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17th May 2012

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Underground Hideout, Eastern Republic City

Juan's eyes snapped open; she quickly sat up on her bed, sweating from the terrible nightmare she had just experienced. She had relived the day her parents died, only this time, she had suffered the same fate. She breathed slowly, forcing herself to remember it was just a dream. She scanned her surroundings; this was the new underground hideout that they had been planning to move to, but why was she in this dorm. Then she remembered; attacking the Fire Lady, sinking her to her neck in earth, blocking her Chi. But their victory was short lived, as Kenji had come back from the Spirit World to save the Fire Lady.

If she had heard right, he survived the attack years ago and wasn't dead. She practically leaped up from the bed. Kenji wasn't dead! So he had lied to her, after everything she had done for him, he had deceived her. She was steamed. She moved towards the door and was about to turn the knob when she heard two people having a heated discussion outside her room.

"Now that she has realized the truth about her brother, what should we do?" a short man asked. She recognized the voice as Gino, Genjiro's right-hand man.

"I do not know, but undoubtedly she will turn against us and try to escape. What do you suggest we do?" asked another man, the voice belonging to Genjiro, her boss.

"Well," Gino said, looking around before he continued, "I suggest we take her out of the equation." Genjiro was shocked.

"Are you suggesting we should..." He stopped before finishing the sentence, which Gino promptly continued.

"...kill her. Yes, I am." Juan was taken aback by this, she was completely astonished. So that perverted weakling of a sidekick was planning to kill me all along she thought.

"No, we can't do that" Genjiro replied firmly, and Gino grimaced.

"Then what do you want us to do with her?" Gino asked raising his voice and his temper. The older, taller man turned around and made sure no one was within earshot.

"Erase her memories" he stated dejectedly. Juan gasped; she had heard enough, it was time to leave. But for that she needed bendable material, and there was no liquid in the room. She turned and spotted a glass of water beside the bed. Perfect, she smirked.

The two men talking outside her room where suddenly interrupted by the sound of falling metal. They glanced at each other and Gino quickly burst through the door. The window was open, the metal bars cut clean through, and Juan was long gone.

Abandoned Hideout, Northwestern Republic City

Kenji closed his eyes and thought, I'm not going to end like this.

Li Yong eyes were shut; he was prepared for his doom, but yet he couldn't feel a thing. Not even the slightest hint of fire was on him, but he could feel the heat encircling him. He opened his eyes to the most astonishing and terrifying thing he had ever seen. Kenji stood with both arms stretched to the left and right, a swiftly rotating dome of ghastly green fire protecting himself and Kenji. He was saved, but what terrified him was Kenji; all over his body, tattoos of a green dragon grew and glowed emerald. Kenji's whole body was filled with this tattoo, and when he stared into his eyes, his pupils were replaced with the symbol of yin and yang. The dome slowly began to rise and Li Yong scrambled around in fear.

"Don't worry, these flames cannot hurt you." When Kenji spoke, his voice was mixed with an aura of other voices that scared Li Yong even more. Slowly, the dome moved upwards, and the flames didn't burn Li Yong, much to his surprise. Kenji levitated in the dome and swung his hands in a counter clockwise motion. The dome flew straight out of the debris and resurfaced in the sky. Li Yong was stunned; this dome flew faster than a sky-bison.

Kenji shifted his stance and rotated his left arm in a clockwise motion before slowly resting his stance. The flying green dome came to a halt and crash landed in an open field. Slowly, the tattoos on Kenji began receding until they completely vanished and his eyes returned to normal. The green dome of fire vanished and he fell on his back from exhaustion.

"That was some firebending! How did you do that? I mean how did you make fire that didn't burn?" Li Yong asked Kenji who was visibly exhausted.

Kenji sat up and stared at the sky, filled with stars and the radiating moon, and he remained silent for a brief moment reflecting on what he had just done.

"I... don't know" was the ominous reply.

Xue's Room

The young daughter of the Avatar stood at the door of her room; she inserted and turned the key and then the knob. But to her dismay, Kenji was not there. She sighed. She had finally found out more about him; he was orphaned at a young age, was a talented bender and he had a sad childhood. But why did she find herself so attracted to him? Was it love as Li Yong had mentioned? No it couldn't be, she barely knew him.

She sighed once again, she reached for her swimming attire and decided that a good dip in the pool was what she needed. She walked out of her room and down the stairs; once she reached the room, she pushed the door open and found that all the lights where off. She walked warily beside the wall until she found the switch. Once she hit it, she let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Lu Ten, Tenzin, and General Iroh were the first to hear Xue's scream. They burst into the room intending to ask what happened, but instead, they stood in awe. The pool was filled halfway with blood, and metalbending cops floated on top of it like driftwood. It was after closer examination they saw a message on the wall, written with blood:

Beware! The Avatar's Time is at an end! Beware! The Era of Bending is at an end! Beware!!!

Iroh, Tenzin and Lu Ten glanced at each other, each thinking the same thing. Whatever this was, it was not a good sign.

Republic City Park

"So," Kenji asked, "any idea how to get home?" Li Yong was sat across from him on the cool grass, and shrugged.

"We'll have to wait till morning, I can't see a thing this night. On the bright side, those Equalists think we're dead so we don't have to worry about any stalkers."

