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Chapter 6: Competition for Best Man

Unfortunately, after I solved the conflict between Katara and Toph, a new conflict was born. This time, Aang and Sokka were both fighting for the title of Best Man. It all happened when I saw Aang and Sokka with irritated expressions on their faces and were both yelling and with Ty Lee saying: "Calm down!"

"I deserve the title because Roku and Sozin had the same relationship like Zuko and me!" Aang argued.

"Yeah, well, I'm older than you!" Sokka retorted.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Both Sokka and Aang want to be your Best Man," Katara explained in a tired voice. "We tried everything to stop the fight," she added.

"Both of you, stop fighting right now!" I demanded. They immediately stopped.

"Okay, since you both want the title of Best Man, I will have a competition for both of you. You are to have a swordfight, but I want you to be creative and use strategy when fighting with these swords," I instructed, handing them some steel swords and armor.

"Start!" I commanded. They began the fight and it looked like Sokka was winning when Aang struck Sokka's sword straight out of his hand. Sokka immediately surrendered.

"Aang wins. He will be my Best Man," I said. Aang was overjoyed. Sokka didn't seem too bothered.

"It is an honor to have you as a Best Man," I said.

"And it is an honor to be your Best Man," Aang said back. It was a relief to have all those conflicts ended.

Author's Note

Just like Roku and Sozin's relationship, I wanted it to be the same ;)

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