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The Lost Air Temple


Book 2 Rise of the Deathbenders


19 Council of Elders

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The Northern Air Temple

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Wisdom of the Avatar

Last time on TLAT. . . The group entered the Northern Air Temple. A cheery young monk named Cori wearing a mask. He offered to give them a tour of the Air Temple; but only Baizken accepted. Senzin, an old rival of Gatton's, talked of incidents from when Gatton was training in airbending. Twenty monks had a meeting and talked of the missing children and what to do about the no-show Central Air Temple. Their representative, an air sword quick running Wong, arrives telling them that the Central Air Temple is missing over 40 kids. Gatton explained something of his past and polo; as the games start tomorrow.


Gatton tossed and turned as he slept. He could not tell the difference between dreams and visions. He kept seeing the same dream over and over again; but then a new dream appeared. Gatton's successor was entering the Avatar State. His eyes flashed as well as his traditional Air Nomad tattoos. Gatton now noticed something new glowing, a flower tattoo on the evil Avatar's elbow. It went dark and Gattton saw himself, in the form of the Dark Avatar, exiting the state and leveling an entire island. He woke up in yet another cold sweat

Finosa woke up early in the mourning. The sun was rising from the mountain's clouds making a beautiful sunrise. She could see that her grandfather had already gone to speak to an elder or Halois; but her brother was still snoring and drooling on his mat. Finosa decided to go for a walk around the temple. She opened the door carefully, so she didn't wake up her brother. She walked down the long halls of the living quarters; she reached the exit, but it was blocked by two monk guards.

"You can not pass."

"Why?" Finosa was a little frustrated now.

"No child is permitted to leave the quarters without an adult escort."

"But I'm not even from here," she was starting to boil.

"Rules are rules. Whether or not you are not are an outsider, does not concern us."

"Listen," Finosa handed felt like they were on fire, eager to fight the guards, "Let me pass, my grandfathers the Avatar. So I suggest you let me through!"


Finosa was really ticked. Why wouldn't the guards just let her through. She could handle herself. She calmed down erasing her thoughts on fighting the guards. Something about the Air Nomads just seemed off. She was about to give up; but Gatton walked up from behind the guards. He entered into the corridor.

"Let's get going. The polo games start in one hour," he said, very chipper for someone his age.

"Okay, but first we need to get Baizken."

Baizken was still fast asleep on his mat. A puddle of drool laid on top of it. Outside, looking through his window was Cori. They were on level 4; so he spun his staff in one hand and had a pie in the other.

"Adjusting for angle..."

Cori made a throwing motion and the pie landed right on Baizken's face.

"What the -" Baizken yelled at the top of his lungs, drawing his sword which he slept with at his side.

"Air Nomad 1, Swords-boy o," he said while twirling his staff. Cori lowered the speed of his spinning, making him slowly descend to the ground. Finosa and Gatton opened the door and were shocked to see Baizken covered in pie when they opened the door.

"I don't even want to know even want to know," Gatton said looking up at the ceiling.

They arrived to their seats, which were next to Halois; Baizken was still covered in pie. They looked forward, out toward the court. The court in reality, was just 2 long pole, stretching out into the sky. Each of these poles had a fairly large circle with a hole in it. These holes were obviously the goals. Baizken heard a strange noise; similar to yesterday when Wong had appeared. He turned around. Sure enough, Wong had run at his high speed and stood at the top of the seats. He looked down on the crowd. You still could not tell how he felt. Baizken watched as Wong mumbled something under his breath, apparently a scoff. A loud horn was sounded; it was so loud that it made the four's ears hurt. Two voice rang loudly over the dying horn.

"Welcome to the start of the first game of this years Air Nomad Games," greeted a loud squeaky voice. His voice was made louder by bending the air to make his voice louder.

"That's right, Yort. We have reached the start of these games. Now for all of you who are green on the rules. Let's go over them. We have 2 teams of 3 bison. They square off with mallets and airbending to try to hit a ball into the hole. The ball can't touch the surface down below and all monks who fall of their bison air out of the game. Now let's start are first match. The Eastern Air Temple vs. the West," Hyru shouted and a big crowd cheered near the stage.

