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Bumi and Toph are the most powerful earthbenders of Avatar: The Last Airbender. A comic even depicted a titanic battle between the two legends.

Once again, I, the Duke of Skibbington, am the host and battle writer. Please welcome Neo Bahamut and Count Kibbles N Bits, two forum regulars. And returning to us is AvatarAang7. AvatarAang7 championed Avatar Wan in the previous battle, the Avatar Royale, now, he is returning as a judge, to condemn one combatant to death in a horrific trial by combat.

Good luck to all the combatants and their supporters.



Toph Beifong Toph Neo Bahamut 50px-1216259.png

Toph was the only daughter of the wealthy Poppy and Lao Beifong. Her parents raised her in a very sheltered manner, firstly because of expectations of nobility and secondly because they believed her blindness made her weak. But Toph had a rebellious and adventurous personality, so she rebelled by running away from home, eventually encountering a group of badgermoles and learning earthbending through mimicry. She began playing to her parents' expectations while secretly participating in underground earthbending battles (Earth Rumbles) under her stage name "The Blind Bandit".

That is, until the Avatar needed an earthbending teacher. Initially reluctant to join him, Toph eventually decided she wanted to explore the outside world and prove her strength. Her parents forbade it, feeling the problem was that they had been too lenient with her, so she snuck off against their wishes, telling Aang that they had changed their minds.

She would go on to help her friends end the Hundred Year War and found the United Republic, before ultimately retreating to Foggy Swamp to live in seclusion.


Toph's weapon of choice is, of course, earth. She can launch boulders, trap foes in pyramids of rock, make it surge forward as a wave, or even tunnel through it as if it were snow, and is able to freely compress sand into stone or pulverize solid rock. Initially, she was limited to rock and mud, but eventually gained control over sand and even invented the then-thought-to-be-impossible technique of metalbending by manipulating impurities in the metal.

Toph developed metalbending into a style all of its own, and as Republic City's Chief of Police, she favored armor and spools of cable, which in her day were worn as a belt and shot out from the waist. It's unclear how long the cables are, but they are typically used to swing from buildings or, when attacking, as whips or push knives, with metalbenders being able to freely control the rigidity of their weapons.

A lot is unknown about Toph's skill in her "prime", but as an old woman, she was able to metalbend mercury with enough precision that she could extract it from a body even when her daughter Suyin, a master in her own right, had missed it. She could also control more earth at once than several of Kuvira's troops combined and easily evade attacks from Avatar Korra, albeit with the Avatar in a weakened state.

Toph's seismic sense

She developed most of these skills with the aid of the seismic sense, which allows her to sense vibrations as a form of sonar that, in some ways, is more detailed than sight. She can even sense the tunnels of an anthill and the individual ants crawling on the ground from several feet away. By focusing on minute muscle movements, she can tell what an opponent is about to do, even if they don't complete the actual attack until jumping. She can even tell when a person is lying by detecting changes in their heart rate and breathing. Without the seismic sense, she can still sense earth wherever it is and has some skill with detecting the location of a person from hearing alone.

She also has a bracelet made of the same "space earth" as Sokka's sword, which easily slices through steel, but usually considers it too valuable to bring into a fight. Finally, a running gag of Toph hurting her friends, all practiced martial artists in their own right, with her good-natured punches suggests that she is relatively strong for her age.


Toph is powerful, to be sure. Though the amount of earth that she can control is never clearly specified, she is known to be able to hold up a sprawling library of at least 5 floors for several minutes and boasts that she could hold up a mine shaft full of iron ore all day if she wished.

However, her real strength lies in her precision. Toph waits for the right moment to strike, disabling an opponent's attack by using a shift of her foot to break their stance, raise a quick shield, knock them into a metal construct, and force it closed so they can't escape, or even rotate the entire battlefield so her enemies collide with one another. She tends to integrate attack and counterattack into a single, seamless maneuver.

Toph has also been known to exploit her ability to "see" where her opponents can't via sneak attacks or raising dust clouds and seems to have an instinctive understanding of how to exploit these weaknesses without thinking.

She has years of experience as the Chief of Police, though little of what she learned is known.


Older Toph Beifong

In her youth, Toph would often fight unencumbered but could quickly create rock or later metal armor from her surroundings during a particularly dangerous fight. As Chief of Police, she had a more permanent suit of samurai-style armor that could be just as quickly slipped on over clothing. The armor was strong but also lightweight and flexible. She did not seem to wear a helmet with this armor.


For all of her power, Toph is not invincible. She was defeated once, by Aang, because she lacked the knowledge of how to deal with airbending. She has also been captured on a few occasions by foes who lured her into a trap when she was least expecting it. Most of these involved a substance she was unable to bend at the time, but the Dai Li only used their rock gloves, indicating that unawareness of danger is enough.

