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Katara and Toph were Aang's masters for water and earth, respectively. With conflicting personalities, the two often found themselves at odds - violent odds.


Katara vs Master Pakku

Katara is a mighty waterbender.

Katara was born in the Southern Water Tribe during the final decade of the war. At the age of 14, she discovered Avatar Aang after a long absence. Katara encountered Zuko many times in her journey to the Northern Water Tribe and defeated him on almost every occasion.

In 100 AG, Katara travelled to Ba Sing Se, invaded the Fire Nation, and defeated the comet-enhanced Fire Lord Azula in an Agni Kai, thus ending the war and bringing peace.


Katara is a master waterbender. By the time of her birth, she was the only waterbender living in the South. In spite of this, she was still able to freeze some of Zuko's men on their first encounter. Her skills continued to improve on their travels when she discovered a rare waterbending scroll. After reaching the North Pole, she was trained in both healing and combat. She beat up Zuko twice in one day. Throughout her travels, she faced many foes and defeated them with her mastery of waterbending. She developed skills as simple as the water whip, as crude as a giant wave, as precise as controlling plants, and as advanced as the octopus stance.

Katara is more than just a waterbender. In the summer of 100 AG, Katara encountered Hama - an old waterbender of her tribe who now lived in the Fire Nation. Katara learnt the most chilling technique - bloodbending. Katara became the first person to both resist and learn bloodbending. With bloodbending, she can manipulate a person's body. The only downside to her ability is that it can only be used during a full moon.


Katara bloodbending

Katara was one of the first bloodbenders.

Katara is strong willed, only giving up fights if they could prove costly to her friends. Her determination enabled her to fend off multiple Dai Li agents and clear an entire warship by herself.

Not only that, Katara is very adaptable and to her terrain. She can extract droplets of water from the air and large streams from plants. In one case, she even resorted to bending her on sweat.


Katara's greatest weakness lies in her bending. Katara relies on a source of water from which to bend. Katara is not trained in any form of hand-to-hand or armed combat. Katara also lacks the ability to fight the most agile of opponents such as Ty Lee.


Toph slides

Toph is a pretty powerful earthbender.

Toph was born into the Beifong family. Because she was born blind, her parents hid her away from the world. When she was four, she fled from her family and met badgermoles. She eventually made her way into Earth Rumble as the Blind Bandit and became the undefeated champion. When she was 12, she went off with Aang and joined Team Avatar to become Aang's earthbending master. Toph fought during the coop for Ba Sing Se, the invasion of the Fire Nation, and the battle of Wulong Forest before finally winning the war. In her later years, she helped to rehabilitate Korra after a devastating battle.


Toph is a master earthbender. When she was 4, she learnt earthbending from the badgermoles. She developed seismic sense - seeing with earthbending. She can also see every rock, even if it is not connected to the ground.

As an earthbender, Toph managed to defeat much larger opponents such as the Hippo and the Boulder, as well as many others all at a time. Her mastery of earthbending allowed her to defeat Royal Guards with ease and even defeat Dai Li agents. As an old lady, she defeated swarms of Kuvira's mecha suits instantly. Although initially having trouble with sand, she soon became proficient enough to make a scale model of Ba Sing Se, including an accurate Earth King and Bosco.

Her skills do not stop there. When she was locked in a large metal box and her friends were away, Toph noticed something remarkable - metal is simply refined earth. Toph became the first metalbender. Eventually, she established a metalbending academy and created the Metalbending Police Force of Republic City.


Toph metalbends

Toph invented metalbending.

Toph is a brilliant at adapting to her environment. After having trouble bending with sand, she soon became of a master of it and a stranger form - mudbending. Toph's adaptability was shown when she had no earth to bend and so invented an entirely new subskill of earthbending. Toph wears metal armour complete with spools of metal coil.


Toph is very reliant on her earthbending. Without it, she can neither see nor fight. Although her seismic sense enables her to see earth and anything touching the ground, she cannot see water and is practically blind on ice. It is worth noting that Toph cannot swim and would drown unless rescued.


The battle is set Avatar Korra park.

Toph and Katara stand a fair distance from each other, with Katara standing by the water and Toph standing further away. Katara made the first move, she threw numerous shards of ice at Toph. Toph stood in her characteristic fighting stance and puffed out her chest. The shards broke apart on her breast plate. Toph retaliated by throwing wire ropes at Katara. Katara raised a water whip and parried them away before countering with watery tendrils of her own. Toph could sense Katara was attacking, but she was unsure of how or where. She raised a column of earth which blocked one tendril. The other broke apart on her breast plate and sprayed everywhere, getting in her eye. 

Toph stomped her foot on the ground and raised two rocks. She kicked both of them at Katara. Katara stepped aside and dodged one rock. She raised a large stream of water and sliced through the other. It fell on either side of her. Katara formed an ice shield to block a shower of small rock pellets. The ice cracked. While Katara was distracted, she was ensnared by a large metal coil. Toph flung Katara around and kicked up dirt and grass. She then flung Katara into the trees. Toph stood on large rock which she rode to into the trees. Frozen, jagged petals smashed on Toph's armour with one of them grazing her face. She turned around to face her attacker but could not find her. She had not detected Katara's presence for Katara stood on a sheet of ice. A tree shrivelled up and a large stream of water swirled around Katara. Katara sprayed Toph, who crashed into a tree. Katara removed the water from the tree and smacked Toph in the face and beat her repetitively. Toph noticed Katara stepped off her ice mat and gained a target. She smiled and pulled in her fists. She stomped on the ground and a column rose up, launching Katara into the air. Toph repeatedly pelted Katara. With only water from her pouch, Katara was forced to flee. A rock tore through her flesh and drew blood. Katara ran through the trees and into the grass.

Toph pursued her with a snake of earth, trying to trip her up. Katara outmanoeuvred the snake and reached the bridge. She pulled up a small amount of water and swirled it around her hands until it glowed. She placed it on her shoulder and sighed with relief when she halted the bleeding. Toph heard the breathing and chased Katara to the bridge. Katara hid under it as Toph approached. The bridge collapsed. Toph stomped the ground to get a good look if Katara survived. A thin disk of ice struck Toph's shin greaves and caused a large scratch before shattering. Toph heard a large wave forming and freezing. The water formed an ice berg with chunks of rock embedded in it. Katara stood perched upon it and bombarded Toph with icicles.

Toph propelled herself in the air with two columns of earth and threw out her wire coils. Katara swung her water whip and thinned it out. She froze the stream just before it collided with Toph's thighs. The whip cleaved straight through, and Toph fell into the river. Katara jumped from the ice mountain and melted it back into the river. Katara placed her foot on Toph's chest and encased her victim's head in ice.


Katara won the battle against Toph for several reasons. Katara is used to tackling more powerful opponents as seen when she defeated Azula. She also has an advantage which Toph lack of vision. Toph just couldn't see Katara's mighty waves. Katara's ability to heal herself would most certainly have been useful in a battle. It is fair to say, however, that this was a close one.

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