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Welcome back to the Avatar Colosseum where we bring to you a titanic battle. A battle on a scale between the literal giants of The Legend of Korra. UnaVaatu and Kuvira's Mecha Suit, referred to as the Colossus, were two giants that terrorised Republic City. Both of them utilised spirit death rays, UnaVaatu was a spirit-human hybrid, while the Colossus used the power of spirit vines. Who would win in a battle between these great titans that terrorised the city?

I, the Duke of Skibbington, am the battle writer, show runner, and this time, the judge. I would like to welcome Count Kibbles N Bits for his return in his second battle. Old Count's gladiator fell in the previous round, maybe he can renew his luck in today's battle! And now, DrachenRitter42, a learned chat moderator over at the Avatar Wiki and author of What Was Lost, is participating in the Colosseum for the first time. He's done a bang up job, and I hope to see him participating again.



Dark Avatar grows Unavaatu DrachenRitter42 50px-5001176.png

UnaVaatu is an extremely large being, created as the result of a physical transformation undergone by Unalaq following his fusion with Vaatu to become the Dark Avatar during the Harmonic Convergence of AG 171. His appearance is humanoid, with features that are somewhat reminiscent of Unalaq's appearance. He is reddish-black in color, with multiple long, tentacle-like appendages that project from the back of his shoulders, and on his chest is the same ornate red symbol that appears on Vaatu's original spiritual form.


UnaVaatu had a number of powerful weapons available to him, originating both from Vaatu's abilities in his original spiritual form as well as abilities that Unalaq possessed prior to their union, though all were exponentially enhanced in power. As Unalaq had been a powerful and skilled waterbending master, UnaVaatu retains this ability, enabling him to waterbend with significant power, in proportion to his enormous size. He also retained the ability to use Unalaq's spiritbending technique, which he was able to use to corrupt and potentially destroy the souls of his targets. Using the tendrils that project from his body, he could also create highly fast-spreading spirit vines, which can cause tremendous damage to infrastructure and other objects, as well as project enormous beams of spiritual energy from his chest.


UnaVaatu's waterbending is also extremely powerful, as seen when he created an enormous wave that overwhelmed the defending United Republic's aerial and naval defense forces. UnaVaatu also has tremendous physical strength, demonstrated when he effortlessly tore down the massive statue of Avatar Aang that stood on Aang Memorial Island.

The tendrils projecting from his back can also be used as weapons, as UnaVaatu is able to manipulate their length at will and use them to attack other targets in a fashion similar to the cables used by Republic City's Metalbending Police Force. 


UnaVaatu possesses no armor in the traditional sense. However, he is nonetheless largely impervious to damage from any conventional weaponry or attacks, as shown when the heavy bombing of the defending Republic forces caused no damage whatsoever to him.


UnaVaatu, as a partially spiritual entity, is vulnerable to spiritbending, which can also be used to purify corrupted spirits and is the only technique that has been shown to be effective at vanquishing dark spirits. Spiritual energy blasts have been shown to affect him, as seen when Korra's own spiritual energy blast overwhelmed his attack, although they have not been shown to do any substantial damage.

UnaVaatu's other main weakness stems from the fact that as a fighter, Unalaq himself relied principally on his bending, both offensively and defensively, and has never demonstrated himself to be a particularly capable hand-to-hand fighter. This also holds true for UnaVaatu, whose offensive capabilities are limited to waterbending, his ability to fire beams of spirit energy, and offensive use of the tendrils on the back of his shoulders - either directly or to manifest spirit vines, meaning that his hand-to-hand/close-range combat abilities are limited.

It is also notable that UnaVaatu, in his giant form, can only exist during Harmonic Convergence. He reverts to his humanoid form when it is complete.


Enormous mecha suit Colossus Count Kibbles N Bits 50px-5184678.png

The Colossus of the Earth Empire is a pinnacle in robotics engineering and spirit vine application, clad in thick platinum armor. This massive weapon of war was designed with the purpose of transporting and using the large spirit energy cannon, which had formerly been mounted on a large locomotive. The Colossus is able to quickly stride along terrain, keeping up with smaller land vehicles, such as tanks, and being able to easily traverse through the bay of Republic City, without taking on water. With only a few decisive strikes, the Colossus single-handedly wiped out an entire border fortress and brought the bulk of the URN Military to surrender without resistance.


