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The Counter Attack
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The Counter Attack is Chapter 3 of the Phoenix Chronicles.


The team plans a Counter Attack, after the enemy retreats. As they carry it out, they meet some new allies.


The soldiers never would have seen it. One minute, they were about to blast the Avatar to the next century. Then they are flying. Before, they can say anything they are already crashing face-first into the forest. As Mian looked over at his Air Nomad friend, he was pretty thankful. He could see the grin on her face, and she was probably thinking what a wimp he was. He ran over and after a quick thank you, began wreaking havoc on the enemy lines. Soon, the enemy was on the run. By sunrise, all of them had fled, and only 2 prisoners had been taken. Exhausted, Mian collapsed on the red grass.

Though he wanted to sleep longer Mian slowly walked into a small house, where the prisoners were being interrogated. He sat down next to Tia, in a hard chair. Admiral Min spoke to the prisoners and then the interrogators then walked over where the exhausted team was. Though he didn't to hear it, Mian knew what Min had to say. The counterattack would begin immediately.

Chameleon Bay

Hawk Bay

Mian, took a breath of fresh air and headed of into the forest. Along with him, were his friends and 4 five man squads. They would launch an attack on the Phoenix stronghold, Hu Jin. The city was nested in Hawk bay. Min and his naval fleet would leave tomorrow to begin the naval attack. Mian's dad had approved the plan, the other day. They were now at war with the Phoenix Islands. As the team, continued through the forest, Mian realized that he did not know much about the Phoenix Islands to start with. He figured to ask the warriors, at their next stop. That stop would be about 15 miles away. Then they would have another 5 days for the remaining 60 miles.

Ami hated the jungle, it was almost impossible to walk here with all of the foliage. Which was why she was lagging behind. Suddenly the entourage stopped, Ami ran up to the front. She could see Mian and Zura looking into a clearing. She craned over them with Tia to see that there were a few Island Soldiers, there. There were possibly 30 or so with most of them craned over a fire. They were probably from the raid. And she could tell by Mian's eyes he was going in for an ambush.

Zura, thought the ambush was pretty quick, since most of the Islanders were wounded. The tribesmen surrounded the weakened Islanders, and closed in. The enemy began to fight back, but collapsed as nets, spears, arrows, and many other sharp objects pinned them down. A young man jumped down, from the trees and pronounced the day a victory. He was dressed in black armor along with black pants. Along with him a small group of children jumped down, they introduced themselves as the Phoenix Bombers. They stated their mission was to rid the world of the Phoenix Islands. The man in the black, Sky, was their leader.

Mian was happy to see that, no one had gotten hurt. He then walked to where Zura and the man in the black was standing. After introductions, the Bombers showed their base camp, which was 2 miles down the road. It was a group of tents along with a large cabin, centered around a base fire. Though reluctant, Mian agreed that they could spend the night here, and make up the extra 3 miles another day. Mian talked to Sky, who agreed that since they had a common goal, the Bombers would help with their invasion. But he did state that there were Phoenix Camps everywhere, each one armed to kill. As the team settled down Mian asked Sky to shed some light on the Phoenix Islands. Though he was embarrassed he had to know more about the enemy.

Sky explained that the Phoenix Islands were in between the Fire Nation and the Southern Water Tribe. It was also not too far from the Air Nomad settlement near, the Southern Air Temple. The Islands were Fire Nation territory, until they demanded freedom. Stating that they were conquered long ago, and wanted to be separate from the Fire Nation. Fire Lord Zuko, had agreed. Each Island is controlled by a governor, while the entire Nation was controlled by the Phoenix King. The name was originally meant for the evil Fire Lord Ozai. The current king, did not like the Water Tribe, and began hostilities. The Islands once peaceful, were now full of shipyards, outposts, and training camps. Then Sky stated that was pretty much all he knew, and said he would be going to sleep. Everybody else was also tired, and were soon sleeping.

Back at the Southern Water Tribe capital, a giant armada of ships were seen near the horizon. All of them had the Phoenix Flag waving above.
Fire Navy


  • The Phoenix bombers are modeled of the Freedom Fighters.

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