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Hello, everyone, I am the Duke of Skibbington, host and battle master of the Avatar Colosseum. Today is our final battle. Now, we welcome back our season 1 champion, Katara of the Southern Water Tribe! Please give a round of applause to the winner of the previous round, Lin Beifong!

Since this is a special occasion, we shall now feature two fanon characters, Korra from All Are Equal, supported by our regular - AvatarAang7 and Ratana. Ratana shall be supported by a legend of the Avatar Wiki, the author of Avatar: Energy Saga and Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes - AvatarRokusGhost. ARG, thank you for appearing on this show tonight. For a final twist, they shall fight me, the Duke of Skibbington, otherwise known as The Emperor.

Returning as the judge from last round is chat regular Skipper8888.

Born in the Earth Kingdom city-state of Munn, Ratana left her noble origins behind at age sixteen and traveled the world. Following her brief stint as a wandering vagabond, she met her new earthbending instructor and dedicated her life to serving her country in the Neverending War against the Fire Nation (a name for the Hundred Year War before they knew precisely how long it would last). Ratana has always stood out not only as the sole female member of the Terra Team, but for her courage on the battlefield and the leadership role she naturally fits into.

In her time, Ratana defended her nation's capital against the Dragon of the West's Siege of Ba Sing Se. Ratana both protects those she sees as innocent and punishes those she sees as evil. While many, if they had to choose between one or the other, would prioritize the former, but if she has to pick, Ratana's instinct leads her to punish those she views as evil.

Armor and Weapons

Her armor is the standard uniform of the Terra Team most of the time, which is light, nimble and easy to move in. On other occasions, she can disguise herself in something else to hide her identity, usually in plain civilian clothes. As a weapon of choice, Ratana always relies on her earthbending abilities. Even though she struggled with the basics of the bending art at a young age, Ratana has mastered most forms of earthbending with the exceptions of sandbending and metalbending (metalbending had not been invented yet when she fought in the legendary Siege of Ba Sing Se).


One of her clearest strengths is her earthbending, which she has become proficient at under the tutelage of numerous teachers, including her mother Lady Rang Xue, Brawki, a grizzled Earth Kingdom Army veteran and even badgermoles. She is able to use her seismic sense to track the movements of nearby opponents, but not quite good enough at that skill to "see without seeing". Becoming battle-hardened by her years of serving on the Terra Team, she is used to sustaining injuries on occasion, and being used to killing so often herself, she is not shocked by anything she sees in combat. Whenever something does not go according to plan, she improvises and relies on her natural instinct to do whatever she must in the moment.


When she is faced by an opponent that is not like the ones she usually duels with, Ratana can sometimes be taken off guard by a style of attack she is not expecting, such as when she had to fight her own commanding officer Colonel Quan Jing, who she found out had turned war criminal. Additionally, should Ratana become overly agitated or angered, she will attack her opponent viciously in a fury. It is at times like this that she is most vulnerable to an attack by her opponent, especially one that she is not expecting.

Korra is the primary supporting character of All Are Equal, in which she is no a fully realized Avatar, but a drug dealer with a shady past. However, much like the original Korra, she deeply loves the people close to her, and has a special place in her heart for the Gyatsos, primarily Jinora.

Even though Korra very reluctantly helped Jinora into the drug ring, she never stopped looking out for her. At every turn, she helped her little sister, first to get her started, get her armed, and stuck with her, even when the odds were against them.


Because Korra spends most of her time on the streets of a bad neighborhood in a drug-flooded city, she quickly learned to fend for herself. She is in excellent condition, being able to sprint across long distances, yet still have energy left to fight for what she cares about. Her time on the streets also left her pretty capable of being able to fight with her bare hands, her right hook being powerful enough to knock the lights out of a man twice her size.

She is also fairly clever, able to work out plans for deceiving people high on the food chain, and generally think of ways out of situations so that she will end up on top in the end. Korra is even able to make deals and accords with people of rivalling gangs, indicating a certain skill in diplomacy of the criminal kind.

Lastly, she is always able to think clearly under pressure, even when the situation heats up to beyond the boiling point. This has been demonstrated on multiple occasions, most noticeably when she had to save Jinora.