Though this is easier said than done, the seismic sense does have a few weaknesses. While it will work in buildings, and so does not seem to be affected by her inability to bend wood, it has difficulty with substances that don't conduct vibrations well, such as sand or ice. She also cannot sense an opponent who is able to remain airborne and maneuver without the need of touching the ground, and cannot sense extremely fine details, such as writing on a piece of paper. Her lie detection ability can also be fooled if a person can lie without guilt.

Without the seismic sense, Toph is near-defenseless. Her ability to detect opponents by sound is not always reliable. She cannot pinpoint their actions as precisely, and she lacks any other method of compensating for her blindness. She most often uses her feet for the seismic sense and her hands for greater detail, so injuring them is the swiftest way to dull her abilities.

Toph is also cocky, quick to anger, and doesn't think ahead, relying on her ability to sense what her opponent is about to do to guide her actions. She demonstrates no ability to bend substances that still aren't considered "earth", (such as, again, wood), to metalbend platinum, or to lavabend.


King Bumi Bumi Count Kibbles N Bits 50px-5184678.png
Bumi bends earth pillars

King Bumi of the city state of Omashu is a proud and powerful earthbender, his mind and body tempered through a century of practice and warfare. For 100 years, he has defied both the Armies of the Fire Nation and the rule of the Earth King. He is a patient man, willing to wait for the most opportune moments in order to achieve victory, only surrendering when he sees it as advantageous.

Like his city and the earth he bends, Bumi is strong and unwavering, weathering the fiercest of attacks and dealing crushing blows to whoever challenges him.


King Bumi has only two substantial weapons: earthbending and his mind, both of which have allowed him to effectively become the King of Omashu, be one of the greatest earthbenders in the world despite his advanced age of about 112 years, and repel the Fire Nation from his small kingdom for almost a century.

Through a century of practice, he has honed his earthbending skills to maintain his position as one of the strongest earthbenders in history and a senior member of the Order of the White Lotus.

His creativity and resourcefulness combined with his intellect and wisdom have allowed him to become an excellent tactician, knowing when and where to fight, retreat, or "do nothing" based on quick analysis of the situation at hand.


His earthbending skill from the small amount that is shown focuses on overwhelming force, quick decisive movements, and keeping enemy combatants off center with attacks from all sides, as shown in his duel with Avatar Aang. From what is shown, Bumi prefers to stand his ground even to the point of blocking or simply brushing off incoming attacks, easily breaking through a massive section of rock and building that was redirected at him. He frequently demonstrates his massive strength by earthbending massive amounts of rock when attacking opponents, even being able to earthbend several large factory buildings simultaneously into the air when he singlehandedly recaptured Omashu from an occupying Fire Nation garrison.

One of his greatest strengths is the ability to earthbend with only the most minute of movements, being able to easily control the earth around him while bound in a metal coffin with just his exposed head, even being able to earthbend with no physical connection to the ground.

Aang vs Bumi

He's extremely quick despite his age, being able to maneuver across the battlefield effortlessly until he arrives at a desired position to hold his ground on. He does so by using his earthbending to launch himself at high velocities high into the air and land with no injury to himself, oftentimes in the midst of enemy combatants. He has shown many times the ability to quickly bend solid earth into a much weaker and less dense state that allows him to sink and trap enemies or allow himself to move rapidly underground. Even being more than capable of tracking Avatar Aang's movements during their duel, despite Aang's enhanced speed.

Bumi is quite intelligent and creative, especially so in combat. He has been shown to immediately recognise and take advantage of small opportunities to overwhelm and quickly defeat his foes. He has the tactical knowhow and wisdom of a general, allowing him to undermine the Fire Nation military throughout the war, even going so far as to retake his entire city singlehandedly from an entire Fire Nation army garrison in the time span of about 15 minutes. He is also shown being able to quickly and effortlessly disable multiple Fire Nation tanks charged by Sozin's Comet within seconds or using his environment to his advantage by launching a boulder at the ceiling of a cave to cause a minor collapse of debris on top of Avatar Aang to bring down the young Avatar as he was flying. He even uses the element of surprise to gain an advantage over his foes, such as when he first displays his true strength to Aang at the beginning of their duel or demonstrating his ability to bend while confined.

Bumi has shown the ability to outsmart and manipulate his opponents psychologically to a small degree. Even being able to annoy the usually calm Aang, by tricking and taunting the Avatar to think "outside the box" in order to teach the young Avatar a valuable lesson.


Bumi wears little during combat save a pair of shorts, and leather wrist and ankle guards. Otherwise he goes into battle shirtless.

Omashu attacked


Bumi tends to throw his weight around too much oftentimes showing off, this can be seen in his duel with Aang. The Avatar was able to redirect 2 of his strongest attacks back at him, causing Bumi to have to quickly defend himself, leaving him open to counterattack from Aang.

Although Bumi is shown to be able to quickly move around the battlefield, he prefers to stand still, usually with the enemy to his front and his back covered. This preference can lead one to assume Bumi is not as adept at fighting enemies from multiple angles and is susceptible to flanking maneuvers.


