"Humanity's crimes are unforgivable, and must be punished with severe retribution."
— Shi Hun
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The Vengeful Spirit



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Aang inadvertently meets with Chang's attacker and learns of a horrific plot in the process.

Following Aang's departure to begin his search for the beast, the feast begins to transpire in his absence.
Haoke [Plating a dish.] The food is done. Will Aang be joining us?
Katara I hope so...
Chang Why don't you go fetch Aang while we put on the finishing touches? Make haste, the food won't get any warmer.
Katara Okay. He should be finished with his bathroom break by now, maybe he went back to his room.
Katara slips out of the kitchen and sneaks outside. She searches the perimeter for Aang, hurrying in doing so as to not arouse suspicion. With only one viable option left, she explores the beach.
Katara [Quietly shouting.] Aang!
Receiving no response, Katara proceeds down the shoreline and finds a small cave near the end. Hesitantly, she enters the cave.
Katara Aang! Are you in here?
Aang [Emerging from the shadows.] I'm here.
Katara Aang, we can't start the feast without you. [Offering her hand to him.] Come back to the kitchen with me.
Aang I'm sorry for how I acted before, Katara. But I haven't changed my mind. I have to devote the rest of my time here to finding this thing. [Accepting Katara's hand and pulling her gently toward him.] I would appreciate your help...
Katara [She blushes.] They think we're still in the house. [Withdrawing her hand.] I need to go back before they come looking for us.
Aang [Sadly taking a step back.] I understand.
As Katara exits the cave, she notices Aang quietly return to the darkness of the cave. She is saddened by this as she returns to the kitchen.
Sokka [With his mouth full, wolfing down food.] There you are. [Pausing to chew and swallow.] Is Aang still in his room?
By that, Katara is given an idea.
Katara Yes, actually. He decided to go back to bed for a while. He's worn out.
Haoke [Sympathetically.] The poor boy...
Katara You know what he would really appreciate? Breakfast in bed.
Haoke That is very thoughtful of you, Katara. I'll bring him something right now. [Getting up out of her seat.] What do you think he would want?
Alarmed, Katara grabs Haoke by her shoulders and gently lowers her back into the chair.
Katara That won't be necessary, Haoke, I know what food he likes.
Haoke Thank you, dear.
Katara grabs an egg custard tart and packages it in a small basket.
Katara I'll have my meal with Aang upstairs. Please don't bother us, we, uh...
Sokka [Wiping his mouth with a napkin.] You need your alone time with Aangy. Got it.
Katara [Speaking through her teeth angrily with a clenched fist.] Yeah.
She stealthily returns to the cave to find Aang sitting in a meditating position, eyes closed and tattoos glowing.
Katara Aang...
Aware that Aang has entered the Spirit World, Katara stands by to watch over his still body. In the Spirit World, the Avatar delves deeper into the cave, pursuing a spiritual presence calling to him.
Spiritual Voice Come forth, Avatar.
The loud, ominous voice rings in Aang's ears as he senses a force tugging on him.
Aang [Walking toward the voice.] Where are you? What are you?
Spiritual Voice In due time.
Aang continues walking down the long cave tunnel, eventually coming to a dead end.
Aang Show yourself!
Spiritual Voice Welcome to my domain.
The ceiling caves in behind Aang's spiritual form as the whole cave rattles. The booming sound of collapsing rock echoes through the tunnel. Katara runs to Aang's physical body, standing in front of it to shield him from danger. On the other side of the collapsed rocks, a giant, glowing serpentine creature with gnarled horns and wicked fangs protruding from it's jaws emerges from a hole in the cave ceiling. It coils up and sits before Aang with its piercing red eyes staring into his.
Aang A dragon? Are you friends with Fang?
Shi Hun [Speaking telepathically.] Yes, I am a dragon, one among the very few that remain. No, your friends are not mine. My name is Shi Hun.
Aang [Bowing.] Oh, well, it's an honor to meet you. I'm-
Shi Hun [Interrupting Aang ferociously.] I know exactly who you are, Avatar Aang. We have met before.
Aang We have?
Shi Hun Look into my eyes. Remember.
The dragon closes its eyes for a brief moment while lunging its head toward Aang, bringing them face-to-face before opening its red eyes again, gazing into Aang's from just inches away. With his jaw dropped, Aang has a traumatic flashback of his fiery encounter with the monster and its dreadful red stare through the smoke. After making a realization, Aang regains his senses and backs away from the dragon.