Weapons and armor

Korra's primary weapon is a .45 caliber handgun, closely akin to the Colt M1911. This gun, equipped with an eight round, single-stack box magazine is extremely reliable, and Korra always takes hers with her for added protection. On occasion, she has used it effectively, using her ability to keep a cool head under pressure and her aim straight and true. When going into battle, she also has the foresight to bring extra ammunition in case things take a turn for the ugly.

She is very skilled with this weapon, being able to accurately shoot it, even single-handedly when necessary.

Her armor consists of a hoodie and a sagging pair of jeans, so basically, nothing that would stop a bullet. Since she doesn't have very expansive resources, she isn't able to afford proper armor, nor is her supplier to deliver it to her.


Korra's biggest weak spot is Jinora, plain and simple. When the younger one gets into trouble, Korra would stop at nothing to protect her, even if that means putting her own life on the line. She has a definitive soft spot for Jinora, which can cloud her judgement. To a certain extent, this applies to all her friends, as she goes out for revenge after Opal has been hurt as well, indicating that she is one to hold grudges, at least some of them.

The Emperor was born into a family of scientists and was the heir of the Duchy of Skibbington. One day, the Emperor decided to set up the Colosseum. Using advanced technology, he plucked the most skilled warriors of the four nations from their time lines and made them battle to the death. To this day, the reasons for his decisions are unknown but may be due to his ever-increasing megalomania.


The Emperor is naturally intelligent, being able to use the environment to his advantage in battles. He is strong willed and is not likely to give into attempts to control his mind or body. He also has a rather strong tolerance to pain.

Weapons and Armour

The Emperor was born as a powerful firebender. He soon mastered a new skill - elemental conversion. With this, he is able to convert his streams of fire into air and water and vice-versa. However, he has no control of elements once they have been converted, unless they become fire. He is very capable with the Gladius sword and uses it to augment his firebending.

His final weapon is not technically a weapon, rather a serum, which, when injected, plunges the victim into a murderous rage. He uses this on Colosseum contestants.

For armour, The Emperor wears something resembling the ancient Greek linothorax but is made of many layers of silk as well as linen, giving it some minor protection against handguns. It is flame-retardant but loses all protective capabilities when wet.


Despite wielding amazing power, The Emperor is relatively unfit. He is prone to tire easily and after a few short bursts near the beginning, his fighting effectiveness drops dramatically.

Being unfit, The Emperor cannot run very fast or for a prolonged period of time.

Katara was born in the Southern Water Tribe during the final decade of the war. At the age of 14, she discovered Avatar Aang after a long absence. Katara encountered Zuko many times in her journey to the Northern Water Tribe and defeated him on almost every occasion.

In 100 AG, Katara travelled to Ba Sing Se, invaded the Fire Nation, and defeated the comet-enhanced Fire Lord Azula in an Agni Kai, thus ending the war and bringing peace.


Katara is a master waterbender. By the time of her birth, she was the only waterbender living in the South. In spite of this, she was still able to freeze some of Zuko's men on their first encounter. Her skills continued to improve on their travels when she discovered a rare waterbending scroll. After reaching the North Pole, she was trained in both healing and combat. She beat up Zuko twice in one day. Throughout her travels, she faced many foes and defeated them with her mastery of waterbending. She developed skills as simple as the water whip, as crude as a giant wave, as precise as controlling plants, and as advanced as the octopus stance. Katara is more than just a waterbender. In the summer of 100 AG, Katara encountered Hama - an old waterbender of her tribe who now lived in the Fire Nation. Katara learnt the most chilling technique - bloodbending. Katara became the first person to both resist and learn bloodbending. With bloodbending, she can manipulate a person's body. The only downside to her ability is that it can only be used during a full moon.


Katara is strong willed, only giving up fights if they could prove costly to her friends. Her determination enabled her to fend off multiple Dai Li agents and clear an entire warship by herself.

Not only that, Katara is very adaptable and to her terrain. She can extract droplets of water from the air and large streams from plants. In one case, she even resorted to bending her on sweat.


Katara's greatest weakness lies in her bending. Katara relies on a source of water from which to bend. Katara is not trained in any form of hand-to-hand or armed combat. Katara also lacks the ability to fight the most agile of opponents such as Ty Lee.

