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The confrontation at Kunatuk was a clash between the Fire Islands warlords Maku and Gaza, alongside a faction of their men, and the residents of the waterbender settlement of Kunatuk in the northwestern proto-Earth Kingdom. It was the first event of the War of Spirituality, which would eventually expand to become a global conflict that would ultimately last nine years.



With the closure of the spirit portals by Avatar Wan in 9,829 BG, the spirits gained the ability to transcend into the physical world during and the days prior to the solstices. The Air Nomads and proto-Water Tribe viewed the spirits with admiration and great respect, while the proto-Earth Kingdom and regular citizens of the Fire Islands remained relatively tolerant of their presence.

On the winter solstice of 9,750 BG, Singi received word by her airbending instructor Monk Jamyang of a confrontation between the earthbender residents of the proto-Earth Kingdom settlement of Bianji (pronounced: Bee-en-JEE) and the spirits, located southeast of Kunatuk, and not far from the eastern slope of a young, dormant volcano. For an undisclosed amount of time, the spirits' had often been found within and around the settlement around the time of the solstices (due to its location near a former earth lion turtle city), where their fairly innocent behavior had irked the residents. Eventually, tensions reached a boiling point, and Singi arrived at the settlement to peacefully mediate the situation.

After several attempts to push back both sides from engaging in a full-scale battle, Singi simultaneously waterbent and airbent as both sides, riding an air spout while producing multiple water whips from her arms to strike at the ground immediately before the opposing sides, preventing them from moving forward. After ordering the parties to come to a compromise, the residents of Bianji concluded that the only way the issue could be resolved peacefully was for the spirits to vacate the settlement, with the hope that one day their stance would change, and the spirits would be permitted to enter the settlement again. While not completely satisfied, Singi accepted the conditions and ordered the spirits to leave peacefully, and the residents of Bianji to think critically of the events that led to the conclusion. Before leaving the scene, she also warned the people that they should be more tolerable of the spirits, as [the spirits'] actions were relatively innocent until the multiple hassles became too much for the residents to contend with.


In the summer of 9,747 BG, Singi, alongside Jamyang, Guilin, Jiefeng, and Qiú, arrived in the settlement of Kunatuk during an extended break from earthbending training. The happy reunion was cut short, however, when Maku, Gaza, and around forty of their men arrived to confront those present. When asked for the reasoning behind their visit, Maku goes off on a [fairly composed] rant, speaking on behalf of Gaza and himself. He explained that as he and his men have been traveling along the continent, they had come upon other waterbender settlements where the members have expressed praise for the spirits. He then reflects on how on the days of and prior to the solstices, the spirits would transcend into the physical world and get in the way of [the warlords'] conquests back on the Fire Islands. "And I thought to myself, now why are there spirits here in the mortal world, when Avatar Wan supposedly sealed the spirit portals over eighty years ago?" Maku stated before glancing over at Singi with an irritated expression on his face. He continued, addressing those present that he knows that the proto-Water Tribe and Air Nomad cultures revere and greatly respect the spirits, before admonishing the cultures for doing so, belittling them as those that "admire entities that should no longer have anything to do with our world." As the crowd of villagers grew more irritated at Maku's words, the warlord turned his attention towards Singi and stated, with growing anger, his composure wavering:

"You claim that your predecessor prevented the spirits from entering our world again, and yet, they interfere with my business during the solstices. How can you claim to be the bridge between man and spirit when you cannot even uphold your promise? The Avatar is not a bridge, but a liar and a failure!"

The waterbenders erupted into an uproar of anger, while Gaza and the warlords' troops returned with roars of support, Gekkō gritting his teeth and Singi, Jamyang, and Guilin staring at Maku in wordless shock, sweat building on Singi's face. Shouting, Maku finally stated:

"Your people, your cultures, should not even exist in a world that no longer should be home to spirits! It is time for adaptation—a world in which you should wiped out, if not enslaved to do the bidding of those who do not need the spirits in order to live in this world! We have come here today to declare war on your cultures, as well as the Avatar, who by failing to prevent the spirits from entering our world after the closure of the spirit portals, has failed humanity!"

With the declaration made, Maku drew out his dao and pointed it skyward, emphasizing the heat of the moment, before he lowered his sword a few seconds later, starring at Gekkō with a smirk on his face as he exclaimed "So, let's start with your settlement first," before roaring a battle cry and charging at the waterbender, dao pointed at him. Gekkō managed to dodge the near stabbing and knocked Maku off his feet with waterbending before urging Singi and her group to flee.

As the two sides began to clash, Singi insisted on joining him, but Gekkō refused, stating that he and his people could handle the fight, and that her life is more important to salvage than his. Reluctantly, Singi complied, and the group fly off on Jamyang's air bison.


Upon returning to the earthbender settlement, Singi wrote a letter to Gekkō and attached it to Jiefeng's neck to deliver it. Days later, Jiefeng returned with a letter from Gekkō, stating that he and his men were able to fend off the warlords with only a few casualties, and to "... If you can, only confront the warlords when you feel skilled enough to battle them." The letter ends with a statement reading "I know that in due time, you will be strong enough to put a stop to this war—this War of Spirituality."


  • The title for the War of Spirituality was ultimately coined by Gekkō in his response letter to Singi.

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