The Colossus had a few weapons at its disposal: the spirit energy cannon, its immense size and strength, and the highly volatile power core and ammunition it contains within it.

The spirit energy cannon fires a precise, long range, concentrated beam of spirit energy for sustained periods of time, allowing it versatility in firing, whether it be precision fire or large arcing beams of energy capable of destroying large swaths of terrain. The energy beam is capable of easily going through multiple buildings and burrowing enormous holes into mountainsides, and it is accurate enough to target a sky bison from several miles away and small nimble Air Nomads flying around at close range.

The size and strength of the Colossus allows it to effortlessly lift extremely heavy objects with ease, such as the spirit cannon, which needed two large locomotives to transport it. The strength of the Colossus varies depending on situation, the strength and power output can be changed manually on the fly by the bridge, increasing or decreasing the strength of the mech as needed. This technique allows the Colossus to easily break free and crush large amounts of ice Avatar Korra encased it in. The Colossus was even able to rip off and easily throw its own right arm with the cannon attached a far distance away. Several times the Colossus is shown to easily be able to punch into or through surrounding buildings.

The volatile power sources for the cannon and the mech itself are capable of completely wiping out an area roughly a mile or 2 in diameter and creating a new spirit portal with raw energy the explosion produced, if critically damaged. Even a small experimental vial of spirit vine energy had enough power to act like a miniature nuclear explosive, the ammunition and core used in the Colossus is much larger than that of the original experiment, making it much more dangerous. The resulting explosion is extremely dangerous to anything within the immediate vicinity and can be caused by sever damage or internal damage caused by someone on the inside intentionally.


The platinum armor allows the Colossus to take large amounts of damage unscathed.

The spirit cannon, being an auto-loading side breech cannon, can rapidly reload and fire shots in quick succession. The cannon is extremely accurate, being able to target fast moving targets, as small as human beings or as large as battleships, from long to close range with precision.

The bridge of the Colossus is capable of 360 degree range of view of the battlefield, allowing the crew to see and target incoming threats or quickly respond to changes in the surrounding environment. The number of crew members on board the bridge adds to its capabilities, allowing replacements in case the pilot is unable to operate the mech, assess damage taken, remotely controlling the various systems of the mech to allow it to increase its strength and energy output, or simply acting as extra eyes to watch the surrounding area.

The bridge itself is able to withstand heavy damage, such as the Colossus' own hand hitting it in an attempt to crush Meelo. The cockpit windows also come equipped with window cleaning equipment to remove anything that may obscure the windows of the bridge.

The Colossus' appendages are capable of human-like articulation, either on par or greater than that of a human being. This would allow the Colossus to move joints freely in all directions and allow greater degrees of articulation, such as it being able to reach spots on its back that Varrick couldn't reach. This articulation would allow the pilot to effectively use some martial arts techniques or stances to allow better stability and offensive/defensive tactics if need be.

The Colossus is almost fully controlled by the movements of its pilot. The mechs abilities in this area depend upon the pilot's martial ability, and the mech's limited ability to simulate the commands given.

The height of the mech allows it to peak over small mountains or buildings and potentially use such obstacles as cover to fire from with its cannon.

Its massive weight, combined with its human-like articulation, allows the mech to be quite resistant to falling over, but in such cases, it can easily right itself using its strength.


The Colossus' thick platinum armor allows the mech to take heavy amounts of damage from bending attacks, including lavabending, without damage. It's even able to withstand to impact of a skyscraper landing on top of it, without any damage to the outer core, inner machinery, or crew on board. Platinum is already an extremely resistant metal within the Avatarverse, allowing smaller mecha designs to easily dominate bending opponents. Because of the thickness of the armor and the resistance of the metal, the only thing seen to be able to pierce it was plasma torches and the internal explosion of the main spirit vine core. Even when the cannon was damaged and the ammunition dropped into the lower arm of the colossus, the resulting internal explosion seems to have no outwardly effect on the external armor of the arm.


The Colossus' main weakness is that it's slow (except for turret rotation, which factors into aiming speed) and has sluggish controls. Faster opponents can easily outrun the Colossus, as it has low traverse speed. The controls are sluggish when attempting melee combat. Therefore, the Colossus, when fighting an opponent of similar size, would be at a disadvantage in close quarters and most likely would not be able to pull off complicated martial arts moves.


