By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Colossi chart
General information
Notable members

Valus, Quadratus, Gaius, Phaedra, Avion, Barba, Hydrus, Kuromori, Basaran, Dirge, Celosia, Pelegia, Phalanx, Cenobia, Vitrus, Quassus, Ostarius, Exercitus, Basiliscus, Percatus, Illuminus, Lacerta, Adar Flam, Strategus, Kuroiyara




Hidden lands


Guardians to specific ruins

Colossi are large, mountainous beings that guard ancient ruins in the Hidden Lands. These creatures were created by Yveltal.

Each colossi varies in size and shape among each one, and each one also has a different view and personality. These colossi's average size is usually 100-200 feet tall and main weight usually in tons. The largest colossi is over 1000 tons and over 500 feet long, making even Raviente looking like a dwarf. The smallest Colossi is only 1 ton and about the size of a large bison.

The only weak points for any colossi, no matter what size, is called a Sigil. A Sigil is a glowing mark on the creatures body where it's penetrable. Colossi have from 1 to 3 Sigils on their body, depending on which colossi. The most common to find a Sigil on a colossi is on its head.

Each two colossi is summoned up by each Teen Titan/Team Avatar member that the Spirit Council gathered. Each colossi also has a chakra orb that holds specific powers for each of them.

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