By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
The cooper canes are a family prize possession to the Cooper family line. This cane was only used in the cooper franchise, when the Avatar team was transported their in different time zones. each time zone has its different type of copper cane and design with it.

Throughout the generations, the copper cane had been altered and changed to suit each different cooper. Tennessee for example made his cane into a gun while Galleth changed his into a sword. No matter how much has changed with the design, the overall use of the canes has remained the same since it was invented by Bob Cooper. And that's thievery. The hook design is made to ensure a grip on it if the arms can't reach. its especially good for pickpocketing unsuspecting criminals (which the coopers usually targeted).

The canes all began with Bob cooper, when he invented the tool for harvesting eggs for his tribe back in 1000 B.C, and since then, the cooper had been changing the cane to better versions of the ones before.

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