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Sokka was the chief of the Southern Water Tribe and the brother-in-law of Avatar Aang. Asami Sato is CEO of Future Industries and Avatar Korra's girlfriend. Both are non-benders but capable fighters nonetheless. Who, of the two, would win a fight to the death?


In 99 AG, Sokka left his home in the Southern Water Tribe to journey with Aang and save the world from the Fire Nation. Sokka quickly assumed leadership of Team Avatar and became their strategist. His lack of bending did not hinder him in achieving greatness. Sokka took down the first known combustionbender and destroyed an entire Fire Nation air fleet with a Fire Nation warship. When Korra was only 4, he defended her from a Red Lotus attack.


Sokka charges

Despite being only 15, Sokka had the warrior spirit.

Sokka's many weapons include his short-lived spear, which he used in his ill-fated defence of his tribe. His spear was used for fishing and was not suited to combat.
Among his other Water Tribe weapons are his jaw blade, capable of being embedded into a tree; his bone club, carved from polar bear femur with a large ball attached for extra mass and force; and his machete, which he used for shaving, picking his teeth and powerful slashes.

Of course, Sokka's weapon of choice is his trusty boomerang. Its range means it can be used for a first strike. It also has another advantage - people tend to disregard the boomerang if it misses them the first time; they do not notice its return. This had been shown to be to the detriment of both Zuko and Azula. Sokka shows great precision with his boomerang, as he was able to curve it and strike Combustion Man in the third eye without having much time to prepare. Furthermore, his boomerang continued to be useful against comet-enhanced firebenders.

Piandao fights Sokka

Sokka is a master swordsman.

During his stay in the Fire Nation, Sokka trained under the master swordsman, Piandao, a member of the White Lotus. Sokka learned to manipulate the environment to his advantage. He made his final weapon - a jian straight sword, from a fallen meteorite, giving it a black blade and great power. On the Day of Sozin's Comet, Sokka used his sword to cut through over a foot of solid (perhaps, slightly warm) steel.


Sokka is a brilliant strategist, having coordinated the Water Tribe invasion of the Fire Nation and the defence of the Earth Kingdom during Sozin's Comet. He is also a capable inventor, having collaborated with the mechanist to invent the submarine and hot air balloon. On a smaller scale, he also invented slime, explosive and stink bombs. Through his training with Suki, he learned to time his attacks and wait for the right moment to strike.
Sokka has a rather hard head, as evidenced when even Ty Lee failed to chi block it.


While Sokka is a capable warrior, his lack of military training puts him at a disadvantage. Although disciplined, he can often be goaded into rash strikes, such as on the Day of Black Sun. His other weakness is his lack of agility, being unable to avoid many attacks or land a blow on an agile opponent.


Asami is the daughter of Hiroshi Sato, inventor of the Satomobile. When it was discovered her father was conspiring with the Equalists, Asami joined the Avatar to put down the revolutionaries. Since then, she served the Avatar and aided her against Zaheer and Kuvira.


Asami charging an electrified glove

Asami's chi-blocker glove is her primary weapon.

In battle, Asami utilises her chi-blocking glove. The glove allows her to incapacitate any foe with a touch. The glove is electrically powered and can shock her foes, leaving them knocked out for some time. Being electrically powered, it travels well through metal, being able to shock metalbending police officers. Asami has used the glove against Equalists, Northern waterbenders, the Red Lotus and Earth Empire Forces. The glove in combination with Asami's agility makes her a mighty foe.
Asami has another weapon up her sleeve. Asami can pilot her father's mecha tanks and was able to defeat her father in combat. The mecha suits can fire grappling hooks and channel electricity through them. They can also launch strong nets, trapping opponents. The tanks can launch spiralling disks that trap opponents and electrocute them. The tanks are made of platinum, a metal that not even metalbenders can bend and is impervious to low intensity flames.


Asami dodging an attack

Asami is very agile.

As a young girl, Asami Sato was trained in self-defence. She became a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and is able to defeat Equalist chi-blockers without the need of her glove. However, she is able to incorporate her glove in her style of fighting, making her a formidable opponent.
Asami is a great inventor and is able to easily control mecha tanks.


Asami is not without her weaknesses. She is not a strategist and lacks Sokka's degree of combat experience. Asami's arsenal is small and not proven to be lethal.


