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The Gunfighter


Book 1: Escape



Written by

Jack Cross

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January 1st, 2013

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The Refugees Part Two

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The Devil's Dance Floor

New laws against non benders cause worry for John, Korra suffers from nightmares about Amon.


Korra let out a scream as she shot up in her bed, a cold sweat running down over her face. The nightmare she had, it had been so real. Ever since Bolin's rescue, Korra had been having these nightmares on a regular basis.

"Another nightmare?" asked John, his voice coming from a dark outline in the corner of the room. He sat on a chair with his feet propped up against Naga's hindquarters. The polar bear dog didn't seem to mind much as she continued to lie next to Korra.

"How did you know?" she asked as she ran the back of her hand across her forehead to wipe away the sweat.

"I was just getting in from the borough and these walls are paper thin," he replied, using his big toe to scratch on Naga's fur. The large hybrid yawned widely and rolled over slightly, enjoying the treatment she was receiving. Korra was thankful for the shadows to hide the fact that she was blushing. She watched as John's figure stood and crossed to her.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, the firebender looked at her. The moonlight that flooded in from the open window allowed them to see each other's facial features.

"It's about Amon, isn't it?" Korra nodded slowly. She hated being afraid, and she hated that John knew about her being afraid.

Reaching over, John put his arm around her shoulder in a friend like manner.

"I know what it's like to be where you at right now. It's not easy, and it sure isn't fun. But it will get better, I promise." Korra nodded again, lowering her defenses long enough to give him a hug.

"Get some rest, I'll check on you in a few hours," he said over his shoulder as he walked out the door. With a sigh, Korra lay back down, facing the open window before she drifted off into sleep again.

The sun was rising over the horizon when Korra awoke again. She stretched her arms above her head before she made her way down to the dining hall for breakfast. Upon entering the hall, she noticed Tenzin and John sitting at a nearby table.

"I don't care if majority rules or not, Tenzin you can't let these laws go into effect," said John, his voice heated slightly with anger.

"It's like I said John, the council passed it, the laws will go into effect," Tenzin replied, defeat in his voice. John sighed and put his fingers to his brow as he looked down.

"There are non-benders in the Refugee Borough as well, if the laws go into effect there, I cannot guarantee the safety of the police," said John. Tenzin sighed as he rubbed his temple.

"Can you hold them back long enough for me to get these laws repealed?" he finally asked. John remained silent for a moment as he thought.

"Keep the police away from the borough and there shouldn't be problems," came the reply. Tenzin breathed a sigh of relief.

"Don't think that solves your problem though. If Tarrlok intervenes and the refugees go rampant, the horrors will be likes of which you've never seen. My father only ever lost control of the group once, once, and a town was slaughtered and burned as a result," came John's cold reply.

Tenzin sighed; John's warning had not given him any sort of peace of mind. It was only then did the two take notice of Korra's presence. John excused himself before he stood and left the room, leaving Tenzin to discuss the new happenings in the city.

"So what's going on?" asked Korra as she sat down and took an apple.

"Councilman Tarrlok and the rest of the council have passed laws against non benders and set into place a task force to hunt down Amon," Tenzin replied, looking down slightly. Korra looked in the direction John had left.

"What's got John so worked up?" she asked. Tenzin sighed again before he answered.

"He's worried that the new laws will apply to the Refugees as well, and from the stories I've heard, the Order of the Gunslingers has never taken being told what to do very well at all," he replied. Korra took a bite of her apple as she thought for a moment.

"What was he talking about when he said rampancy?" she finally asked. Tenzin stroked his beard in thought.

"Apparently, most members of the Order must keep in check their emotions or else they will begin killing anything that gets in their way. But it has to take something big to set of a mass amount of rampancy. John fears that the passing of these laws and the following enforcement will be the spark to set them off," he said. Korra looked on after John, understanding what a great task had been handed to him.

"I'll talk to him," she said, standing.

That night, Korra followed John through the various motions of Airbending.

"Remember to change directions, avoid your enemy's attacks and counter if possible," he instructed. Korra copied his action move for move, quickly pulling off the moves. The radio they listened to, the same one John had stolen from the White Lotus members a few weeks earlier sat nearby playing standard music.

The usual broadcast suddenly went to static before being replaced by Amon's voice. Equalist messages had been growing more frequent recently. John looked at Korra, watching her expression. She looked like a deer in the headlights, frozen with fear. With a simple movement of his heel, John smashed the radio into a thousand pieces.

"Maybe that will keep you from having more nightmares," he said simply before turning away, leaving Korra in a cold sweet and her chest heaving.

"What has your scouts found about him?" she asked suddenly, turning to look after John. He froze with his back to her.

"Amon is looking for something under the city, something he believes holds a great amount of power," he said before melting into the shadows. Korra looked after him before looking toward the city.

There could be no doubt now, if Amon held the right kind of power, he could rule the world.

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