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This article is about the battle. You may be looking for the two chapters, The Conspiracy Within, Part 1: Infiltration and The Conspiracy Within, Part 2: Capture.

Conspiracy of Kein Forest
Capturing How


Battle at Kein Forest


Invasion of the Avatar Temple




Winter, 130 AG


Rebel City


  • Fire Nation victory
  • Fire Nation achieves complete world domination
  • Avatar Chen severely wounded
  • Rebellion seizes across the globe
  • Rebel leader Kambi and his administration are arrested
  • General Yi reinstated
  • Princess Mitsuki takes power over the Rebel City
  • All rebel citizens captured




Princess Mitsuki


Forces involved





  • All rebels captured
  • Avatar Chen heavily wounded


The Conspiracy of Kein Forest was an event in which Princess Mitsuki of the Fire Nation took control of the infamous Rebel City by arresting Kambi and the Rebel Administration. Under Princess Mitsuki's grasp, the city officially fell when General Yi and his men took control of the Rebel Palace. In the subsequent battle, Avatar Chen was severely injured by Princess Mitsuki in a surprise attack. Attempts to rescue Kambi were made by his top advisors Ray and Giu, though both were quickly defeated by heiresses Tam Mee and Quanlee, Mitsuki's best allies. The conspiracy ultimately resulted in the Fire Nation achieving complete world domination, ending the 30 year long rebellions against the global Fire Nation Empire.

The causalities of the conspiracy are unknown, though General Yi did personally murder a few children. For Yi's success in sealing off the city, Princess Mitsuki reinstated him herself, ignoring consent from her her mother. Politically, the arrest of Kambi was a tremendous victory for the Fire Nation. Despite this, the conspiracy did not go perfectly. Avatar Chen, though injured, was able to escape with fellow rebels Mina and Kaila, as well as Ray and Giu, who ended up joining Team Rebel following the defeat.

The fate of the city is unknown, though it has most likely been claimed as Fire Nation territory. Following the conspiracy, Princess Mitsuki subsequently renamed the city Shì Shén Gōngzhǔ (which roughly translates to City of the Divine Princess) in honor of herself.


The conspiracy itself was greatly influenced by a previous attempt by the Fire Nation to conquer the city. Princess Mitsuki led a massive Fire Nation armada with the goal of obliterating the entire city and killing Kambi. The battle nearly turned in Mitsuki's favor, as Tam Mee and her soldiers dominated the battle field. The rebels were spared, however, when Chen shocked the world by entering the Avatar State and revealing himself to be the Avatar. Princess Mitsuki ordered a full retreat, and left the city in defeat. However, on her way back to the city, she quickly devised a back-up plan, vowing to return to the city one day. She informed her mother of her plan upon her arrival, to which Azula approved. The first part of Mitsuki's plan was to release Yi from prison and acquit him of his charges of insubordination. Azula, though hesitant, did so.

Mitsuki attempted to capture Chen once more, deploying soldiers along the area surrounding the Rebel City. She was eventually successful, and Chen was transported to an island crossed between the mortal and Spirit World. Quanlee, however, secretly betrayed Mitsuki, and released Chen. Chen returned to the safety of the Rebel City with Mina and Kaila, and Mitsuki was left with yet another loss. Attempts were made to assassinate Kambi and his advisors, Ray and Giu, by Yi, though the interference of Kambi's grandmother Kama disrupted these plans. Luck changed for Mitsuki, however, when she, Tam Mee, and Quanlee were able to obtain rebel clothing after defeating a group of three rebel warriors.


Donned in expensive rebel clothing, Mitsuki and her friends ventured to the city and were able to pass by all defenses under their fake identities. Unfortunately for the rebels, Avatar Chen and his friends left the city just before Mitsuki's arrival in order to retrieve medicine for an apparently dying Kama. Without her brother in the city to give away her identity, Mitsuki and her team, accompanied by two disguised Fire Nation bodyguards, were warmly welcomed into the city by an emotionally distraught, unsuspecting Kambi.

While Mitsuki plotted out her conspiracy, the members of Team Rebel were held up after being ambushed by the pompous socialite Gian and his thirty bodyguards.



Star and friends

Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee under their fake rebel aliases

Once in the city, Mitsuki immediately began to unravel her conspiracy. She informed Tam Mee and Quanlee of her plans, and quickly made the analogy of her goals to her mother's victory in the Coup of Ba Sing Se. Mitsuki's initial focus was to gain the trust of Kambi and his Administration through pure deceit and false concern. However, after just one day, the Princess revealed much more elaborate plans.

The day after her arrival, Mitsuki ordered her bodyguards to dress back into their Fire Nation uniforms. She staged an act in Kambi's throne room, in which the two rogue soldiers attempt to kill Kambi and his servant. Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee then pretended to defeat the soldiers and save the servant. Overcome with relief, Kambi failed to see through Mitsuki's ruse. As a reward for their seemingly good deed, Kambi gave the girls access to his administration and the city's master plans: his greatest mistake.

After the departure of Kambi's advisors, Mitsuki had Tam Mee distract Kambi by doing various, bizarre acrobatic stunts. With Kambi off-guard, Mitsuki quietly slipped the city's main plans into her sleeve. The three girls then abruptly left without Kambi noticing them. Mitsuki quickly dissected the information from the plans, and sent an intelligence report to Colonel Xan and General Yi. The letter revealed her presence in the city and gave information on the city's defense system, and also demanded an abrupt invasion be led by Yi.

