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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Corruption and Redemption
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Corruption and Redemption is a short story revolving around Azula after her defeat in the War, written by Kilo99.

Production History

I originally got the idea for Corruption and Redemption when I was watching "The Beach" and "The Avatar and the Fire Lord." When was watching the latter, I realized something, "If Azula is Zuko's Brother and Roku is her great-grandfather, then that means she has good inside of her." When I was watching the former, I also realized that Azula did show some signs of pain indirectly caused by Ursa. Then I started getting ideas for a new fanon story that would make Azula redeem herself.

My original Idea for this story involved Katara betraying Team Avatar instead of Zuko and would join Azula. She then wanted more power, so she tried to assassinate Azula, but the plan failed although she became handicapped due to a back injury in the assassination attempt. Ozai then banished her and made Katara the heir to the throne, and Azula traveled throughout the Earth Kingdom, where she eventually redeemed herself like Zuko did. I eventually realized that this wouldn't work, and so Corruption and Redemption was born.


The story takes place a month after Avatar: The Last Airbender, where Azula escaped from her mental hospital and she decided to travel through the Earth Kingdom. It will reveal all of the pain she secretly had that was caused by Ozai's harsh upbringing and Ursa's neglect. It will also show how she goes through many life-changing experiences during her travels, which include fighting the vengeance-seeking Dai Li, reuniting with Ursa, and motherhood.

Main Characters

Secondary Characters

Tones and Themes

Corruption and Redemption is a somewhat dark story, as it will mainly involve an insane young woman slowly redeeming herself and regaining her sanity. It also involves themes such as loss, inner pain, and motherhood, and will also cover (of coarse) corruption and redemption. Many themes will also be taken from the album/rock opera, Pink Floyd: The Wall, as I intend to compare Azula's turmoil to that of Pink's from the album. Several titles of chapters and themes within the chapters will be reminiscent of The Wall, as some of the lyrics of the songs will be incorporated into the story.


Book 1: Struggles

  1. The Trial - Azula goes onto trial for the numerous crimes she did during The War.
  2. Silent Suffering - Azula reveals to a doctor how she truly suffered during her life.
  3. Escape - After several days in the mental hospital, Azula plans to escape.
  4. Sons of Corruption - Azula spends five years on the road, and meets an old adversary.
  5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - As the Dai Li hunt down Azula, she goes through more turmoil.
  6. Ancestry part 1, Roku - Avatar Roku appears to Azula in spirit and tells her of her family's roots.
  7. Ancestry part 2, Sozin - Fire Lord Sozin appears to Azula in spirit and tells her about his true past.
  8. Wish You Were Here - Zuko and Azula have old memories of their childhood, and both reveal how they miss each other.
  9. We Don't Need No Education - Azula remembers her days in the Fire Nation academy for girls.
  10. A Friend of My Brother - In a familiar village to her brother, Azula meets a familiar man.
  11. Ultimatum part 1, The Threat - TBA
  12. Ultimatum part 2, The Attack - TBA

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