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Confronting my Arch Nemesis
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Avatar Masami and the New World



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Chapter 8: Confronting my Arch Nemesis

As we were preparing to leave, I heard a familiar voice.

"Well, well, well. Look at this. If it isn't Avatar Masami," a male voice said. I turned. Then, I glared. The Fire and Ice were back.

"Very nice to see you again Chong," I said.

"You know him?" Aika asked.

"Chong is the leader of the Fire and Ice, which is a gang in the Fire Nation. They always like to harm their victims, particularly women," I explained. "How did you get out of prison? The zombies ate the jailers?" I taunted.

"Don't mock us, Masami! In fact, let's make this interesting. I challenge you to an Agni Kai!" Chong challenged.

"I accept!" I said. Minutes later, we were ready to fight. I took a deep breath and shot a fireball. He managed to deflect it. After shooting some more fire, I finally shot a bolt of lightning. I shouldn't have done that.

Moments later, a horde of zombies came stumbling and snarling towards us. They got attracted by the Agni Kai. We immediately ran to Areno and were about to take off when I saw the Fire and Ice.

"We can't leave them here," I said. I flew over to them. "Take my hand!" I shouted. Chong reached out to my hand but then withdrew it. I shrugged and took off.

Author's Note

So sorry about the delay.

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