Lin Beifong is the Chief of the Republic City Police Department and leader of its Metalbending Police Force. She is the daughter of Toph Beifong, a brave, loyal and selfless woman despite her somewhat acerbic personality. She was estranged from her sister for many years due to disagreements caused by the latter's behaviour, which left her with two long scars on her cheek and much deeper emotional and psychological scars, which have only begun to heal following her reconciliation with her sister in AG 174.


Lin is an Earthbending Master with very high aptitude for the art, able to levitate rocks/boulders many times her size and weight with relatively little effort. She is also a highly skilled, agile and resilient fighter. She has also achieved high aptitude in seismic sense, able to locate and determine the general layout of subterranean structures, and even determine the presence or absence of specific individuals within the vicinity, such as when she was able to pinpoint the exact location of her captured men as well as determine Korra's absence in the Equalist hideout.

Lin is also a superbly skilled metalbender, easily able to use her metalbending to cause tremendous damage to metal structures such as an airship. She is also capable of much more precise and accurate use of the art, especially with the two spools of metal wire mounted to the back of her armor, with which she has performed both very precise offensive attacks as well as considerable feats of acrobatics, demonstrated during, for example, the Equalist attack on the Pro-Bending Arena.


As leader of Republic City's metalbender cops, Lin wears black armor similar to that worn by her offices, which renders her highly resistant to direct physical attacks and is impervious to chi-blocking. Mounted to the back of her armor are two spools of long, metal wire, tipped with sharp points, which are her primary weapon. The soles of the boots on her armor can be retracted with metalbending, allowing her to make full use of her seismic sense.


Lin's primary weakness stems primarily from her stubborn temperament and tendency to hold grudges, which can affect her actions and make her sometimes unnecessarily rash or impulsive. In addition, she does seem to, with good reason, have a very high opinion of herself and her own abilities. However, this can result in her overestimating her abilities, and by extension underestimating her opponents - as seen when she substantially underestimated the resourcefulness of the Equalists and their ability to deal with the Metalbending Police Force.


Let's start with Ratana. Ratana is skilled earthbender. She masters all styles of earthbending and had lot of teachers which can be counted as advantage. Ratana is also decent fighter who has served as soldier during the Hundred Year War which makes and has proved to be great leader. Her experience in battle fights is huge advantage, as is her readiness and sense of justice. Although, her quick and angry temper might be sign of recklessness.

Korra has been through a lot in her past. She had to learn how to fight and take care of herself and people around her which makes her good leader and independent person. She is skilled street fighter but she has neither bending ability, nor experience in many fights which may be considered as disadvantage. Although she is clever person who has to deal with criminal world and is very enduring and rough.

The Emperor is a powerful firebender. The Emperor's ability to turn use his intelligence and knowledge in the battles is definitely an advantage. The Emperor's strong tolerance to pain gives him more chances during the fight. Although elemental conversion makes him dangerous opponent for one element benders, he has no control over elements which makes this ability useless at some point. He is by all accounts a genius and experienced in judgement.

Katara is the greatest waterbender of her time and possibly one of the best waterbenders in history. She has mastered all types and styles of waterbending. Probably her strongest ability is bloodbending which allows her to control human's body. Although she refuses to use unless situation is highly extreme and also she can only use bloodbending during the full moon. Katara's free will and mental strength means that she is unbreakable and never gives up. Also she is easily adapted in different situations.

Lin Beifong was born to be leader. Her selflessness and ability of being ready to sacrifice herself in battle or in order to save last airbenders is a guarantee that she will do her best to reach her goals, which is huge advantage. Lin has faced criminal cases and political conflicts in the Republic City. She is able to face difficulties with cool head, which is huge advantage during the battles.


The contestants enter the arena. They stand equidistant from the centre and all eye each other, looking for an opening to attack. None of them seem willing to make the first move.

From the corner of her eye, Lin notices Korra withdrawing her gun from her hoodie. The police chief grapples the teenager's wrist, causing Korra to drop her gun. Lin drags in Korra, only to suffer a powerful right-hook to her breastplate. Being startled, Lin released her grip on the girl. Korra seizes her opportunity to take her gun and run into a forested area. Lin gives chase.

The two remaining girls, Ratana and Katara attack the Emperor. Katara tries to strike him with a water whip she pulls from a nearby lake. Upon touching his hands, it turns into a stream of fire which he returns to her. Katara recovers from her shock and extinguishes it with another stream of water. Ratana throws a large rock at him. As it comes close to colliding with his palm, it transforms into a massive ball of fire. He then proceeds to scatter it in a circle around him that explodes and showers his foes.

