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Welcome back to the Avatar Colosseum. Sorry for the long delay. Today, we shall compare the two Beifong sisters and place them in a duel to the death. For a long time, the two have been enemies, even refusing to talk for thirty years before it exploded in a massive battle. If the two were to fight to death without restraint, who would win? With the help of Suyin supporter AvatarAang7, Lin supporter DrachenRitter42 and judge Skipper8888, we shall answer that question.



Suyin Suyin Beifong AvatarAang7 50px-24960748.png

Suyin Beifong is the youngest daughter of Toph Beifong. Her mother gave her all the freedom in the world, and she used this as an excuse to get into all sorts of trouble. Ultimately, this resorted in her being sent away from Republic City at the age of sixteen, after which she did all manner of things, including joining a pirate crew, the circus, and a sandbender community in the desert. After her travels, she ultimately settled on a new plot of land, and built the metal city of Zaofu. Here, she maintained certain skills by forming and performing in the dance troupe.

When Korra came to her in order to ask her only daughter to be a part of the new Air Nation, it didn't take long before the Red Lotus followed her to Zaofu, and a heated battle followed, during which Su demonstrated her ability to think on her feet, quickly improvising a plan to rescue Korra.

She later on joined again after learning that Opal had been taken hostage, and fought side by side with her sister to take out P'Li, ultimately killing the combustionbender.

Lastly, her fighting prowess was seen when she fought against Kuvira, the first time of which she improvised armor but subsequently lost. The second time around she helped Korra infiltrate the mecha giant, successfully disabling the spirit canon.


Since Suyin is so well-traveled, she has had ample opportunity to learn about many different aspects and possibilities of earth and metalbending. Contrary to her sister's rigid style, Suyin employs a more fluid method, using the acrobatics from her dancing experience to her advantage. She rarely relies on brute force to overpower her opponents, and instead uses intelligence and cunning to plan the right time to strike. This is undoubtedly a teaching from her mother, who demonstrated a mastery of neutral jin as early as the age of twelve. This is most noticeable during the fight on Laghima's Peak, where Suyin waited until P'Li was about to blow up Lin to wrap her armor around the combustionbender's head, killing her instantly.

Her acrobatics were most noticeably demonstrated at two points: during her fight with Lin, and her fight with Kuvira. When she was up against her own sister, she managed to bob and weave through a volley of small rocks, neatly avoiding all of them. Against Kuvira however, it went a bit differently. Firstly, she managed to leap onto the top of the canon from ground while taking a boulder on tow. She smacked said boulder into the cannon hard enough that it would have definitely crushed Kuvira, if it were a hit. This fight further proved her agility, when she flipped, spun, and dodged most of Kuvira's attacks.

When going into battle, Suyin typically packs a pair of spools with metal wires on her hips. This is by design of her mother, while Lin employs the more modern variant with the spools on her back. She uses these as all metalbenders use their cables, though Suyin appears to prefer either more old-fashioned techniques, or more unorthodox ones.

She has also demonstrated an ability to use her metalbending very precisely, as she used it to pull most of the metal poison from Korra's body long after it had been administered, saving the Avatar's life. Furthermore, she can use seismic sense even while wearing shoes, demonstrating her finesse with the skill.


When she is prepared for battle, Suyin typically wears a hard metal armor covering her torso, and keeps a belt with metal cables on her hips. Suyin also isn't afraid to use this to her advantage, as it was her armor that she ultimately used to enclose P'Li's head to kill her.

But even when she does not have ample time to prepare for a battle, her ingenuity pops up again. In one of her more memorable moves, Suyin ripped a door from the canon, and bent it around her back, providing her with both armor and ammunition for shooting strips of metal at her former protege, and later to absorb some of the fall when she was thrown off the canon again.

Her battle armor does not seem to hinder her agility very much, as Suyin was still able to perform her flips during the battle on top of Laghima's Peak.


Suyin's biggest weakness is that she can let her emotions gain the upper hand over her ability to think clearly. When she feels responsible for a bad situation, she tends to try and fix it herself, even when the odds are against her. Trying to take Kuvira out in the night proved this: Kuvira had her outwitted, and she wasn't able to fight off the forces that were sent to capture them.


Lin Beifong Lin Beifong DrachenRitter42 50px-5001176.png

Lin Beifong is the Chief of the Republic City Police Department and leader of its Metalbending Police Force. She is the daughter of Toph Beifong, a brave, loyal and selfless woman despite her somewhat acerbic personality. She was estranged from her sister for many years due to disagreements caused by the latter's behavior, which left her with two long scars on her cheek and much deeper emotional and psychological scars, which have only begun to heal following her reconciliation with her sister in AG 174.


Lin is an Earthbending Master with very high aptitude for the art, able to levitate rocks/boulders many times her size and weight with relatively little effort. She is also a highly skilled, agile and resilient fighter. She has also achieved high aptitude in seismic sense, able to locate and determine the general layout of subterranean structures, and even determine the presence or absence of specific individuals within the vicinity, such as when she was able to pinpoint the exact location of her captured men as well as determine Korra's absence in the Equalist hideout.

