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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Coronation of the 42nd Earth King
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General Senlin's Escape/The Assassination of Earth King Ta Po


The Assassination of Shan-Yu of the Mousha Quan


Invasion at the Southern Air Temple


No conflict.


Autumn, 659 BG


Ba Sing Se Palace, Upper Ring, Ba Sing Se


The coronation of the 42nd Earth King.

  • The crime rates lower, and the gangs hide for a six month period.



Forces involved


Coronation of 42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen

Gangs hide for a six month period.


First appearance

Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs

Last appearance

Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs



Result For This Event

The escape of General Senlin from the prison in the Upper Ring. He somehow had gotten connections with the Mousha Quan as evidence shows that to Xinxian de Rous from the gang, were found dead in the study room of the palace.

Apparently, their leader Shan-Yu had found out about the secret passage that led straight to the chambers of the Earth King. He had someone infiltrate the palace and leave a dead drop inside of a stone chest.

He sent to Xinxian de Rous, to the palace to assassinate the Earth King, as a form for their initiation into the gang. Though when General Senlin and Haoke had snuck into the palace on a secret mission.

Senlin promised Haoke, that justice for her son was about to be served. They went into the palace through secret tunnels under the palace. They saw the black uniformed men and killed both of them. Taking the dead drop and finding the secret entrance to the chambers of the Earth King.

They killed the two guards protecting the chambers and went into the Earth King's chambers. They murdered the Earth King and escaped. In the morning the Earth King's advisor had gone to awaken the Earth King. But to his dismay found the corpse of the Earth King. Screaming he alerted many guards, and they saw the nightmaring reality.

A jailor ran to the scene and brought Captain Wei to the prison. There they found another jailor dead down the secret hatch, and they found one of the metal cell doors bended strange.

When other guards had found the corpses of Mousha Quan members, they had finally come up to reason that General Senlin had worked with Mousha Quan to kill the Earth King. A detective also told Captain Wei that Senlin was a metalbender.

The Earth King's advisor immediately became the regent lord for the time being as they prepared Qiang Zhen for the throne.

Coronation Day

Two weeks, have passed since, the forty-first Earth King had been murdered. Wanted posters in the northeastern section of the Earth Kingdom had been posted up. Water Tribe rebels, had been stirring up trouble around the Earth Kingdom. The last place they attack was the city of commerce Taku.

The crime rates were extremely high with, theft, murder, kidnap, drug trafficking, battery, arson and statutory offense. Every street of the Lower and Middle Rings would be empty as every citizen of Ba Sing Se, went to attend the coronation.

The grandson of Ta Po, took the throne as heir. He could not have his father take the throne as he was too old, and had enough weight on his shoulders. Qiang Zhen, was crowned the Earth King at noon of his coronation day. He was then on known as the youth of the kingdom.

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