50px-24960748.png AvatarAang7 Sokka during the trial

Hello everyone, AvatarAang7 here to be the impartial judge of the battle between two of the most powerful earthbenders of the Hundred Year War.

First we have Toph Beifong, Aang's earthbending teacher and lifelong friend. An interesting and poignant character, Toph was strong-willed, stubborn, strict, and tough as nails. Her earthbending skills were extremely accurate and were mostly derived from her blindness. It was this very accuracy that allowed her to do all kinds of things, like being able to see the world, tell when a person is lying, and ultimately, discover metalbending. Despite being very powerful, she tended to rely more on small accurate strikes to overpower her opponents than brute force, even though she has shown herself to be capable of sizable feats of earthbending, too. However, her blindness does impair her somewhat, as she has trouble seeing on loose surfaces and non-earthen solids, or being unable to spot airborne objects.

Then we have Bumi, the King of Omashu, who once claimed to Aang to be "the most powerful earthbender [he'd] ever see". Whether this is true is of course debatable, but Bumi certainly makes a case for himself. He could lift enormous boulders by himself, bend earth that's far away, bend without touching the ground, even when he only had his face to do this with. He managed to liberate his entire city by himself, all because he is a very patient man, willing to wait for the right moment to strike. The Fire Nation soldiers, who were powerless at the time, were all but helpless in watching how this one incredibly powerful earthbender took the entire city, destroying everything they had put in for their own war-efforts. However, he didn't always think his attacks through, and they sometimes came back to bite him in the rear. This was how Aang managed to beat him, even though Bumi had the upper hand for most of the duel.


The battle is set in the streets of Ba Sing Se.

Toph patrols the streets of Ba Sing Se in her patrol car. The car is jolted by a sudden bump in the road. Toph recognises the danger and jumps from her car, moments before it is tossed into the air and falls into the river. Toph stomps the ground and gets a very clear image of her assailant through her seismic sense. She recognised her attacker as none other than King Bumi of Omashu. Bumi cackled and snorted.

Bumi pulled up a large section of the ground and launched it at Toph. Toph simply waved her hand, and the rock flew to the side. Bumi stopped his snorting and blocked Toph's counterattack with his face, smashing the rock to chunks.

Bumi stepped back to create some distance. He picked up three large boulders and threw them sequentially. One made contact with Toph's fist and shattered into small pieces of dust. As for the rest, she elegantly side-stepped them. She drew her arms apart and flung them back together, returning the rocks to Bumi. Fortunately for Bumi, they crashed together within a mere metre of his face.

Undaunted, Bumi pulled a large section of a wall from behind Toph's back and tried to impact her from behind. The chunk of wall successfully made contact with her back. It kicked up a large cloud of dust which temporarily blinded the mad King. Toph took advantage and raised a large earth column which struck him in the chest. Bumi fell backwards and left a large hole in the ground that was shaped like him. Vibrations surged up Toph's feet.

Toph pivoted around and threw a large rock at Bumi as he resurfaced, trying to ambush her. The rock impacted Bumi and broke his stance. She stomped on the ground, raising her foot slightly, and thus knocked him over with a rock. Bumi jumped to his feet and threw a rock at Toph point-blank, throwing her into a building.

Bumi kicked up a few large rocks and broke them down into tiny pebbles. He unleashed them upon Toph like a hail of bullets. Ping ping ping. Many of them harmlessly bounced off her metal armour. Toph erected a large barrier to absorb the shots. When the bullet storm subsided, Toph propelled the barrier at Bumi. Bumi split the barrier in half and threw them behind himself.

Bumi stretched his arms and panted. He lifted a building above his head and threw it at the Blind Bandit. It crashed over her head and disintegrated into a pile of rubble. Bumi cracked his knuckles, back, and head. Satisfied, he began to walk away. Something caught his leg, and he tripped. He dug his fingers into the road, but he began to lose his grip. He formed shackles around his wrist to connect him to the ground. They broke apart, and he continued to slide along, at a slow but exponentially growing pace.

"You may be the best earthbender I've ever fought," he heard a cocky woman shout, "but are you a metalbender?"

Bumi turned around to face his tormentor. He faced Toph, whom he discovered to be the first metalbender. Using only his hands, Bumi flung a few rocks at Toph. Neither of them came close to hitting their mark. Bumi finally skidded to a stop a metre away from his foe. He raised his head to meet her eyes, and in doing so, raised a rock column from the ground. In doing so, Bumi aimed to catch Toph off guard.

Toph anticipated Bumi's attack, having felt it before it happened. She punched the column as it emerged and forced it back into the ground. After a struggle, the ground finally evened and Bumi's head dropped, exhausted. Toph removed her metal armour, revealing a white singlet. She wrapped the metal around Bumi's head. His head and body thrashed around in a panic, muffled screams were audible through the deadly helmet. Finally, his body fell limp, and his struggling ceased.

Winner: Toph Beifong


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