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'Construction Commences' is the second chapter of Avatar: Bridge to Infinity by The malefic.

Chapter 2 - Construction Commences

Josik was sat on his throne as he and Luccaino watched the battle between Zuko and Malefic. The seal was two way, it did the job it was supposed to on one side while it relayed everything it saw back to the throne room. Josik smiled as Malefic continued to beat a defenceless Zuko as Mai struggled against Malefic's soldiers.

"I told you he had it covered," said Josik. "You need to have more faith."

"I will have faith when Malefic completes the mission," replied Luccaino.

"No matter, Malefic is performing his task flawlessly," said Josik.

"You are too kind my friend, I doubt he is generating enough energy," said Luccaino.

"A battle between an Emperor of Infinity and a Fire Lord?" said Josik laughing. "You believe that isn't a big enough battle?"

"I just think we shouldn't waste our time on this, Zuko isn't that strong"

"I can feel its hunger" muttered Josik.

"Then it is time, I will not object if it is your choice"

"Very well"

Josik cast away his robe revealing a mysterious tattoo on his chest, he held up his hand as it turned to flames. He chanted an ancient code, the portal below him grew brighter. He smiled as he tattoo glowed and a red glow shot out of his eyes. It was over as soon as it began, Josik sat back on his throne as watched the effects of his plan unfold...

Fire Nation Capital, Fire Nation Palace Courtyard, around the same time...

The seal in the sky grew brighter as its light nearly became blinding, Malefic and Zuko covered their eyes as the seal continued to shine. Malefic quickly recovered however, and continued to beat Zuko.

As Malefic held him up against a wall Zuko spoke. "What the hell... is that thing," he said indicating the seal.

"Nothing you need to worry about," replied Malefic as he brought up his fist to attack.

Zuko stopped his punch and replied. "Try Me."

"That" Malefic said. "Is the instrument of your doom."

"What the hell are you talking about," said Zuko as he kicked Malefic away.

"It's not important, you need not worry," replied Malefic.

Malefic pushed Zuko back with air and drew his sword, he swung it as fast as lightning as it generated a blade of air in its wake. Zuko dodged blade after blade as Malefic refused to relent. Zuko attempted from time to time to send a fire blast back but this only ended with the attack being stopped effortlessly by Malefic's sword.

As Malefic unleashed attack after attack his sword's core continued to continued to glow brighter and brighter until the light faded and Malefic cursed. Zuko looked on as Malefic holstered his weapon. It seemed that despite its power the sword could only be used for a certain amount of time.

However, unknown to Zuko, Malefic had completed his task. Malefic stared towards the seal in the sky, it grew bright one final time before vanishing. As Zuko struggled to his feet he noticed Malefic and his soldiers beginning to walk away. He noticed Mai being taken with them, enraged, he fired one last fire blast at Malefic. Malefic turned, and using a current of air smashed Zuko against the wall knocking him out.

Three Emperors Throne Room, a few hours later...

"Not bad, I fair amount was constructed" remarked Luccaino.

"Indeed, I have to admit Malefic performed well," said Josik.

"He was...average, I could have done more"

"Don't be afraid to praise your fellow Emperor," said Josik.

Luccaino's eyes widened as the portal beneath the thrones reappeared. "He's coming"

Josik looked down to see a boy on a sky bison, Josik breathed a bit of fire out of his mouth and spoke. "So he makes his appearance."

"What should be our plan of action?"

"Simple, he is over water so?"

"Yes, I will leave immediately."

As Luccaino walked out of the room a confident Malefic entered he was carrying his sword and examining its core. He lifted himself up to his throne and sat before speaking in a confident and proud voice.

"I told you I'd win"

"Indeed, Malefic," said Josik.

"We have taken his lady hostage, He will become distracted."

"Excellent," said Josik who still looking down.

Malefic looked down and saw the boy, his fist tightened as his voice turned to one of anger. "Traitor" he remarked.

"That is one of few things we agree on my friend," said Josik.

"Is Luccaino intercepting?" asked Malefic.

"Yes, he will be there in minutes"

"Good, However I'd prefer it if it were me who ended him" remarked Malefic.

"Who said anything about ending him?" asked a confused Josik. "He is much more useful alive"

Southern Seas, A fifthteen minutes later...

As Aang raced across the sea the waves began to turn violent, as if moving at someone's will. He looked down to see a whirlpool form, it was what he was afraid of, what Roku had warned him of. A man appeared from beneath the seas wearing a mask and ribbed body armour he stood menacingly and spoke.

"Welcome young Avatar, to seas of death" the man said.

"Who are you!" demanded Aang.

"That doesn't matter, how long will you last against me?" he smiled under his mask. "That is the question..."

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