Aang Why? Why did you attack that innocent man?
Shi Hun He is not the first. I have attacked, and eliminated countless human scum from right under your noses. Your kind is a scourge that afflicts this world, and it must be relieved of you. I must relieve it of you.
Appalled, Aang falls to his knees, unable to comprehend the evil before him.
Aang What could you possibly hope to gain from destroying the human race?
Shi Hun Revenge. Ever since Firelord Sozin's tradition of hunting dragons took everything away from me, it became my purpose in life to wreak vengeance upon mankind.
Aang [Shaking his head with severe disapproval.] No, no, no... Shi Hun, this is not the way to deal with your grief!
Shi Hun [Furiously.] What right do you have to judge my actions? Your kind continues to pollute this planet with its existence, but dragons have no hope of survival. There are far too few of us to repopulate even one small island. We have been prematurely forced into the stage of our existence where we have no choice but to stand by and witness our own extinction before us.
Aang [Compassionately.] Firelord Sozin was a horrible man. The dragons aren't the only ones that were hurt by him. My people, the Air Nomads, were completely wiped out because of him. I'm the last airbender in the world. The rest of them... [His eyes tear up.] are nothing but ashes and skeletons.
While Aang wipes away his tears, Shi Hun corrects his posture which was twisted by anger.
Shi Hun Avatar, I sympathize with you for the loss of your brothers and sisters, but your pain cannot compare to mine. You lost your family. I lost my entire species.
Aang Please, try to understand. Man has done a disgusting thing to the dragons, but those days are over. I'm working towards restoring balance in the world, and when that's done, I promise you, the whole world and all her creatures will enjoy a new age of peace and love.
Shi Hun What consolation is that to me? Harmony for your species will not atone for what it has already done to mine. I admire your compassion and I respect your intentions, but what has been done cannot be undone. Humanity's crimes are unforgivable, and must be punished with severe retribution.
Before giving Aang a chance to say any more, Shi Hun reels back his head and generates flames in his mouth, preparing to strike.
Aang Wait!
As Aang scrambles to his feet to run away, Shi Hun unleashes a swath of purple flames, engulfing the area in front of him. Aang feels the heat of the fire pressing against his back as he flees, causing him to run faster. Aang phases through the collapsed rocks blocking his path and sprints back to the entrance, then dives back into his body. His physical body opens its eyes suddenly and gasps as if awaking from a nightmare. Shi Hun flies back out of the cave through the hole from which he came. After returning from the Spirit World, Aang pants and sweats while covering his temples with his fingers. Katara turns around from her defensive stance to see Aang awake.
Katara Aang! I was so worried!
Katara is delighted to see Aang's safe return to his physical body, and falls to her knees to hug him, one hand holding the back of his head and the other wrapped around him from one shoulder to the other.
Aang [Returning the hug with joy.] Hey, Katara. Thanks for being here.
The two lean on each other in their loving embrace, the two resting their heads on each other's shoulders with closed eyes. After sharing a tender moment, they retract their arms and sit together. Katara takes the egg custard tart out from the basket and shows it to Aang.
Katara [Extending her arms, offering the tart.] I brought this for you.
He takes it from her appreciatively.
Aang [Enjoying a bite.] Mm, you know me so well.
Katara So, what happened? I heard the cave collapsing, and I felt a lot of vibrations.
Aang [Setting the dessert aside.] Well... after you left, I felt some kind of weird spirit energy coming from deep inside the cave. I figured the best way to investigate spirit energy was to go into the Spirit World. Once I crossed over, I heard a voice calling out to me from the same direction I sensed the energy. I followed the sound of the voice until I came to a dead end, when the ceiling caved in behind me. Then, a dragon came.
Katara A dragon?
Aang His name is Shi Hun, and he's Chang's attacker.
Katara I can't believe it...
Aang But it gets worse. Way worse... [With a perilous expression.] he wants to rid the world of everyone to avenge his species.
Overwhelmed, Katara's mouth hangs open as she tries to catch her breath, putting a hand to her forehead.
Katara [Weakly.] What are we going to do?
Aang presses his legs against his chest, wraps his arms around them and sighs deeply.
Aang I don't know.

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