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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Meeting of the Council of Five
Council of Five
General information

General Qingbao

Notable members
  • General Qingbao
  • General Ren
  • General Rongyu
  • General Sudu
  • General Tsuyo-sa

1st Earth King/Unnamed Past Avatar


War Room, Northern Upper Ring, Ba Sing Se


Earth Kingdom Military, Earth Kingdom

  • To serve the Earth King.
  • Plan strategies.
  • War meetings.

The Council of Five are a group of eastern Earth Kingdom generals, under the command of the 42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen. They're minor characters in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. The Council of Five, are the eastern Earth Kingdom's highest-ranked generals.

They're a group consisting of five generals, the Council of Five was created thousands of years ago, when the First Earth King had founded his settlement the grand city of Ba Sing Se. The 1st Earth King was actually said to be a past Avatar, using the Avatar State to build the thick earth walls that surround the city today. And the dynasty of the current Earth Kings' comes from the bloodline of that Avatar.


Earth King Qiang Zhen's generals were introduced in Chapter 18: Thirst For Blood, when he held a war meeting within the war room. The five men were named: Qingbao, Ren, Rongyu, Sudu, and Tsuyo-sa, each having specialties in certain skill sets.

The Earth King, discussed and explained of the current events that were happening within the Earth Kingdom including the death of Baotong. Agreeing with their king, they began to throw out ideas on what to do with the Northern Water Tribe.

They have planned to prepare their armies for war, in the coming months they had planned deployments on the coasts of the eastern Earth Kingdom. While the Earth King had sent an ambassador to the city of Omashu in hopes of getting the aid from the King of Omashu. Although the Council of Five, doubt his aid to the eastern half of the Earth Kingdom.


  • Qingbao means, "intelligence" in Chinese.
  • Ren means, "forebearance" in Chinese.
  • Rongyu means, "honor" in Chinese.
  • Sudu means, "speed" in Chinese.
  • Tsuyo-sa means, "strength" in Chinese.

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