The game got started with a toss of the ball. The west easily picked the ball with their mallets, keeping it away from the east. They hit one of their opponents men to the ground, down below. At this Baizken cheered at the top of his lungs; but he felt awkward when he realized the crowd was absolutely silent. The east were now down a player, and their opponents were deep in their territory. Eastern fans were on the edge of their seats as one their forward's bison headed straight toward the ball the west were cushioning with air. The eastern player knocked the ball, off the cushion, down to the ground. An eastern bison-er raced down to the ball; but 2 westerner sand-witched her while the other was at the ball. She hit the ball, almost upside-down right into the eastern goal. It was over. Apparently it's over with just point. The westerners cheered for their team; they were going to the final match.

The Southern Air Temple beat the north in a close match, The Northern Air Temple's best player was the elderly Senzin. Baizken was watching very closely. That match was a nail-biter. Baizken didn't focus on the noises coming behind him. Cori had, yet another fruit pie in hand. Right before the south scored a goal, Cori winded up and slung the pie at Baizken. As the south scored, Baizken fell forward into the row in front of him with a pie on the back of his head.

"Pie slinger 2; Baizken zilch."

Baizken quickly got out of a row of 2 westerners and got back in his seat. Finosa, Gatton, and Halois all gave him a glare. The final match was quickly won by the east. They hit the ball clear over the southern centers head, straight into the goal. It was so quick, most people didn't even know it was over.

"Well, that was quick," Finosa said dryly.

Baizken and Finosa had to go back to the living quarters after the match. They could not be supervised by Gatton. This was because the Avatar and the White Lotus Halois had to meet with the Northern Council of Elders and the children couldn't attend. So they were left in their room as the meeting went on.

The Avatar and the sage were well on their way to the meeting. In fact, they were right at the steps of the building. Halois gave Gatton a look.

"Do you really think the north will help my project?" Halois asked as he looked up the steps.

"If I know Senzin, he'll agree. Just don't expect him not to want something in return."


They walked up the steps. On each side of the steps were railing, and on the top and bottom of the railing were bison statues. The way they appeared was so strange, almost as if the statues were watching them. They enter the building where 5 monks were at.

"I see you're still punctual, Avatar," Senzin remarked.

"Master Senzin, it is a honor to see you again," said Halois with a little too enthusiasm, "Let's discuss the terms for the agreement."

An Air Nomad, named Kolp, spoke up, "We have not yet decided one way or a another."

"Really," Gatton had a hint of sarcasm pointed at his childhood rival, "I thought Senzin would have told you all about it."

"Avatar, we needed time to decide; the Air Temples will most likely split on this, 'Black and White decision.' Are not both of you not Lotuses?"

"Kolp, when the Black Lotus came, you were more than eager to help their cause," Senzin said in a cunning tone.

"The Black Lotus were here?" Halois was shocked! Senzin smiled, knowing he had found the Lotus' weak spot.

"Oh yes, they were here about a month ago." Senzin was trying to sound neutral "They had the same goal, rebuilding. Funny how neither one told the other."

"Then we're in a race, with the Black Lotus," Halois said, "And they're ahead of us. Surely, you must help us."

The monks got into a huddle. They talked and talked, but Gatton nor Halois could hear what they were saying.

"It has been decided we will help you, but we must discuss terms."

"Yes, we must." Halois said, "You will help us with your men, whenever a problem with an ally arises?"

"It must go both ways, correct," said Kolp.

"Yes, it must go both ways," said another monk, "You must help us correct? Whenever we need you, the White Lotus."

"Of course," Halois said.

"Then we need your help. You probably know our children, all the temple's children, are missing," Senzin said, "Could you help us locate them and stop the THIEVES."


"Yes, that is what the children call them. As you know, the games move to the Western Air Temple tomorrow. You are coming, correct?"

"Yes," Gatton said.

"Then we'll start our search their," Kolp said we will see you tomorrow, Avatar."

"I'm bored."

