk, but sir, if you can, please help us get to Omashu, I think we're in a bit of trouble with the Fire Nation..." Myaku pointed east, the massive cloud of black smoke was visible even from here.

Taizo came closer to the old man "we have to warn the King of Omashu!" the old man nodded and Myaku face palmed, knowing that Taizo had no intention of telling about it to the king.

"That's odd, I've never seen Fire Nation get this close to Omashu! But, don't you worry, Omashu is the safest place on earth, besides Ba Sing Se of course, nothing and nobody can get through it's defenses, heck, nobody can even come close to it!" he laughed and made a gesture towards his caravan "Hop in, I'll give you lads a ride" the old man limped over to his seat and sat down, taking the leash to his ostrich horses.

Myaku and Taizo climbed into the back of the man's carriage, it was filled with stuff like hay, barrels filled with an unknown substance, cloth and crates of food. Taizo took his jian off of his back and sat down on the far end of the carriage, leaning back against the hay he relaxed. Myaku sat down in a lotus position, leaning against the side of the carriage. In a second, a sound of a whip was heard and the carriage started moving. They were on their way to Omashu.


  • Colonel Lang survived the avalanche
  • This chapter is the first time Myaku glides within the series
  • Despite popular belief, Myaku is not the Avatar.


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