With a large ball of water, Katara shields herself from the flames. Suddenly, she is knocked over with a gust of concentrated wind which she did not anticipate. She looks around and notices The Emperor is nowhere in sight. Ratana picks her up and brushes her off.

Suddenly, feeling a prick in their arms, they turn on each other.

Lin enters the forested area and sights her foe. Korra quickly turns around while running and with one hand, discharges her gun. The bullet scrapes on Lin's shoulder plate, causing an insignificant scratch. Once again, she turns her head and fires twice. One shot penetrates a tree, the other misses completely. Lin stomps on the ground, causing it to shake and Korra to collapse to the ground.

Ratana makes her first move against Katara. She raises a large rock and hurls it at the waterbender. Katara nimbly ducks under it and showers Ratana with shards of ice. The earthbender takes a solid stance and digs in. She raises a pillar that protects her from the shards. Katara slices the pillar with a compressed wave and proceeds to take Ratana by both arms and legs. Swinging, she throws Ratana a very short distance.

Korra, pinned to a tree tries desperately to shoot her pursuer. After suffering a shot which penetrates her armour and damages her pelvis, Lin grapples into a tree and leaps from tree to tree. She leaps down at Korra and strangles her to death with the metal cable.

Ratana erected herself and attacked Katara with renewed vigour. She threw rocks, kicked up pillars and long trails of jagged earth. Unable to block, Katara was forced to retreat. Slowly, the sun set and the moon was full. Ratana lifted a large rock and dispersed it into many smaller rocks that sprayed like a gun. She had Katara pinned down.

Lin is knocked over by a large inferno. The Emperor rushes in and clumsily picks up the fallen Korra's handgun. Lin forms a blade from her shoulder armour and lunges at her foe. The Emperor withdraws his sword and blocks her strike. Lin fights aggressively, forcing the Emperor to block every move and preventing a counter. She thrusts, causing him to lunge back to avoid it.

Ratana loses control of her movement. She falls to the ground and begins to spasm. Her head rotates in an impossible manner until finally, with a large crack, her neck fails. Katara releases her grip and Ratana collapses.

The Emperor fires a shot from the gun. As if by luck, the bullet strikes Lin's arm and causes her to hesitate. The Emperor firebends through his sword, concentrating his attack. This knocks Lin over and leaves her in the burning scrub. To be certain of her demise, he fires a shot into her body before running out of ammunition.

The Emperor slowly begins searching for his last remaining foe. He spots Katara refilling her water pouch by a lake. He slowly extends his arm and focuses on the stream of water which she is bending. It ignites and he tosses the fire to her chest, burning some of her robes. He jumps from his vantage point - a small rock - and grunts. He attacks Katara relentlessly with gusts of wind and streams of fire. He doesn't dare attack her with water.

Katara manages either to side-step each one or extinguish them with fire. The Emperor is beginning to pant - he is getting tired. He bends through his sword, to the point where it is engulfed in flames. He charges at Katara and slashes. Katara redirects his momentum with a blast of water. He turns back to her and swings. She manages to dive out of the way.

Katara draws water from the lake and forms two water whips. She grabs him by the leg and tries to tip him over. However, with his flaming sword, he is able to evaporate the stream. He firebends her and strikes her in the shoulder, scorching the point of contact. Katara pulls up more streams and forms two, slightly longer swords of ice. She tries to engage in a duel, only to have her weapon melted every time the blades meet. Katara runs upon seeing her opportunity. She flees further down the lake and begins to heal her wounded shoulder.

The Emperor emerges from the bushes which he sets alight. Katara extends her arm and pulls down. He bows. She tries to lift him up, to no avail. He then stands up and throws a compressed gust of air at her. This time, it is slower than the others and Katara is easily able to evade it. He charges at her slashes, lopping off one of her arms and sealing off the wound. He strikes at her leg but misses. She smacks him in the face with water and pushes him back with a large jet.

He charges and aims to impale. As he runs, his legs twist and he is guided away by a tendril of water. A large ice blade impales him through his side. As blood spurts from his injury, he launches his attacker into a tree with a final, powerful gust of fire that leaves severe burns. After he stops moving, Katara slowly walks, collapses and then crawls to the river.


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