The battle is set outside the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Centre.

Asami pulled up in her mecha tank. Looking up, she saw Sokka's war balloon above her. Sokka unleashed a load of explosives upon Asami's tank, but to no avail. The explosions either missed or had little effect. Asami pulled a lever and her mecha tank's arm angled itself toward Sokka's balloon. She flicked a switch and released her grappling hook, catching the balloon. Sokka hacked the claw with his club and left a dent, but was unable to break its grip. As Asami pulled Sokka down, he threaded a rope around his boomerang, grappled onto his statue and jumped, crashing into the statue.

Sokka drew his space sword from the scabbard. Asami released a spinning, electrified disk, aimed to ensnare Sokka's legs. Sokka slashed down and destroyed the snare. Asami attempted again, three more times, only to have the same outcome. Sokka advanced cautiously. Sokka sliced the flying net, but was hit by a flailing rope. Sokka fell back and stared the mech in what he thought was the eye. Asami grappled Sokka. Electricity crackled down the cable. Sokka slashed the cable, breaking it. Sokka's sword conducted the electricity, shocking him and forcing him to drop the sword. Sokka stumbled, grabbing his sword. He charged, slicing another grapple, then jumped at Asami, slashing his way at the armour plating. He hacked a gaping hole in the suit and was now stabbing at the visor, trying to strike Asami. Asami span her tank around violently and threw him off. Sokka landed with a thud, leaving his sword embedded in the tank.

Sokka scampered to his wrecked balloon and strapped some weapons into his belt. Donning his wolf helmet and arming himself with the whale bone spear, he charged Asami. Asami took hold of the spear and shifted her mass in a clockwise manner, thus throwing Sokka. Asami took hold of his spear and wielded it as a staff, parrying his club and attempting to stab him. Sokka hooked her new spear with his club and disarmed her. Asami darted at Sokka. Sokka frantically threw his boomerang, narrowly missing Asami. Asami grabbed Sokka by the shirt and charged her glove, electricity crackling through it. She raised the glove to Sokka's head, only to be stopped by the returning boomerang. Startled, Asami turned to face her attacker. Sokka cracked her over the shoulder with his club. Asami turned and held Sokka by the wrist. Twisting it, she forced Sokka to drop his club. The two engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Asami's kicks and punches proved difficult for Sokka to block. Running from Asami, Sokka fixed a mask over his mouth and nose. He span around, slashing at Asami with his machete. Asami ducked, thus avoiding the deadly blow. With a powerful kick, she struck Sokka in chest. Sokka dropped a stink bomb.

Asami, coughing and spluttering, punched wildly into the miasma. Sokka avoided many punches, but suffered a direct hit to the face. Asami, clearing her view, shocked Sokka and carried his limp body out of the fog. Having escaped the fog, she cast him down, holding his machete, she prepared to strike. Sokka's hand, wondering aimlessly through his shirt, formed a fist. Sokka swiftly stood up, piercing Asami's stomach with his jaw blade. Startled, she stepped back, dropping his machete.

Asami's injury was not mortal, but acted as a shock. Picking up his machete, Sokka struck Asami's glove, electrocuting her. Sokka rushed to his space sword, only to be stopped by a powerful kick to the chest. Sokka crashed to the ground. Sokka reached for his spear, but so did Asami. The two wrestled, with Sokka slashing Asami's cheek with his dagger. In pain, Asami released the spear. Sokka plunged the spear into Asami's chest, killing her.


While Asami's mecha tank was superior to Sokka's war balloon, it was no defence against Sokka's sword. Sokka's sword could penetrate solid iron, with an average brinell hardness of 690 MPa, which is stronger than platinum at 405 MPa. If Sokka can cut iron, he can cut platinum, but with greater ease. 

Asami's agility certainly gave her an advantage, but her reliance on hand-to-hand combat and lack of full experience put her at a disadvantage. Another notable disadvantage is her very small arsenal, having only one true weapon, as opposed to Sokka's great variety of weapons. Sokka also had close, medium and long range weapons, as opposed to Asami simply having close range. Sokka also made use of stink bombs and other suck weapons, giving him the edge.

Out of 100 battles, Sokka would probably win 70.

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