Lin is also a superbly skilled metalbender, easily able to use her metalbending to cause tremendous damage to metal structures such as an airship. She is also capable of much more precise and accurate use of the art, especially with the two spools of metal wire mounted to the back of her armor, with which she has performed both very precise offensive attacks as well as considerable feats of acrobatics, demonstrated during, for example, the Equalist attack on the Pro-Bending Arena.


As leader of Republic City's metalbender cops, Lin wears black armor similar to that worn by her officers, which renders her highly resistant to direct physical attacks and is impervious to chi-blocking. Mounted to the back of her armor are two spools of long, metal wire, tipped with sharp points, which are her primary weapon. The soles of the boots on her armor can be retracted with metalbending, allowing her to make full use of her seismic sense.


Lin's primary weakness stems primarily from her stubborn temperament and tendency to hold grudges, which can affect her actions and make her sometimes unnecessarily rash or impulsive. In addition, she does seem to, with good reason, have a very high opinion of herself and her own abilities. However, this can result in her overestimating her abilities, and by extension underestimating her opponents - as seen when she substantially underestimated the resourcefulness of the Equalists and their ability to deal with the Metalbending Police Force.


Skipper8888 Sokka during the trial

Suyin Beifong is definitely skillful fighter. We can say exactly the same about her older sister, Lin Beifong. Although, I think the fact that Suyin is more experienced person and has been to different places and meet different people may be considered as huge advantage. She uses her knowledge and experience as weapon during the battle. For example, thanks to her dancing experience, she has developed acrobatic skills. All this means that Suyin is smart woman and easily adapted to everything, who turns her experiences to advantages in fights.

On the other hand, Lin Beifong was born to be a leader. Her selflessness and ability of being ready to sacrifice herself in battle or in order to save last airbenders (Book 1) is guarantee that she will do her best to reach her goals, which is huge advantage. Maybe Lin has not traveled around the world like her younger sister but she has faced criminal cases and political conflicts in Republic City. She is able to face difficulties with cool head, which is a huge advantage during the battles. In conclusion, Lin Beifong is very strong and highly skilled metalbender just like her mother.


The battle is set in a specially designed arena.

Both Lin and Suyin enter from opposite ends of the arena. Once they've reached the centre, platinum walls encage them, preventing any escape. That being said, an escape attempt does not seem likely.

Lin makes the first move. Lifting a large rock from the ground with her foot, she hurls it at her sister. Suyin spins around, taking the rock around her back and returning it to her sister. Lin does the same until it becomes apparent that this way will not yield a victor.

Lin stops the rock and pulls up another one. She throws both at Lin and curves them from different angles at her sister, utilising a pincer movement. Suyin destroys the two of them with her palms but as her vision is blocked by the dust, she is unable to see the third rock before it collides into her chest.

Suyin falls over and skids to a halt. Lin unleashes a storm of jagged dust at her fallen sister, in an attempt to blind her, perhaps permanently.

Stomping her foot on the ground, Su is able to get a clear view of her sister. She bends the jagged rocks back at her sister. They harmlessly bounce off her armour. Lin raises a rock to throw at her sister, only to find Su anticipated it and destroyed it before Lin was able to throw it.

It wasn't long before Lin realised that Su was using her seismic sense. Lin did the same, aiming to negate her sister's advantage. The pair entered a stalemate in which every attack was both blocked and countered before it could be started.

Suddenly, Lin lashes a metal rope at Su. Using her belt-mounted spool, Su returns the favour. Both roll and side-step to avoid each other's strikes, with none of them being able to land a successful hit.

Changing tactics, Su picks up a large metal plate and throws it at Lin. Lin punches it and severely deforms it. Sensing vibrations under the ground, she turns around and punches. Her sister, who had just emerged from burrowing under the ground has been dealt a surprise attack. Being struck in the head, she falls to the ground.

Su scurries out of the way of Lin, who attempts to stomp on Su's head with a large rock. Su climbs to her feet and extends her metal cable. It meets with her sister's and it tangles in the middle. Slowly, Su's overpowers Lin's and coils around her wrist. Su prepares to pull her sister towards her.

Lin cuts the rope, in much the same manner her sister did when they were younger, and yielding similar results. The jagged edges of the snapped rope lacerates her sister's face and causes deep wound marks. Su is taken aback. Clutching her hand to her face, she is unable to land a direct hit on her sister as Lin charges with her metal blade extended. Lin plunges the sword into Su's rib cage.

Lin grins at the sound of the satisfying crack and watches the blood spurt out with glee. She throws Suyin's lifeless corpse to the ground and walks off. With the platinum gates fallen, she makes a slow exit but pays not attention to the cheering crowd.

Winner: Lin Beifong


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