By AvatarfanSLO Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt continuity.
Coup of Ba Sing Se


Siege of Was Na Si


The Red Revolt


Battle in the Realm of Koh


Late Autumn of 100 AG


Ba Sing Se


  • Earth Kingdom victory
  • Kuei reinstated as Earth King
  • End of Dai Li occupation of the city
  • Dai Li is disbanned


Sokka, Katara, Aang, Hokai, Toph,Earth Kingdom

  • Dai Li
  • Local collaborators


King Kuei, Aang

Long Feng

Forces involved

  • Team Avatar
  • Earth Kingdom Royal Guards
  • Several Dai Li Agents
  • Local collaborators


  • Several Royal guards killed or wounded
  • Several civilians killed or missing
  • Several Dai Li Agents killed or wounded
  • Long Feng †


The Coup of Ba Sing Se was a major battle fought during the Red Revolt. The battle had a significant meaning as it marked the end of the Dai Li.


As the Hundred Year War ended, Ba Sing Se was liberated and life continued as normal. But, seeing that the city was still under significant change, that the Earth King didn't gain any significant power yet, and that the Avatar and his friends weren't in the city, the remaining Dai Li agents decided to act.

In a simultaneous attack, the Dai Li agents stormed the Royal Palace, "killing" the Earth King, gained control over the Council of Five and disabled the Earth Kingdom Domestic forces, guarding the capital and freeing their leader, Long Feng from prison and establishing him as the new ruler of Ba Sing Se.

However, not everything went according to plan. Some Royal Guards, disguised as Dai Li agents got word of the plan and reported it to the Earth King, Kuei. But it was too little too late. The Dai Li were already storming the Royal Palace and the Royal Earthbending Guards couldn't do anything else than to fake the King's death and escape to fight another day.

Meanwhile the Gaang was in Was Na Si, where they heard about the Coup and the "death" of the King. They flew to the outer wall of the city, where they left Appa and continued their journey on foot. They disguised themselves as Earth Kingdom citizens and started walking towards the inner wall of Ba Sing Se, without using any bending, in order to not get caught by the Dai Li.

When they got to the lower rink of the city they could see the terrible condition that the city was in after the coup. Several people were arrested and brainwashed for no reason. The Gaang continued walking towards the Royal Palace, until they came to the middle ring. There they met with King Kuei, who explained everything to them and told them, that he was ready to take his city back.

The next day Team Avatar, King Kuei and the Royal Guards stormed the Royal Palace from underneath, and came all the way to the Throne Room, where they were ambushed. As Team Avatar fought several Dai Li agents, Long Feng took Earth King Kuei captive.

Aang, knowing that it was the only right thing to do, killed Long Feng, who did not expect such behavior from the peaceful Air Nomad Avatar. As Long Feng fell, several Dai Li agents who saw that immediately surrendered. All across the city, Dai Li agents and local collaborators surrendered, ending the short lived Dai Li rule.

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