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Corruption is the ninth chapter of "Rebel". It was released on December 11, 2011.


Bumi is captured by the Dai Li as Omashu is under attack, and he learns some secrets they've been keeping.


Bumi gazed out from behind the walls. Fire balls fell like meteors from the sky, burning the city he called home. He couldn't let it happen. The Fire Nation had to be stopped. And they would be. At any cost. But here they were, at the very walls of the city, breaking in, with the help of a platoon of Earthbenders. And suddenly, he felt himself encircled by earth. Two men held him in their clutches. He tried to move his hands. No good. His feet, suspended above the ground, were of no use to him. For they were suddenly in pain. He could make out two men in the distance as the pieces of Earth broke away from his body. Suddenly, there was a room in a cavern.

A man from the Fire Nation spoke. "I don't care if you suddenly think the deal changed. Long Feng promised us a puppet position as rulers of the city and we could trade and make weapons here, so long as he controlled the government. And now you want to strip everything from us. Not gonna happen. The terms are clear. Break the terms, then we'll call off this whole invasion, and Long Feng's on his own."

The Earth Kingdom man spoke. Dressed in black clothes, coated with spots of green, he looked like a member of some mob. He had heard of these men before. The "cultural protectors" of Ba Sing Se. He had no clue what was going on. But he listened intently to the man's reply. "Fine. The terms are clear, you're right. Just remember, you make one slip up, and you're out of here. I don't think you want an accident, do you?" He held up a boulder above the man's head. As the man bowed down, Bumi's eyes widened. "Good. Now go with your battalion." The man rose, nodded, and ran off through a small tunnel. Bumi suddenly felt someone breathing ominously on his neck. His mouth dropped in fear. Even his age spots seemed to pop out when they heard the treacherous words of the man.

"You will agree to surrender this city to the Fire Nation. You will be imprisoned. Think wisely about your decision. Saying the wrong thing has certain...consequences," the man offered in a mocking tone. His pitch was friendly. His subtext was murderous. Bumi was released at that instant. He was outnumbered. Three against one. With the most elite clan of Earthbenders in the world. It wasn't a good idea to fight these people. Neutral jing. He reminded himself. He nodded. "Good. Now get out." Bumi exited through the tunnel, and met up with the feisty officer.

"What are you going to do, sir?" he asked with a certain seriousness.

"I'm going to do...nothing!" he proclaimed, letting out a resounding cackle.


  • This chapter takes place somewhere between "The King of Omashu" and "Return to Omashu".
  • "You don't want an accident, do you?" Reference to "Imprisoned".
  • This chapter is out of chronological order. Azulazulazula decided that, since the reasoning behind the Dai Li being in Ba Sing Se is such a mystery (and since he wanted to separate the two-part chapter), now would be a perfect time to explain things.

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