Downfall of the Government

Earth Kingdom box

Kambi gives Mitsuki access to the city's master plans: his biggest mistake

By this time, Mitsuki had her plan completely plotted out and was ready to make her first arrest: Kambi himself. She, Tam Mee, and Quanlee were called into his throne room later that night. As she planned, Kambi suspected she and her allies were responsible for the sudden disappearances of the master plans. Without an alibi, Mitsuki readily revealed her identity to Kambi. Just before he could call his guards in, Tam Mee blocked his chi, and Quanlee quickly muffled his mouth with a cloth, leaving him immobile and silent. Mitsuki used the information from the plans to her advantage, and was able to locate a secret underground prison housing captive Fire Nation soldiers beneath the palace. Knowing that she could find supporters to help her, Mitsuki had Kambi taken down to the prison. She used him as a hostage, and forced the guards to release all of the prisoners, who, as she planned, were all loyal to her.

Her final demand was that the guards relinquish their keys and imprison themselves. With their leader at flame point, the guards were forced to do so. With her servants freed, Mitsuki placed Kambi under arrest with all the rebel guards. Her first orders were that half of the freed prisoners guard Kambi and the imprisoned guards, while she, Tam Mee, Quanlee, and the other half captured the rest of Kambi's administration: the leaders of the city's ten rebel battalions. With them gone, the rebel militia would be thrown into chaos. Kambi's advisors, meanwhile, began to wonder where their leader was. They were instead met by Mitsuki, her friends, and many vengeful, freed prisoners. The ten politicians were quickly captured, and were quickly taken down to the underground prison by Tam Mee and Quanlee.


Fire Nation airships

Yi's airship armada approaches the palace

Mitsuki then departed the palace to meet up with Yi, whose invasion had arrived in the city. Little did Mitsuki know that Team Rebel had also arrived. The team quickly became suspicious upon seeing that neither Kambi nor his advisors were present. The team's fears where confirmed when the city's emergency alarm sounded, revealing an armada of airships heading toward the palace. Giu and Ray went back into the palace to find Kambi, while Mina, Kaila, and Chen stayed outside. Giu and Ray quickly found trouble, however, when they ended up face to face with Tam Mee and Quanlee, confirming their fears of Fire Nation intruders in the palace. Ray and Giu briefly battled Quanlee and Tam Mee, respectively, though the heiresses proved too quick, and were able to easily incapacitate Ray and Giu. Ray and Giu were eventually able to escape, though Tam Mee and Quanlee tarnished any chance of them recuing Kambi.

Mitsuki returned to the palace in a rush, though she was terrified to see Mina, Kaila, and Chen standing before her. Mitsuki attempted to bluff, and convince the three children to give up. However, Chen revealed their intentions of taking her captive, which would end the conspiracy. Mitsuki, at first, was left speechless out of fear for her life, though she quickly returned to her normal, smug state. Mitsuki, knowing Chen's feelings of friendship toward Quanlee, slyly lied to Chen, telling him that she had Quanlee was killed. She turns his sadness into rage by implying that she killed Quanlee herself. Believing his sister's words, Chen violently charged at her. As Mitsuki planned, Chen left his chest area completely vulnerable. Mitsuki took advantage of this, and violently shot him in the chest with a jet of blue flame, which threw him backward and knocked him unconscious.

With Chen struck down, Mitsuki slyly revealed that Quanlee was alive, and that she was most likely fighting Ray. Mina decided to fight Mitsuki herself, and told Kaila to stay with Chen. The two girls faced off, and at first appeared to be on equal footing. Mitsuki began to gain the upper hand, though Mina firmly stood her ground. Eventually, she began to gain the upper hand. She nearly won the battle by striking Mitsuki with an arrow, though the Princess was saved by a last second intervention from Tam Mee. Yi's invasion quickly pressed forward. As Mitsuki planned, the absence of the rebel's military leaders resulted in total chaos for them. Yi quickly captured most of the soldiers, and even brutally murdered a child looking for his mother. Eventually, his invasion force advanced to the palace, and he was able to assist Mitsuki and Tam Mee against Mina, along with Quanlee.

Flag burning

A flag is hoisted upon the Rebel Palace as the city is officially conquered

Mina, completely outnumbered, found herself trapped. She would have been killed by Mitsuki, however, to her luck; a rebel battalion was able to distract Mitsuki and her dangerous allies. Giu and Ray were able to escape from Quanlee's dagger trap, and quickly met up with Mina, Kaila, and Chen. Upon seeing Chen's wound, Ray suggested they leave the city immediately for Chen's sake. The team agreed, and the five kids, along with Momo, boarded one of Kambi's riverboats, narrowly escaping Mitsuki's wrath. With the rebel military defeated, the government expunged, and her brother in a coma, Mitsuki officially claimed the Rebel City in the name of the Fire Nation, and proclaimed the city under her leadership, with Tam Mee and a slightly distraught Quanlee by her side. Mitsuki finally sealed her victory by renaming the city in her honor and claiming Kambi's throne as her own.


Princess Mitsuki was welcomed back to the Fire Nation Capital as a war hero and somewhat of a legend. She received great praise from her mother and a promise of being crowned Supreme Fire Lord. The whereabouts of Kambi, his advisors, and all the other rebel citizens is currently unknown, though they were most likely transported to a high security person.

Avatar Chen survived his sister's attack, receiving substantial medical help in New Ozai.

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