50px-25140096.png Duke of Skibbington Sokka during the trial

Greetings, everyone. Today, I shall be the impartial judge. I am wearing my black wig today, meaning I am going to sentence someone to death in this terrific and only slightly horrific trial by combat.

First, I shall look at why UnaVaatu may win and lose. UnaVaatu is much more versatile than the Colossus. It can bend water and control spirit vines, while also being able to use its energy rays. It is also relatively effective in close quarters combat. It can take a punch and deal one more swiftly than the Colossus can. It also seems to have an unlimited supply of spirit energy. It may well lose the battle, because his only apparent weakness is spirit energy, which the Colossus does utilise. There is also no evidence to suggest that his rays are any more affective than those of his rival.

Now for the Colossus. Its armour seems impervious to almost everything. It is unlikely that UnaVaatu will be able to penetrate the armour in the first place. If it is knocked over, it can easily rise to its feet again. I do not doubt its ability to keep fighting. It was only destroyed by a failure of its internal power source. It is also incredibly accurate, more so than UnaVaatu. However, I am not terribly sure of its ability to actually land a fatal blow upon the Dark Avatar. Something very important is that UnaVaatu can only last during Harmonic Convergence and will revert to Unalaq when it ends.

That is where it gets complicated. We cannot actually be sure if any of them can actually win the battle. I have made my decision, and I'm not sure if it will be well liked. I hope it's controversial.


The battle is set in Republic City.

There is a large splash in Yue Bay. UnaVaatu stands erect and wreaks havoc. He tears down the statue of Aang and tosses it into the water. He throws his tendrils underground, and massive spirit vines begin to constrict the infrastructure of Republic City like a snake. UnaVaatu finds no resistance. He advances into the city and finds it abandoned. He hears a loud sound and looks up. A big purple ray hits him in the head, and he falls over.

Kuvira: I think that was UnaVaatu. What's he doing here? Well, we came here to claim Republic City, seems we're now in the fight of our lives.

The Colossus keeps its arm raised and adjusts its aim slightly as UnaVaatu stands to his knees. With another loud, electronic sound, a purple ray knocks over UnaVaatu. UnaVaatu attempts to stand. The Colossus beats him to it and pummels him with a purple ray. UnaVaatu slides backwards and into a building. UnaVaatu stands. The Colossus does not fire, for it is recharging. It takes only a split second, but that is all the time UnaVaatu needs. The giant spirit opens his chest and spews out a purple ray of his own. It strikes the Colossus is in the abdomen.

The Colossus leans backwards and appears to lose balance. However, it is able to right itself without much trouble. Still, the Colossus is taken aback. UnaVaatu seizes his opportunity to blast the giant mech with more spirit energy. Again, to the same effect.

UnaVaatu fires off once more but is met with another blast from the Colossus that meets it in the middle. The two struggle for dominance with their beams.

Order from the Great Uniter: increase power.

The Giant Mech's beam creeps up that of the Dark Avatar. Eventually, it strikes the spirit's chest and throws him backwards. He collapses on a skyscraper and breaks it. He turns around, picks up a skyscraper, and lobs it at his foe. The building smashes on the robot's bridge and slightly shocks the crew, but it remains in fighting condition. Another blast misses UnaVaatu and completely destroys a building.

UnaVaatu decides to break the energy beam stalemate, which it realises it cannot win. He wraps his tendrils around the Colossus and tries to lift it up, to no avail. Giving up, he opens his abdomen and shoots again, this time knocking over the robot. He rips up a building from the foundations and drops it on the Colossus.

The Colossus remains buried for some time but finally lifts itself up and strikes UnaVaatu with a devastating but cumbersome punch. The Mech follows the giant spirit as it retreats and strikes it many times in the back. It finally stops and shoots it in the back with a spirit ray.

Finally, UnaVaatu reaches the coast and bends a massive wave at the giant mech. It sweeps away many buildings like a giant tsunami but fails to make the Colossus budge.

The planets cease to align and the purple haze dissipates. UnaVaatu shrinks and becomes more humanoid. He drops into the water.

He erupts from the water, eyes glowing red. He is supported by a large tornado of water. He throws many large waves at his foe. The Colossus grabs at him. He escapes. The Colossus is persistent and finally catches him in its palm. It squeezes its hand together and discards the crushed body.

Winner: Colossus


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