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Ty Lee and Lieutenant are master chi blockers and secondary antagonists in their respective series. Both devoted themselves to the primary antagonist, only to turn on them in time.

Ty Lee

Ty Lee's acrobatics

Ty Lee is incredibly acrobatic with a great sense of balance.

Ty Lee was a Fire Nation noble, born into a family with six identical sisters. Seeking individuality, she fled and joined a circus, where she became renowned for her acrobatic abilities. In the Spring of 100 AG, Ty Lee was rather forcefully added to Azula's task force, with the intention of tracking down Iroh, Zuko, and the Avatar. In the Summer of 100 AG, she betrayed her mistress and protected her friend, Mai. After being thrown into prison, she befriended the Kyoshi Warriors and became one of their most skilled members.


Ty Lee is a master chi blocker, the first one seen in the televised series. Through a series of quick jabs on pressure points, she can paralyse her opponents and prevent their bending. It was with such powers that she was able to overcome the elite Terra Team, Sokka, Katara, and numerous Kyoshi Warriors. On top of that, she was the only person on screen to get the better of Toph Beifong.

In addition to her mastery of chi blocking, Ty Lee is a trained Kyoshi Warrior. As a result, she has proficiency in the use of the katana and steel fans. The katana, in particular, is a very lethal weapon.


Ty Lee chi blocking Sokka and Toph

Ty Lee is a brilliant chi blocker and the only person to catch Toph off guard.

Ty Lee is extremely agile and nimble, even getting to the point of rivalling Aang, an airbender. Such is her agility, she was able to outmanoeuvre every foe, whether it be the slow yet powerful Terra team, or Suki, who was agile in her own right. Ty Lee is even agile in her Kyoshi Warrior armour, which she earlier believed to be cumbersome.


Ty Lee relies on her superior agility to outmanoeuvre her opponents and confuse them. While this works against most opponents, it is impractical when she fights against opponents of equal agility, such as Suki. Ty Lee avoids protracted confrontations and opts for a quick victory. The longer a battle takes, the less likely she is to win.


The Lieutenant and Equalists

Lieutenant was a high-ranking Equalist, holding the rank of lieutenant.

Not much is known about the Lieutenant's early life. All that is known is that at one stage, he joined Amon and took part in the Equalist Revolution. He participated in many successful battles, such as the Attack on the Pro-bending Arena, where he fought on equal terms with Avatar Korra. Others included the battle at the Equalist factory and the battle for Republic City, in which he assaulted Air Temple Island and defeated Lin Beifong. After discovering Amon's identity as a bloodbender, he betrayed his master, only to be defeated with ease.


Lieutenant makes use of electrified kali sticks, which he uses to great effect in combat. He dual wields them in a manner reminiscent of Zuko's swords. He charges them with a generator on his back. With his sticks, he can battle against any bender and even defeat Lin Beifong. Because of the electrical nature of his sticks, he can dip them in water and electrocute anyone in the path. They are also purpose built for fighting metalbending police, who wear armour of metal.

His sticks come with two slight drawbacks. One is that Lieutenant must constantly recharge his weapons, thus giving his opponent a window in which they can strike. The other is that they can be kicked out of his hands or dropped, thus leaving him disarmed.


Electrified kali sticks

Lieutenant is very skilled in using electrified kali sticks.

Lieutenant is very stealthy, using his stealth throughout the Equalist uprising. In any battle, he is likely to make the first strike and end it quickly. 

He is also very resilient, being able to sustain injuries from many battles (including being thrown into a wall with a large stone) and many a time fight as if he hadn't been hit. In fairness, though, he didn't continue fighting after being struck.


Although Lieutenant is very proficient in the use of kali sticks, he has not demonstrated skills in other weapons or hand-to-hand combat, thus making him very reliant on the sticks. It can also be noted that he relies on surprise attacks and weight of numbers. When he is on the defensive and faces a more agile opponent (id est Jinora), he seldom wins. It is also worth noting he does not display the same agility as Ty Lee.


The battle is set in the Pro-bending Arena.

Lieutenant surveys the damage of the abandoned arena. Large banners bearing pictures of Amon and the Equalist symbol. He heard a creaking sound and many quick footsteps. He surveyed the area but could not determine the point of origin. His eyes widened with realisation. Grabbing his sticks, he span around and swung at Ty Lee. Ty Lee dodged the assaults and backflipped from the spectator box into the aisles of seats. Lieutenant charged Ty Lee, swinging his sticks when he came close. Ty Lee flipped behind him and tried to jab his back.

Lieutenant sidestepped and tripped up Ty Lee. She fell over but recovered. Swinging her legs, she kicked him in the shin and tripped him over. She pulled her katana from her belt and slashed at Lieutenant, who staggered away, dodging the strikes. He pulled out his charged sticks and blocked the strike. A spark of electricity flashed at the point of contact. Lieutenant took the upper hand and repeatedly struck Ty Lee's sword, which was now held straight and close to her chest. Every time they struck the sword, there were flashes of light and sparks of electricity. Lieutenant's sticks started fading, and he was forced to halt his attack. Ty Lee saw her chance. Having raised her sword above her head, she struck down with all her might. Lieutenant raised his sticks above his head to protect himself. 

With a snap, crackle and a pop, Ty Lee's sword shattered the electrified sticks. Electricity surged through her body and she collapsed to the ground. Lieutenant raised her and threw her into the railing. She tried to slash him with her sword, but he held her by the wrist and repeatedly punched her in the stomach. After a long struggle, Ty Lee dropped her sword onto the playing field below, near the large pool of water.

Ty Lee stared him in the eye. She winked and flipped over, kicking Lieutenant in the face and threw him onto the playing field. Ty Lee balanced on the railing and jumped onto the field, absorbing the impact with her feet. Lieutenant landed with a thud and remained still for a while. Ty Lee rushed to her sword, and Lieutenant scrambled to it, initially crawling before finally standing and sprinting. She grabbed the top of the handle while he grabbed the bottom. They struggled for the sword, pulling it in an anti-clockwise direction. 

Ty Lee finally gained the upper hand and Lieutenant released his grip. He lunged at her to regain his grip, but all in vain. With two hands firmly on the handle, she impaled Lieutenant through the chest. His eyes rolled until the iris was nowhere to be seen. Ty Lee left the sword in his body and cartwheeled away.


With superior speed, agility and proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, Ty Lee had a natural edge over Lieutenant. Although she rarely uses weapons, they were also superior and notably more lethal, not requiring a recharge. Ty Lee has only lost to one opponent - Appa.

In a battle between the two, Ty Lee would win approximately 70% of the time.

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