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By Dudewaldo4 Part of the Past, Present, and Future continuity.
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Governing the Air Nomads

The Council of Elders were the leaders of the Air Nomads. Each of the Air Temples had its own council of Head Monks and/or Nuns, their members being both the political and the religious authorities. The Northern and Southern councils were composed of five head monks each, and the Eastern and Western councils were composed of five head sisters each. They were the only ones allowed to enter the Air Sanctuary in each Air Temple, other than the Avatar. They were also the ones responsible for identifying the Avatar when he or she was born into the Air Nomads. It can be presumed that the councils of monks of different temples worked together to govern the entire Air Nomad civilization.

Council of Elders

Air Nomad Council

The Main Air Nomad Council consisted of the combined Elders of each of the councils of all the temples.

Head of State & Government: 2 Councils of Monks (1 Northern & 1 Southern) & 2 Councils of Sisters (1 Eastern & 1 Western)

Religious Authority: 2 Councils of Monks (1 Northern & 1 Southern) & 2 Councils of Sisters (1 Eastern & 1 Western)

Southern Council

Eastern Council


  • Although not members, Pathik and Afiko were often present in the Southern Council's meetings because of their close friendships with Gyatso and Tashi, respectively.

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