By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
Lion turtle forest
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center of the universes


Spirit Council



The Core is where the Spirit Council had taken as headquarters as they created other universes and edit old ones.

The core consists of a landmass of untouched forest that can not be destroyed in any way. The Core was Arceus's first ever universal try at making a new world, and became a great success. Upon completing the land, he decided to make this place the area for the works of the Spirit Council, and has been that way since. They use this land as base because the energy it supplies is enough to able to ether make an individual life form or create a whole other universe from scratch.

Avatar: New Universe

The land has been the main setting for the one-shot, A Nifrin's Discovery, when Arceus brings back Lenet to the Core. The land at this time had less of the giant trees that the original story had, indicating that this happened before Team Avatar and Teen Titans arrived.

In the true story however, the place is only visited once when Team Avatar and Teen Titans were rescued from Raviente. During this time there is more ruins, and the trees had now grown into gigantic versions of the ones from the one-shot.

Avatar: New Universe III

During this story it became a main setting, as Team Avatar and Teen Titans spent their time here. They were brought here by the Spirit Council and were given the reward to create their own world here for all of the work they've done.

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