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24th March, 2014



What if Aang did not confess his feelings to Katara at the end of Sozin's Comet, Part 4? This one-shot contains another version of that, only this time with them engaging in physical love. Kataang to the death!

Oh, and I did not describe any activities other than kissing, although I did mention them getting undressed...


All the members of the Gaang have left the party, leaving Sokka, Suki, Aang and Katara alone. Sokka gets up, followed by Suki. He wraps his arms around her.

Sokka: Well. Okay, we must be going.

Katara raises an eyebrow in confusion.

Katara: But we both are supposed to sleep here, Sokka!

Sokka: Yeah, about that... Well, look, I'm going with Suki tonight.

Aang and Katara: Seriously?

Suki: Yup.

The two simply walk off. Aang and Katara remain astonished.

Katara: Well, that was something.

Aang: Yeah..

Aang gets up from his chair and sits right next to Katara.

Aang: Hey, Katara, can I tell you something? But you'll promise me not to get mad.

Katara: Of course. You're kind of my best friend.

Aang: Look, Katara, I no longer want to be your best friend.

Katara: [in shock] What?!

Aang: I've been thinking... I've long used this friendship for another selfish reason.

Katara: [as if in pain] Aang...

Aang gets up and approaches her, putting his hands on the two parts of the couch next to Katara, facing her.

Aang: But I've gotta admit. I've been using this friendship to get closer to you. Katara, I don't want to be your best friend. Not even a friend of yours. In fact, I want to become your boyfriend. I want to share some romantic feelings and activities openly with you, Katara. I don't want to be simply your friend.

Katara is relieved, but she certainly still is shocked.

Katara: Well, I, uh, I...

Aang seizes the moment and leans in at her, so close his lips arrived at hers. They begin to kiss passionately; She doesn't seem to fight back, instead simply moaning in pleasure. She wraps her hands around him, and he does the same. She then gets up and he straightens, without cutting off the kiss. She walks him to a bedroom, kicking the door open. They walk to the bed, Aang's back facing it. We zoom in towards their kissing mouths. She tilts her head to the right, while their lips touch greedily. Aang's eyes close as he tries to suck in all the juice and saliva her lips have to offer. She pushes him to the bed, along with herself. They don't stop, as she rests her hands on his hips, descending them down to slide down his pants. He assists her by pulling his legs away from them and kicking them away. He on the other hand, slides down her skirt, and she assists him as well. Now they are both bottomless after they take off their underwear, but, suddenly they break their kiss, panting. Now out of breath, the two smile at each other, waiting to gather some air.

Aang: That was good.

Katara: Yeah...

Aang: So, umm... Wanna make it full?

Katara: [smiling] Certainly.

Getting up, she takes off her shirt, then unclips her bra.

Katara: Let's do this.

Aang smiles, taking off his own shirt. She jumps down at the bed, and he dives in next to her. They pull in closer, hugging. As their mouths approach and they begin to kiss.

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