"Baizken, you do realize that there is nothing here to do."

A voice came out of nowhere, "Have you checked behind the chest."

"Aah! Oh it's you, Cori! Don't pie me, I'm unarmed."

"Huh?" Finosa said.

"Me and Cori made a bet about who could hit the other person more with pie."

"And the loser has to face plant himself into multiple pies."

"In public."

"While screaming 'I'm a possum chicken.'"

"Okay, what about behind the chest," Finosa said, trying to change the subject.

"There's a Pai Sho board behind the chest."

Baizken spoke, "Pai Sho's for old people."

"I played it once and I got confused," Finosa said.

"Oh it's very easy," Cori said, "I'll explain.

Five minutes of explaining later

"White Lotus to that square," Cori said.

It was Finosa's turn, "Earthen tile to the left corner."

"Circular orb to adjacent square."

"Fire Lilly to the ninth."

Cori thought for a moment, then the same smile that Senzin had appeared, "Tree to the second; I take the pot."

There was a long moment of silence, but Baizken interrupted, "What just happened!?!" Gatton then opened the door. The room was covered in tiles and the dresser was in the middle.

"Why does this always happen to me?"

"Got to go Baizken; hope to see you again, Finosa," Cori said looking directly at her.

"Wait, I though kids weren't aloud outside their rooms?" Finosa said, realizing he wasn't supposed to be there.

Cori got a running start and yelled, "Out the window!" as he jumped, with his glider of course, out and he sailed to another building, through his own window, and landed in his room.

"What a weird kid..." Finosa smiled awkwardly as she looked out the window.

They all went to bed, talking of Pai Sho and pies.

The next mourning all the bison and dragons who were leaving to go to the Western Air Temple, from a tower-like building that was flat on top. The Fire Sages and guards going home had already left at twilight, the last night. The bison and dragons were ready to take off, when Senzin noticed Wong just standing there.

"You coming, boy."

"Yes," Wong said in his favorite tone.

"You don't have a bison..."

"I know," Wong said sarcastically, "I am going to walk."

"But you'll never get there on-"

Wong backed up, ran, and jumped off the building. Everyone thought he was crazy, but alas, he did not SPLAT. He was up in the sky, on the cloud. Wong was walking on a cloud!

Senzin broke the silence, "A sky-walker, of course."

"What's a sky-walker?" Cori asked.

"Someone you should not be associated with."

The dragons and bison soon took off, with Wong leaving them in the dust.

Gatton and the kids were flying high on Duma. Baizken was cleaning his sword while Finosa was staring at the clouds. Gatton was wanting to break the silence, so he asked Baizken something.

"Baziken, I've always wondered; how does your sword work?"

"Well you see, it's a dragon's tooth carved and covered in iron. Then you got the launching hook that comes out the back."

Finosa piped in, "Yes, but how does it retain heat? Also, how come the steel doesn't melt off?"

"Well, you see," Baizken thought for a moment, "I guess the iron somehow got fused to the sword. Since it's a dragon's tooth, it retains intense heat."

"I didn't know dragon teeth could retain heat," Finosa admitted.

"Well if fire's coming out their mouth, their teeth would have to be able to withstand intense heat."

"My that certainly is interesting," said Gatton.

They continued talking of dragon teeth and dragons the rest of the way.

Cori was riding the same bison as Senzin. The monk looked boldly up at his master.

"Master Senzin, why are the firebenders helping us?"

"So that we can be friends and help each other at a later point."

Cori asked another question "Are they going to help us find Osla?"

"In a way, yes. You seem attached that girl," Senzin remarked.

"Yeah, she's like an older sister to me."

"Just don't get to attached. You must remove-"

"Remove yourself from all," Cori quickly covered his mouth, "Sorry Master Senzin."

They rode the rest of the way silently. It took hours, but they finally made it to the Western Air Temple after a quick dive to the underside of a crater. They smoothly landed their bison on a deck. Cori looked over to his left. There was a female monk, who looked about age 16. Her hair was normal, unlike the other sisters. She gave a warm smile at Cori.



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