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Iroh and Ozai are brothers - sons of Fire Lord Azulon. In 95 AG, Ozai usurped Iroh to become the new Fire Lord. The day before the Comet, Zuko appealed to Iroh to fight the Fire Lord in place of Aang. Iroh refused, being unsure if it was right. The question we shall answer today is this - what if Iroh fought Ozai?

This battle will be fought on the day of the Comet.



Iroh's fire breath

Iroh is called the Dragon of the West for good reason.

Iroh, being descended of Fire Lords, is a very powerful firebender. On an undated occasion, Iroh travelled to the ancient civilisation of the Sun Warriors, where the masters Ran and Shaw, the last dragons, taught him the true meaning of firebending. From this, Iroh learned to control his bending to the point of using such advanced movements as breathing fire, like a dragon.

Iroh is a more than capable lightning generator, even being able to understand the theory behind it. Even more impressive, he invented lightning redirection through his study of waterbending. He performed his ability twice - once against Azula and once against natural lightning. He was even able to teach his skill to his nephew, Zuko.

Iroh's firebending power during Sozin's Comet was so powerful that by himself, he was able to destroy the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se. With a small group of people, he managed to liberate the city from the oppressive Dai Li and comet-enhanced firebenders.


Iroh is wise and disciplined, giving him a great advantage in his travels. As a former Fire Nation general, he became a great strategist, one that could plan the liberation of Ba Sing Se.


The only weakness ever displayed by Iroh is that when distracted, he is susceptible to surprise attacks.


Ozai's enhanced firebending

Ozai's already great firebending abilities became terrifying during the comet.


Being a member of the Fire Nation Royal Family, Ozai is a very powerful firebender. His power is only ever seen during the final battle at Wulong Forest in Sozin's Comet Parts 3 and 4. Ozai fights with long, drawn out bursts of fire with some degree of restraint.

Ozai is a powerful bender and has the power to produce lightning with little time needed to charge his blasts, even after a solar eclipse just ended. During Sozin's Comet, the lightning became enough to harm Aang, even though he redirected it.


Ozai's strength seems to be derived from sheer power and persistence more than anything.


Ozai is undisciplined and arrogant. This makes him tend to underestimate his foes and fight an unwinnable battle.

Ozai can generate lightning, but not redirect it. Twice, was he almost killed by his own lightning, if not for the mercy of Zuko and Aang.


The battle is set at Wulong Forest.

Ozai's airship approaches the forest. Ozai unleashes a devastating torrent, scorching the ground below him. Iroh, standing on a rock pillar, takes a deep breath and charges a big ball of fire. Exhaling, he throws the ball into Ozai's ship, thus destroying it.

Ozai jumps out of the ship and propels himself with firebending. He charges Iroh and unleashes a massive inferno. Iroh pivots and drags along his arm, moving like a flamethrower, following the moving target. Iroh changes direction and Ozai flies right into it. Ozai falls, but regains his balance and pushes himself up.

The two engage more kicks and punches of fire, forming large explosions in the middle. Ozai's ferocity gives him the upper hand and his fire blast creep up Iroh's. Eventually, it strikes Iroh and throws him away.

Iroh firebends through his feet and propels himself into the fray. He opens his mouth, breathing fire like a dragon. Ozai turns and breaks the stream with the palm of his hand. Ozai throws two bolts of lightning at Iroh and he jumps over each one.

Finally, Ozai throws another bolt. Iroh catches it in his fingers, redirects it to his stomach and throws it at Ozai. It strikes Ozai in the chest and he plummets to the ground. Iroh unleashes a large stream of fire on Ozai, scorching him before he reaches the ground.


Ozai's sheer, unrestrained power certainly made him a dangerous foe for Iroh. However, Iroh's greater and more disciplined power certainly gave him the edge in the battle. It is hard to predict the winner, but I think it's fair to say, Iroh would win at least 63% of the time.

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