Katara in sandstorm
Broken Borders
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War


The Convergence



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October 15, 2011

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Blood and Water

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Blurred Lines

Broken Borders is the ninth chapter of the Darksome Knights: Resurrection, the ninth chapter of "Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War", and the first part of The Convergence.


It was a peaceful day in the castle. Clouds drifted by lazily as the Five Pillars wandered aimlessly throughout the castle. Hwasan trained alongside Hiohaku in the courtyard, while Haewa and Noeseong plotted strategies in the observatory.

At that moment, the earth shook with an immense force. The five members in the castle were knocked to the ground. Hikari flew to Haewa's side.

"Hikari!" Haewa yelled. "Help me get to Geolda!"

Hikari wrapped his claws around Haewa's forearm. With his open hand, he grabbed Noeseong's shirt collar. Noeseong blasted them into the air and channeled the wind around Hikari's wings. He floated down towards the courtyard and let go of Haewa's forearm.

Haewa and Noeseong clattered to the ground. Haewa crawled over to Geolda and grabbed her arms. She looked desperately into his eyes.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"It's okay," he reassured her. "It's happening again."

In the Fire Nation

Zuko clutched at a wall lamp. What was happening? He moved slowly along the wall. Mai's voice called out to him from down the hall. He pushed himself off the wall and started running.

"Zuko!" a scared voice yelled at him from behind.

The Fire Lord turned around to see the Avatar running to him.

"Aang! What's going on?" he said when Aang was next to him.

"I don't know. Where's Katara?" Aang asked worriedly.

"I think she's with Mai in her room. Come on!" Zuko turned away from Aang and started wlking towards his girlfriend's room.

Mai and Katara were hanging on to the bedposts when Aang and Zuko reached them. The two men ran in and grabbed their girlfriends.

When will this be over? Zuko screamed in his mind.

On Destiny Islands

"Kairi!" a voice cried out.

Kairi looked around for the source of the cry. Over by the treehouse she had built with her friends, a boy with white hair clung to the side of an open door. A brown-haired boy was struggling to pull him into the wooden house.

"Riku! Sora!" she yelled. Unsteadily running towards them, she tripped on one of the trees exposed roots.

"Kairi!" the brown-haired boy called down. "Help!"

Kairi pushed herself off the ground. Running up the wooden steps, she reached the brown-haired boy and grabbed the white haired boy's other arm. Together, they pulled him into the treehouse. The violent shaking of the tree threw them to the sides of the house.

Kairi grabbed onto a window frame. The white-haired boy flew towards her and desperately latched onto the same window. The brown-haired boy caught Kairi's arm as he tumbled passed and crawled up it.

The three friends huddled close together. The rocking only grew more violent as time went on. To them, tings could not possibly get worse. But they did.

With a loud crack, the tree started to lean.

On Tatooine

Sand whipped past his face like an infinite number of tiny daggers. He gripped the rock wall behind him and flattened his back onto it. The only good news is that the twin suns were completely blocked, making the air somewhat cooler.

Ten miles away, two people ran for cover underneath a metal overhang. He was following his girlfriend deeper into the city. Crowds of people swarmed in a panic, seeking refuge from the whipping winds.

A rock from a nearby mountain flew from the force of the winds. The man saw it through a tiny gap in the canopy. Pushing his legs to the breaking point, he leaped toward the woman and knocked her to the ground. A split second later, the rock crashed through the canopy behind them.

"You just can't resist saving me, can you Han?" the woman asked.

Han got off of her and pulled her up. "As long as you keep getting in trouble, Leia."

Leia smiled at him, then frowned as she stared off into the distance.

"You're worried about your brother, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yeah." she answered.

Back on the mountain, Luke's grip was weakening. He tried to reach up to climb higher up the mountain.

His hand slipped and he fell off the side of the cliff.

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