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By Graywand2 Part of the Star Trek: Into the Inferno continuity.
Robert Kelby
Biographical information

United States of America (United Earth)



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Chief Engineer, starship Columbia NX-02


United Earth


Captain Erika Hernandez


engineering personnel

First appearance


Early Life

Robert Kelby was born in 2129 in Austin, Texas on Earth. In 2139 he met the girl who would become his best friend, Asha Naidu. In 2145, they both joined the United Earth Starfleet.


In 2154, he was assigned as the chief engineer of Enterprise, under Captain Jonathan Archer, following the transfer of her former chief engineer, Trip Tucker, to the Columbia.

When the Enterprise took aboard three Orion slave girls, Kelby became influenced by their pheromones causing him to make questionable decisions. He became irrational in his behavior, disobeying orders from Tucker. He was confined to quarters, where he was influenced by one of the Orions to perform a dangerous task to keep her. He entered Engineering to destroy the ship, but his attempts were halted by Tucker and the Engineering staff. It was suspected that he sabotaged a shuttlepod in 2155, but it turned out to be Ensign Masaro.


In 2155 he was assigned as chief engineer of the Columbia, reuniting him with his friend and occasional lover. During a battle with the Romulans he was unable to save the ship from a warp core breach and evacuated with the rest of the crew to the surface. (Where Men Have Gone Before )

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