Compilations, vol. 2
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1st June, 2014

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Compilations, vol. 2

Jesus Came to my Birthday Party – The Middle East

"Oh, and I suppose I should thank the mighty Fire Lord for visiting me?" The cold sneer of the former dictator echoes through silent halls. Ozai has turned his gaze from Zuko, refusing to acknowledge his son further. It is always like this, and Zuko has become used to such behaviour.

It didn't mean it doesn't hurt.

"You won't tell me where she is, will you?" Zuko asks, voice soft. Ozai lets out a mad cackle.

"My dear boy, what makes you think I even know where that wretched women left. I was much to busy than to keep an eye over one traitor." He spits out the final words as though she had not ensured his rise to the throne.

Zuko bows his head, and even in the half-light of a single candle, Ozai can see the smile twitching at his son's lips. "You're right," he says. "You don't know where she is."

He steps back and taps on the door. Ozai expects him to leave, and refuses to turn back to his son. There is the small scuffle of feet across stone before a new acknowledgment reaches his ears.

"Hello, Husband."

Tire Swing – Kimya Dawson

"Sokka!" Katara's squeals echoed through the vasty nothingness that was their home. She was marching towards him, a grumpy frown of her face but still threatening to break into smile. "You wet my dolly!"

Sokka's laugh was cut short when the first snow-ball hit him, and he coughed and spluttered when the ice went up his nose. There was a pause as both children looked at each other; slowly, a grin crept up Sokka's young face.

"I'll get you!" he cried, and shouting his best war-cry, he chased his sister all over the village. Their screams of laughter carried throughout the small civilisation, and it seemed as though some great tension was lifted from the rest of the village. Kya looked towards her children with a small smile.

They deserved that little bit of happiness in such dark times.

Ode to my family – The Cranberries

"You're growing up now, Toph. Smile and bow."

Lao Beifong gave his only child a pat on the head as she did her duty. He didn't see the anger burning in her blind eyes. He saw only the fragile girl he believed her to be. He couldn't fathom that his little girl was not whom she lead him to believe she was.

Toph barely remembered what it was like to laugh. To smile honestly. To actually love her parents with more than the duty she was bound to feel for them. Did they care, truly and honestly, for her, too?

As she stepped forward to greet who would soon be her betrothed, she knew she already had her answer.

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