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Aang and his cosmic Avatar Spirit

Aang immersed in cosmic energy, a result of opening his seventh chakra.

Cosmic Energy is a ubiquitous, metaphysical energy source employed primarily by Avatars to reach their ultimatum of power, the Avatar State. Although cosmic energy is omnipresent, it can only be made use of through circulation through the seven chakra points. This will allow the cosmic energy to amalgamate with the body's natural energy, supplying the awesome power needed to attain the level of mastery over the elements portrayed throughout the series.

Certain non-Avatars, whether they'd be benders or not, are also able to create a flux of this energy by opening their chakras, only the energy is then exerted for more spiritual purposes, such as meditation or seeking enlightenment. This state of "enlightenment" is then generally addressed as Samādhi (समाधि, "union with god").


Cosmic energy is, in various aspects, the antithesis to Chi. While Chi is energy that flows within a person's body, cosmic energy exists everywhere but within a sentient soul. Should one be able to behold it within the physical world, it would manifest as a continuous flow of dust-like particles, much like the appearance of a solar wind, purple-black in coloration, streaming endlessly with sentient beings breaching it slightly like rocks in a riverbed. Excluding those who have pursued emotional and mental cleansing to manipulate it, cosmic energy affects nothing it comes across, rendering most people unaware of its existence.

When an Avatar or yoga-practitioner begins to clear his chakras, he creates some sort of "leak" within the impermeable shield his body normally forms for cosmic energy, allowing the cosmic energy to seep into his Earth Chakra and travel upwards until it reaches the Thought Chakra. Until it is located in the latter, however, there will still be no detectable reactions to the energy, and unless the entire set is opened at once the practitioner wouldn't feel any different than before the session, besides of course liberation of certain emotional distress.


Cosmic energy is almost exclusively utilized by Avatars and certain great spirits, such as the ocean god. Other humans who are able to sense benefits from the clearing of their chakras are generally regarded as enlightened minds, and where most commonly found among the Air Nomads due their pacifistic philosophy.

It is said, however, that before the age of the Avatar manipulating energy overall was as common as bending is today, hinting that there was more to it than the spiritual uses of today.

Avatar State

Main article: Avatar State
Aang in the Avatar State

Cosmic energy is manifested visibly during the use of the Avatar State.

The most commonly known and given example of manipulating cosmic energy is the Avatar State. During the Avatar State a "Fully Realized" Avatar draws in cosmic energy at the base of his spin, where his Earth Chakra lies, which travels up to the crown of the head, the Thought Chakra, where it is put to its use. The intermediate chakras act both as a "pipeline" and a "haven" for the energy: when the cosmic energy passes by a specific chakra it "adds" the element it circulates through, respectively survival, pleasure, willpower, love, truth and insight. Because of these concepts within the cosmic energy the Avatar is capable of maintaining a clear mind whilst in the Avatar State.

Of course, there is also the case when a young, inexperienced Avatar instinctively activates the Avatar State as a "defense mechanism". This uses a small (spiritual) opening at the back of the head which is normally used to lead away superfluous energy lingering within the Thought Chakra after a Fully Realized Avatar has deactivated his Avatar State. This is a one-way exit, but the unconscious Avatar State forces it open, allowing cosmic energy to freely flow in without the addition of any of the previously mentioned concepts. In combination with the ignorance of the thousands of previous incarnations who now control the body this mostly leads to unwanted destruction.

This method of usage is accompanied by many risks, the most recurring being mental strain and neglectfulness. Headaches are not uncommon symptoms for overuse of this instinctual state, and younger Avatars may suffer from traumas or phobias when they continue to be subjected to it. Not only that, but because of the repeated damage to the exit port the user may encounter problems when trying to master the controlled Avatar State, or a small leak could arise which would continually give away bodily energies, including Chi. Avatar Aang was a victim of this, having spent a hundred years in a continuous, frozen Avatar State which ended up seriously reducing his life-span.



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