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The Kyoshi Warriors and the Equalists are perhaps the most well known nonbender fighters. They are both the two major organisations that utilise chi blocking.

Kyoshi Warriors

The Kyoshi Warriors are the female warriors of Kyoshi Island. They dress as their namesake and have applied a nonbender variant on Kyoshi's fighting styles.


Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors

The Kyoshi warriors use fans and shields.

The Kyoshi Warriors are known for their unique style of fighting and choice of weapons. Along with their retractable shields, their primary weapon is the iconic metal fan. They use them in a manner very similar to waterbending, in that they use their opponent's strength against them, redirecting their energy. The fans can also be used offensively - thrown as a boomerang or a projectile. Their shields are strong enough to deflect a blast of Azula's mighty blue fire.

The Kyoshi Warriors not only make use of shields and fans, but also a slightly curved, single-edged Katana. These are very effective secondary weapons. They can use them with great precision and power. Their strength was demonstrated when Suki impaled a tree with it in her battle against Azula.

Ty Lee chi blocking insane Azula

They are skilled chi blockers.

The Kyoshi Warriors are also capable chi blockers, having been taught by Ty Lee, a member of the organisation.


The Kyoshi Warriors are stealthy, being able to sneak up on the Avatar and his friends. They are also seen to be agile.


Although the Kyoshi Warriors are strong fighters, they were defeated on one occasion. This was during their battle against Azula, Mai and Ty Lee. While they are chi blockers, their weakness seems to lie in being chi blocked.


The Equalists were an organisation of anti-bending terrorists. They employed chi blocking extensively in their campaign.


Equalist chi blockers

The Equalists rely heavily on chi blocking.

The primary weapon of the Equalists is chi blocking. With their great stealth, they sneak up on a bender and block their chi with quick jabs. Another of their methods is using an electrified chi blocking glove, a favourite of Asami Sato.

Equalist attacking

The Equalists use electricity a lot.

The Equalists attempt to negate the benders' range advantage through use of weapons such as bolas. These secondary weapons ensnare the bender and shock them with an electric current.

The Equalists have tertiary weapons in the event of things going wrong. They used smoke grenades and knock-out gas extensively during the Anti-bending Revolution.


The Equalists are masters of stealth, having developed the skill out of necessity to combat benders. They often dress in civilian clothing to fool victims into letting their guard down.

The are highly agile, being able to avoid many bending techniques.


The Equalists are highly geared towards stealth, so much so that they rely on it. If they do not have the element of surprise, or the sheer mass of numbers, they are likely to lose. This was demonstrated during their raid on Air Temple Island, when Lin, Tenzin's children and three White Lotus guards were able to defeat an entire invasion wave, before they were crushed by numbers.

Weapon Comparison

Kyoshi Equalists
Primary Fan and shield Chi blocking
Secondary Katana Bolas
Tertiary Chi blocking Smoke grenades


The Battle is set in an Earth Kingdom forest near Ba Sing Se.

A group of five Kyoshi Warriors forages for berries, dressed in full uniform. Equalists hide behind trees, spying on the warriors. The warriors are alerted by a sudden creaking sound. They withdraw their fans and open their shields. A bola catches a warrior by the legs and shocks her. A warrior throws her fan into the trees, hitting her target.

An Equalist jumps behind a warrior and attempts to jab her back, only to be thrown away by a fan. He stands to his feet and tries to sneak around her, but is bludgeoned to death. Another Equalist, wielding an electric glove, shocks her to death. The Equalist then flees into the thick forest.

A warrior pursues an Equalist. With a series of quick jabs, she blocks his chi and impales him with a katana. A cloud of gas fills the scene as an Equalist jumps upon the warrior. After a struggle, the warrior dies and the Equalist is injured.

The gloved Equalist battles another warrior. He evades many sword slashes and gets in closer. The warrior punches him in the face and extends her fan. He tries once more, but is thrown with her fan. He drops a bomb of knock-out gas that forms a thick, green haze. The warrior leaps upon him and wrestles with his mask, ripping it off. Without breathing masks, both combatants die.

The final two warriors stand together, fighting the final two Equalists. A chi blocker disables a warrior and halts her breathing. The remaining warrior spins; holding her katana in both hands, she decapitates the Equalist. The final Equalist flees, the warrior giving chase.

The Equalist turns and throws a bola, only for it to be sliced with the blade. The Equalist fastens his glove and drops a smoke bomb. In the chaos, he climbs a tree and jumps onto the warrior. Raising her sword, she impales the Equalist and throws him against the tree. Raising her sword, she cries in victory. She cleans her sword and staggers off.


The Equalists were masters of surprise. However, it is also seen that the Kyoshi Warriors are rather skilled in that matter. While the Equalists are often unable to win a sustained confrontation with an alert enemy, the Kyoshi Warriors are able to hold their own in the most protracted of battles.

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