"I don't think that's a good idea... I can use my firebending to light the way while you point directions. I don't think we should sleep here tonight. Besides, I'm sure you're hungry and your friends are probably worried sick about you." Li Yong stroked his chin.

"You do have a point" he admitted. Li Yong sprang up to his feet and Kenji did the same, forming an orange ball of fire in his left hand.

"Lead the way," Kenji stated blissfully. Li Yong began walking southwards and Kenji walked beside him.

"So Kenji, mind if I call you Ken?" Li Yong asked, to which Kenji immediately shook his head.

"Just call me Kenji, it's not that hard," he replied adamantly.

"Okay... Anyway, do you like Xue?" he asked almost rhetorically.

"Sure she's nice," Kenji replied.

"No, I mean like-like her, I mean do you love her?" Li Yong asked, emphasising the penultimate word.

"I barely know anything about her; she's a friend, a good friend, pretty-much the only friend I've had in a long while. I mean that is before I got to know the rest of you guys, when Tenzin and Lu Ten tried to kill me, but that's all water under-the-bridge now." Li Yong frowned at the response.

"You just avoided the main answer," he said.

"Why are you asking me this?" Kenji asked, slightly irritated.

"It's because I think my cousin may be in love with you. She dated some guy a while back only to discover that he was a player who had tons of girlfriends and was only using her to get money and access into high places. He played her for a fool and she was actually in love with him."

"The blind fool!" Kenji stated enraged, his fire grew larger.

"Well, when she found out, she was terribly upset and heartbroken. She decided not to date another boy till she was twenty. Well, that was until she met you. The way she looks at you, I think she might be falling for you. I just hope you're not one of those player types, cause if you are, I suggest leaving my cousin alone or else," Li Yong threatened.

"Of course I'm not, how could I do that to her? She saved my life, she's sweet and innocent, cheerful, thoughtful and caring, she's kind and her hair smells like fresh apples, and... wait... what was I saying again?" Li Yong stared at Kenji with a 'say what now' kind of look. "Whoa, hold up, I know what you're thinking, I just like her as a friend and nothing more," he stated adamantly.

"Yeah, sure you do" Li Yong replied sarcastically. Kenji ignored Li's remark, and spotted the mansion up ahead.

"Hey, we're here," he said. "I'm going to scare your cousin, I'm sure she'll be surprised to see me," he added.

"I'm sure she won't," Li Yong muttered. "Goodnight." He walked past the guards and into the building. Kenji on the other hand used his firebending to propel himself upwards. When he reached Xue's window, he was surprised to find it closed – but not locked. He opened it and spotted Xue rolled into a ball on her bed, her head pressed on her knees. This is unusual, he thought. She didn't notice him at all when he entered the room and shut the window.

He approached her and gently, and rested his hand on her shoulder. She leaped back so suddenly it scared Kenji himself. He stared into her face; it was white and the expression of fear was written all over it. Her eyes were red and it was obvious she had been crying.

"Xue, it's me, Kenji". His face was filled with concern. He pulled off his shoes in a swift motion and sat on the bed, facing her.

"Ken-n is this-s r-really y-you?" she stammered. This was the only time Kenji would permit the shortening of his name.

"Yes, it's me". She buried her face in his shoulders and sobbed, he hugged her and held her tight in return, stroking her back gently.

"It's okay, just tell me what happened."

"T-there w-was blood-d in t-the p-pool, s-so m-many d-dead p-people. They're a-after my f-father and won't-t stop u-until t-they've k-killed e-everyone". Even with her stuttering and her voice muffled by pressing her face into Kenji's shirt, he could still clearly make out what she was trying to say.

"Shush, don't worry. I promise with my life that I won't let anyone hurt you. As long as I live, I promise to protect you." She removed her face from his shirt and stared at him, with his huge broad smile.

"I'm j-just s-scared," she sobbed, staring into his eyes.

"Don't worry, I've never broken a promise and I don't intend to." He paused and stared back at her with a reassuring grin. "I will protect you, even at the cost of my life."

The young firebender did not anticipate what happened next. Xue leaned forward and kissed him gently on his lips. His eyes widened, but he didn't pull back. Instead, he returned the kiss and hugged her tight; the two remained locked together for what seemed forever, until Li Yong walked in.

Author's Note

I, the author, apologize for this delayed chapter. I have been very preoccupied with other fanon works – I have other four fan fictions on, – and have been away on a trip. This chapter was delayed – due to the fact that the wiki suddenly stopped opening on my computer – and cut in half, so there would be enough content in parts 3 and 4. It might take some time for those chapters, so please subscribe so I can send you a message when it's up.


  • Although the anti-bending revolution doesn't start until when Korra is born, this fanon takes place while Avatar Aang is still alive.
  • The idea for the ending of this chapter is ripped straight out of "The Spirit of Competition".
  • Despite the fact that Avatar Aang's only daughter's name is Kya, in this fanon she is named Xue, meaning 'snow' in Chinese. The author does not plan to change it.
  • After this chapter, Xue develops hemophobia - fear of blood.
  • Each four part book ending is supposed to mirror the ending of the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise, but due to the issue of time and other factors, parts 1 and 2 have been posted on different days but parts 3 & 4 will be posted on the same day.

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